Robin Blackmon-Dunda

Why, why, why??? Can the gossip train stop already?  And what is with her writing under a very obvious screen name to answer questions about her case?  This can get her into more legal trouble!  I am NOT asking you to write your opinions on this case.  I am merely asking this:  Can’t we just see how it plays out, then see how it affects our business?  No offense, but I’m sure even with all the blogging and gossiping we will not know all the facts; both sides have reputations to protect.



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14 responses to “Robin Blackmon-Dunda

  1. mkrealist

    What obvious screen name is she using and where?

  2. MK rules

    Isn’t she Mary Kay Rocks? It doesn’t matter to me, but I am worried that her answering questions on MKV or on her own blog,or others is dangerous for her. I don’t claim to know the full story on either side, but I hope that the party who deserves to will win and I don’t want her giving anyone any ammo on her. After all, they aren’t sharing info with anyone!

  3. mkrealist

    No, she isn’t MKRocks. I believe MKRocks is/was one of her directors, however.

  4. Ah ha. Thanks for clearing it up!

  5. JustSayin'

    MKRocks was/is a collection of consultants, not one of her directors. Just wanted to clear that up a bit more.

  6. Thank you! I appreciate you letting me know. I was just concerned for her talking without her lawyers present or whatever.

  7. Josey Jones

    Rules are rules. If she did things she was not suppose to do and was told in letters from the company several times then she went too far. Somtimes you have to pay the price of not understanding the word NO. I wish her the best in what ever she does!

  8. colleen

    The problem is she was made an example of and it was more than just aprons believe me

  9. colleen

    Here we go again its time for the Pink Poofing Police….. wherever she is..LOL

  10. I am here…sorry…computer has been on the fritz!

    “Beth” has been offically POOFED and is welcome to go to any site and post except HERE. Being PT free is awesome!

  11. MKPR

    Can somebody explain to me exacly what happens with this director Robin Blackmon-Dunda?

  12. Dara

    RBD was one of the top Ind Sales Directors in the Co., having achieved Million Dollar Unit staus at least once. She is the daughter of NSD Emeritus Joanne Blackmon. Her agreement was terminated and she was removed from her position as an Ind Sales Director for ( it is alledged) REPEATEDLY being in violation of her Directors’s Agreement, engaging in acts that were clearly against Co. policies. What those acts were are up for speculation. RBD is now suing the Co. asking to be re-imbursed monetarily and restored to her former position.

    I wanted to answer your question, but I hope this thread doesn’t get revived. None of us knows what has really happened- that will be sorted out in the court case and anything that is said or written here by us will for the most part be gossip, innuendo or speculation.

  13. Kate

    What ever happened with this story? What she featured in the recruiting brochure? I seem to recall a mom/daughter trio featured.

  14. Knowing that Ms BLACKMON-DUNDA was acquainted with one Michael Wells Blackshear, Sr. (resident again of San Antonio 210-341-3923), I’m non surprised that she allowed herself to be taken down to his level (street gutter). He’s underhanded, deceitful and believes in trickery, too. He tried dragging me down to his level and I kicked him to the curb in 2000, with much glee. Shame on you Ms Blackmon-Dunda. Shame on you.

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