Help from your Director

It’s my observation that many who quit the business say “My director never helped me”.  I find myself wondering what this means.  In all honesty, I am curious about what kind of help the consultants expect to get.  The company requires directors to have a certain level of production and to hold weekly meetings.  So where do we get this idea that our fate rests in the hands of our director and her help? 

What kind of help were you promised and what kind did you expect?  Do you feel you need your director to help you succeed?



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8 responses to “Help from your Director

  1. mkrealist

    Some feel that Directors should train them on the basics of this business; booking, selling, and recruiting. I think that is a reasonable expectation if it can be gained from regular meeting attendance and occasional special training the Director may opt to hold (like New Consultant training).

    Some expect that Directors should be organizing and planning each new consultant’s Business Debut. Some feel it is the recruiter’s responsibility to do that.

    Directors should also be working their own personal businesses, so with large and growing units, one can see how a director might get overwhelmed with the responsibility.

    I think if a Director holds regular meetings, is accessible by phone or email, and has some special training once a month, she is meeting her obligations to her Unit. The regular meetings should consist of training, recognition, and the ability to meet with guests.

  2. I totally agree with you that they are fullfilling all their requirements. I simply do not understand when consultants blame set backs on their director. We control our own businesses.

    One thing on the director side that I think could improve is the fairness. In my unit, the director does debuts based on inventory. I think this sets it up for two bad scenarios: 1.The consultants feels obligated to order more or 2. Feels insignificant and unimportant.

    Thanks for posting… I still love MK Voices, too!

  3. Colleen

    My director actually came an hour away to my HOUSE to train me and I only put in a 400.00 order! I have to tell you she has never asked for an order and doesnt ask for one and she has the Caddie and has been in for 20 years! I dont know what she does as far as personal business but she has some full time consultants in her unit and holds her meetings in her house and does not charge. She told me that if I can get 5 women to come to my house every week she would come there. I have to get this business off the ground and quick no more excuses. I dont believe MK is dead and there are women out there running successful business and even if sales have or have not dropped someone is buying our product. I dont care what the naysayers say MK is a great product and it did wonders for me and other people I know.

  4. My director is willing to drive to me too. I think that is great!

    You can really do it if you just have 3 appointments a week (5 scheduled so 3 hold). I need to do the same. I hope Allison Lamar can inspire me to get moving again! I am excited about the debut tomorrow. I am going to the all day event.

  5. Colleen

    Please Please Please (Like James Brown would say) Tell me how Allisons debut goes! I hear that she is not a bad director they say she worked it really hard but she did have people coming in with big inventories. Please share how it goes and if you get a chance to say hello to her pick her brain. There is something about her I get the feeling she is honest. There is no way she could have debuted that many directors in a short time span by just frontloading she had to hold some appts. They seem to like her more than Dacia (some people) I dont know them I cant pass judgement

  6. I am sure she did hold appts. I was on a conference call with Auri Hatheway, and she had really good advice: Do marketing at every appt with the pondered pink sheets for a drawing for a prize. Then talk individually with those who seem remotely interested or set up an interview time over coffee or whatever. Plus she sells rollup bags by using the rollup bag close and if they don’t get the whole bag, pulling the skin care out of the bag as she packages it up so they can see her taking away the bag. She says lots of times they say, well just gimme the whole thing!

  7. Colleen

    They say Auri is nice too! I just KNOW that these women worked very hard and I know they did. They put their mind to it and saw they could make more than Corporate America..dont get me wrong
    Corporate America has its place.

  8. They did work very hard. I recall my recruiter telling me you get whatever you want out of the biz depending on how much you put in. It is true! And you can be very ethical about it too!

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