The Best Kind of Marketing

I know what comes to mind when you hear this term when associated with MK.  You think of “Have you ever pondered pink” or “Did you know” sheets.  You think of MRS CAB.  I would like to offer this thought today:  The best marketing is a good image.  If we give great customer service (including respecting when someone feels we are coming on too strong), have fun with our businesses, look out for the best interests of our customers and team members…we will be doing all the marketing we need to!  People will want the facts because they will want to be a part of a company like that.  The company is comprised of you, me, each person individually.  We each have to do our part to “market” the company well. 


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  1. Colleen

    You hit the nail right on the head. I remember people complaining about dressing up (meetings I think they should because of guests coming) when you have a class or a facial its your business but image is so so important! If you dont look the part they are not going to buy. When you see makeup commercials they dont put a girl on the screen who has zits! I totally agree. Many companies today are lacking customer service and I truly believe that if those who are in MK call their customers and ask them how the product is working or replace it if it doesnt work or call their customers every 3 months they will have a good image of service and responsible business practices.

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