Beach Ball Theory

beach ball

This theory goes something like this. When you and another person both hold a beach ball, you are both looking at the same thing: a beach ball. But you see white, green, blue. You tell your friend, “Hey, what a nice white, green, and blue beach ball!”. Your friend says, “I beg to disagree. This is a hideous red, orange, and white beach ball.” Now, it is the same ball, it is just two different perspectives.

We can have the same experiences in our MK businesses. We can choose to see the side we dislike, as there are in all things in life, or we can choose to listen to a GOOD friend and hear the other side. We are not victims because we have a choice.

Some other blogs, such as the old MK Sucks, now known as PT, would have you believe otherwise. Tracy Coenen wants you to think that you have been taken. That is just not the case. Choose to see the other side of the ball. You would be amazed what you see when you change your perspective!



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4 responses to “Beach Ball Theory

  1. AtTheEdge

    mkrules, This is soooo true.
    I have felt at peace with myself when I found your blog as well as pynkmyst’s and fuchsia’s. You offer a positive view of the business (while keeping it real) and a living proof that MK works. THANKS. I will forever be grateful…

  2. AtTheEdge is right! You and fuchsia are inspiration!! Glad I could come play in your sandbox! 🙂

  3. TY!!

    THIS is why I came up with my NICK! LOL (^_^)

  4. Oh! I didn’t know that! Cool…

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