Are you a pusher or puller?

In team oriented sales, such as MK, there are pushers and pullers. “Pushers” are people who “dial for dollars”, ask you to order as a “favor”, or basically make you feel “pushed” into placing an order. Customers can feel pushed as well. When you make their ordering product for your benefit, such as you are in a contest, and do not offer enough that is for them, you are pushing.

In our business, there are also “pullers”. These are people who offer exciting contests to spur you to sell and order. They work hard at selling the product and gaining new customers, as well as recruiting. They do not expect you to work for them, but with them. They “pull” you with them to the top.

As a consultant, you can do much better by “pulling”. When selling, make everything more about “what’s in it for them” and make them feel important. When recruiting, talk about how you will be rooting for them and offering suggestions as they work. They work for themselves but are never left out in the cold alone.

Pulling works much better in life than pushing. When you push, you impose your agenda onto others. They may do what you want (accept your “sales pitch”), but you will not have as much trust and excitement as when you pull. When you pull, you make it all about your team member or customer and you feel like you have helped them instead of them only helping you.

Think to yourself, “Am I a pusher or puller? How can I change what I am doing to get better results by pulling more and pushing less?”. Try your new ideas in your next sales pitch and see if you get better results. Do you think you will?



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7 responses to “Are you a pusher or puller?

  1. "Dara"

    Great topic. so much of the dialogs that we get as Consultants put us n the positin of pushing. I read the following article awhile ago, it’s by Christie Northup (“The Lemon-Aid Lady”) and it says what I want to in a perfect way:

    “Recently, my husband and I were dining at one of our favorite restaurants. The server was obviously due to give birth within months. She was a cute young lady and as I watched her lift those heavy trays with the thick, ceramic plates piled with yummy TexMex, I wanted to say, “Call one of my party plan friends; the job is so much easier on a pregnant mom and you’ll have more fun!”

    As she approached our table, she said, “Hi, I’m Nancy, your server. I’m having my first baby in June, and I am so excited. Right now I’m getting the baby’s nursery ready and my goal is to have a new crib by the end of the week. Could you please HELP me by ordering a couple of appetizers, expensive main dishes, and a few desserts?”

    What would you have done if you had been dining with us? Would you have left the restaurant, called the manager, or purchased out of obligation?

    Now, let’s do the TWIST—how often have you heard, or even said, something similar to the following:

    “Beth, Hi this is Christie. I’m SO excited!! I just began my own business with the Northrup Party Plan!! I’m calling all my friends to see if they can HELP me by hosting one of my first parties!”

    “Ladies, our hostess tonight is working for this lovely set of ________. We would appreciate it if you would HELP us both by booking a party.”

    “I love working with ABC Party Plan because I earn free trips. Please HELP me earn my trip to ____________ by booking a party or buying products.”

    “Hi Team, we are really close on making our monthly goal. We need everyone to HELP us make it.”

    What is the difference between my server and these conversations? No difference! Both make people feel obligated and pressured to do business, which is why people hesitate to book, buy, and even sell via the Party Plan.

    May I suggest, if you are thirsty to grow a profitable business, that you get the HELP out of your mouth! Otherwise, you are simply begging for business!! This tactic might work with your family and friends for a short while, but as your circle of business contacts expands, people are resistant to being your helper and financing (in time and money) your personal goals. After a while, your family and friends might even begin to avoid you because they’re tired of HELPing you.

    The HELP method is very “me” focused. When we use this (and I used to be very guilty!), we really don’t care about the persons we are addressing.

    I overcame the need to ask for HELP when I discovered that as a Party Plan consultant I had so much to offer my guests and hostesses; they didn’t need to HELP me because I enjoyed serving them. Consequently, they did a lot of business with me so I was able to meet my personal goals and ambitions—without asking for HELP.

    In our industry, we have use generic terms of “hostess,” “guest,” or “customer.” The title HELPER in not one I’ve seen used.

    Do the TWIST, realize you are the person who adds value to your customers’ and hosts’ lives. Yes, by doing business with you they ultimately HELP you achieve what you want. Only you’re not begging for their HELP you are gladly serving their needs and they look forward to buying, booking, and joining your team.

    Get the HELP out of your mouth…and mind!”

    Christie Northrup

  2. Very good post mkrules.
    Dara, I like your comment from the lemonaidlady. If most IBC’s and other distributors followed this, I would not need my blog.

  3. Dara, you are so right! Instead of using the words “help me” or “help my hostess” let’s use the word “offer” instead. “I was just calling to let you know what I have to offer free for booking this month.” “I would love to offer you a facial/makeover” or “Can I tell you what MK has to offer you and let you make the yes or no decision?”

  4. P.S. I am gonna add the lemon lady to the blogroll, that was PERFECTLY what I was trying to say!

  5. jeanette

    I’ve always had a problem with the asking for help scripts because it totally contridicts the what’s in it for them mentality. That lemonade lady story was perfect!

  6. One of my friends tonight said to me that in the past I had made her mad because it seemed to her I only called her about MK. After inviting her a few times to my own parties and letting her know my hostess programs, she never replied, and I can take a hint. But I see her point, I never called her otherwise and it isn;t because I don’t care about her, it is because I was so focused on my goals and was too excited to think how it might make her feel. Tonight she offered to have a party to “help” me, but I said, “nah”. I want her to do it if it for her benefit, not just to help me. If she wants to get some free stuff or my advice on makeup, I am here, but until then, MK will not be the topic of conversation. I value her as a friend and respect her feelings. This is yet another reason to stop asking for “help” and start offering something for them.

  7. Dara

    I had forgotten about that Christie Northrup “Lemon-Aid” article I had posted! I really like her style. MKRules, I have had the same thing said about me by a friends and I felt bad because I was guilty as charged :-(. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve made the decision that I will become a master booker from my classes, so that I don’t have to deal with the tension and pressure ( for me anyway) of warm chattering nor will I have to look at everyone I know as a potential hostess that will “help” me. Ouch!

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