Being a Personal Use Consultant

This post is to counteract one I saw on another, not-so-pink, site.  They claim that being a personal use consultant costs more than you think.  Well, I say it doesn’t.  Here is a break down of the cheapest personal use consultant…and all the benefits that come with it. 

$100 for starter kit.  (This is a tax write-off and you can use the Miracle set that comes inside…that alone retails for more than $100!)

$200 for initial order to recieve discount.  So here is my advice if you don’t have the $200.  Take books (from starter kit) to your friends/family and take orders until you get $200 retail ordered.  Let them know it may be a few weeks for delivery as you are just starting out!  Do NOT give them a discount.  After all, that is why you signed up, they can do the same!

Then take the same $200 (other people’s money) and do an order.  Use $100 of it to order what they wanted, as we pay 50% of retail to MK corporate.  NOTE: You MUST place $200 wholesale order to recieve the 50% discount!!  So use the other $100 to get things for yourself!  Your customer pays the tax on retail, and so do you.  So you may have to put in about $20 for taxes up front.

 So all in all, you have paid $140 (all taxes included) for $300 retail products.  That is 50% off AS PROMISED!!  We never said a personal use consultant didn’t have to work for it in the beginning!

Repeat this process every 3 months to maintain your discount.  Don’t need anything else yet?  No problem!  Just wait til you do, then repeat.  Or do one skin care class to sell the $200.  As long as you order within one year, you will not be terminated by the company.  However, if you want to make a few extra dollars, you can do a few more classes and stay active at all times easily. 

Be creative, that’s what being “thrifty” is all about!

DISCLAIMER:  Be certain to tell your director that you are personal use and that you will contact her if your goals change.  That way, she hopefully won’t expect more out of you!  Or say you want emails only.  I dunno, just be clear that you are only personal use.  If you decide to start selling for profit, let her know and begin going to training.



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11 responses to “Being a Personal Use Consultant

  1. Colleen

    I once heard a director say that it was the personal consultants that were
    keeping her unit going.

  2. MK rules

    Yeah I know quite a few DIQs who made it by signing up about 1/3 or more as personal use. I don’t think you can “make it” with just those, but they help and the customer get half price. It is a win-win!

  3. Eyonda

    I spoke with a consultant in reguards to being a personal use consultant and she talked against it. I believe she just want the sell for the 189.00 package that I purchased. I am serious about being a personal use consultant. I was a full time consultant years ago, and I would have never ever turned down anyone who was intrested.

  4. Eyonda, Many believe that recruiting personal use is not good because you are both happier as a customer. You will get updates on products from her since she will be more up to date, going to meeting, etc. And she will get more profit as oppossed to a small commission once in a blue moon. However, if you really want to do personal use, go for it! Why not?

  5. JanMarieNSD

    I strongly believe in personal use if, like me, you are a current & former consultant:
    I think as a former consultant I except better service than the average customers. I know it doesn’t take two weeks to get a product in. Especially for a director I once ordered from–I had to call to remind her of my order!!! It takes 3 days from the distribution center to where I live.

    I was trained by a great director to give great prompt service. Alas, some consultants these days aren’t so well trained or responsbile, we all know that (but no one here on this board, right??)

    So when I expire as a personal use consultant currently, I can re-enter at $20. I don’t not have to put in a order for an entire year. I can order whatever I want, just not discounted. I have to pay almost $9 for shipping. Is it worth it? Yes!

    This is what is so wonderful about MK–the SAMPLES!! I can order samples and decide if I like a lipstick. I don’ t know if you ladies have read this but I have read MK is changing the shape and size of their compacts sometime toward the end of this year or the beginning or the next, as well as the lipsticks changing. So I’d rather wait til then and put an order in.

    I guess it just boils down to I love Section 2 goodies.

  6. Where can I find more information, details, about how the ordering, minimums, etc. work? I have a possible recruit interested in just being a personal use consultant. But I want ot make sure I give her all the correct information.

  7. colleen

    Kelly go to InTouch on the MK website they have all of the information that you need if you dont find it come back here and we can put a link up to help you.

  8. New to Pink

    I joined as a personal use consultant myself. I gathered a group of friends and family that love the product and we plan to get together and decide what to order every few months. I actually managed to pull of Star Consultant for last quarter being just personal use and holding 2 Skin Care Classes! I do have a few extra items available for the unexpected or repeat customer, which I do get on occasion. I am not making a fortune, but am receiving a great discount and making some fun money. Currently, this works for me and my family and I am thrilled with it.

  9. New to Pink: That is great and absolutely nothing wrong with getting your stuff at discount and making some extra cash when you want to…good for you!

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  11. liza

    i want to get into the MK business please i need advice

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