The Director Suit 2007 vs. PT’s “Suit”



No more debates. This was plain wrong info on PT.

*Note: No PT bashing please. I just wanted to show proof that I am right. P.S. Still have not been back, found the image on google images! 🙂



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  1. Can you see the diff? It is hard to tell from these pics, but the suit in reality is not as true purple as in the PT pic and the collar is not black. The company pic looks so cute, PT pic–not so much.

    On intouch, you can search director suit 2007 and see it up close and personal to verify I am right. The site reads (about the collar), “black piped collar”. It has black piping. And only for future executive senior sales directors does it even have a collar. 🙂

  2. actually, they look exactly the same. the PT suit has bad lighting and the collar of the woman on the left looks like it has the beaded collar. The other collars seem to be covered by the blouses and hair on the other two suits. Either way, I am not going to be wearing one.

  3. anonymous

    I agree that the pics look pretty identical (OMG! I can’t believe I’m saying anything in defense of PT!). HOWEVER, the thing about the collars (and the shirts) is that there are different collars and shirts based on what level director you are. For example (and I’m making this up), a director may be in a black shirt with no frills and no collar, a sen. director may be in the same black shirt but have a solid purple collar, and so on.

    My director’s director’s suit arrived last week and it is beyond stunning. What the pictures can’t show you is the softness, texture, and lightweightness of the fabric. And the optional frilly collared shirt (in the middle in the MKC pic above) is amazing too. These pictures (PT and the company official one) don’t begin to do the suit justice.

  4. princessedamame

    I have to say that the suits are extremely similar, and PT’s was posted so long ago, that I can’t say she was “wrong”, but perhaps it was a prototype, or for a different level, as stated above.

  5. foreverpink

    they do look similar..but without seeing the whole suit on the PT pic (cant see the skirt), it is hard to say. Neither one looks bad to me, but the one in the MK pic looks more polished and would seem to be more flattering.

  6. one major difference is this: the MK print ad clearly has models who are a Size 0-2 and the PT model does not. Additionally, that MK suit was completely nipped, tucked & altered (as all clothes are for professional fashion shoots) to be as flattering as possible on the model. How many SD are not only a Size 0-2, but will also have the ability to have it altered to their bodies so that they can look as good as the MK pictures (that doesn’t even tak in to account that I think that the color is hideous, but I generally hate purple anyway)?

    But the basic suit? Looks exactly the same to me (with the exception of the shirt, although the one on the left seems to be wearing a v-neck black shell under the jacket….and it’s buttoned up in the MK ad)

  7. Ok, as I stated before, I cannot post pics from intouch here and in this pic they DO look simailar. However, there is no “beaded collar” at all on the new director suit, except for elite executive seniors– most are not in this category anyway– and in my opinion that is what is making it look so hideous. Granted, it is ill-fitting on the person in the PT pic and could be tailored to look nicer. But why should they do that when the goal is to make it look like the new director suit is so ugly??

    Please refer to intouch for close ups of the suit for further proof that PT was a little off on this one. She made it seem that all sales directors would be in this suit, when in reality only a few are elite exec seniors and most have the suit with no collar at all. Perhaps she was not “wrong”, but she certainly left out a lot of info and made the pic look as bad as humanly possible.

    Here is what bugs me to no end, where is she getting her “info”? This is why I began my own “No PT challenge”. If it is from current directors/NSDs, then that means there are some directors/NSDs even who deep down dislike MK, but do it only for the money or some other personal reason, all the while bashing MK left and right on PT, even giving her info?? That blows my mind to think of such hypocrisy.


    These are my personal feelings. You don’t have to be a director or go to the car or do any thing else it be a Mary kay consultant except place 1 200/400 order 1 every 12 months. It just pushes my button when I see and hear of people bashing Mk or it’s people. You don’t have to like the suit and you don’t have to wear it unless you are a director. My husband is a store manger for McDonalds. He my not like to navy blue pant and shirt and tie. But it’s his job. That is how you tell him a part from the crew members in the resturtant. If the crew and mangers don’t like the uniforms that the owners choose that is their choice and they don’t have to work at McDonalds. Same with MK. No on is using deadly force to make any one do something in Mk that they don’t want to do. If they are not happy with anything they can just leave. That is just my opinion. it just like a belly button everyone has one some are just dirtier than others

  9. LOL, cute belly button analogy! I do think as far as uniforms go that MK has some of the best looking ones. We have even won awards stating so.

  10. anonymous

    One other thought about that PT picture of The Suit. I don’t know when the picture was taken, but certain directors (maybe Unit Club? I don’t remember, except my director was one) “won” an opportunity to have fittings of the new suit at Leadership so they could try on various sizes, the different skirts, shirts, etc. and decide what to order. I’m guessing that this pic was taken at Leadership when and of course it’s not going to be tailored at that point. She may have taken the picture so she could shop for accessories to go with it or simply because she wanted the picture to keep her motivated for 4 months until The Suit arrived.

    Just like when we go shopping at any clothing store, clothes often don’t fit us perfectly and need to be tailored. I’m 5’4 so there are very few pants or skirts that are the appropriate length straight off the rack. I easily spend 10-20% of my wardrobe budget to have my clothes altered to fit my body. And to answer MommyMindi’s question above “How many SD are not only a Size 0-2, but will also have the ability to have it altered to their bodies so that they can look as good as the MK pictures?”, they ALL have the ability to get it altered to their bodies. The real question is how many will do it. I’m guessing that just like the clothes bought off the rack at the department store, most will not be tailored. I hate to make a judgment here, but I think most people are too lazy to get their clothes tailored. I used to be, but then when I got some jackets tailored at the waist, I was completely surprised by how different the clothes looked on me and how much better I looked. I was sold from that moment on. I’m worth the extra cost of tailoring to always look my best.

  11. anonymous

    How funny that you accuse PT of trying to make the picture look bad. The person wearing the suit is a MK director. The picture was taken by a MK director. And the picture was taken at an event for MK directors. Haaaaaa……

  12. You mean everyone doesn’t look good in the suit? *gasp!*

    This is no news to me, but NO I do not think it a coincidence that she chose to use this pic and then allow everyone to make fun of it.

    I am sure she could have accessed MKC’s pic had she chose. Enough of this nonsense…I am regretting this post and letting anyone get to me. I like the suit and if I wanted to wear it, I would make it look good. 🙂

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