Expect More!

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that when I expect more of myself, I do more. Also, when I expect more of others, they do more. Expectations have a lot to do with success in MK.

For Example:

1. When I ask my guests to fill out referrals on the back of the profile card, I get about 5 each. When I give them a page numbered to eight, I get about 6. When I started giving a page numbered to 20, they filled up the page most times and lots wrote in more on the back! When I expected more, they gave me more.

2. When we ask our hostesses to have 3 guests, she usually has 2 to 3. When we ask for 10, she aims for that. We have to expect more if we are to receive more.

3. When we think we can only hold a certain number of apppintments per week comfortably, we only hold than number. Only when we begin to expect more of ourselves, making more time for more appointments, will our number of faces per month increase.

4. When we think we can only book a certain type of woman, and allow ourselves to be intimidated by some, we only book those we KNOW we can book. This limits us in many ways! Only when we begin to expect ourselves to offer our fun, products, and services to everyone will we get into new social groups.

5. When we expect that business owner to say “no” to our fishbowl, they do. Now, they won’t always say yes, but when we expect them to say yes, our attitude changes, almost aiding their decision. This is true in many scenarios in the business.

Expect more of your customers, your team, your unit, and most of all YOURSELF and see what awesome results you get. Expecting more will lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Somehow, when we expect more, people give us more. They become influenced by our expectations, and we become influenced by expectations of ourselves.

How can expecting more help you in your MK business?



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8 responses to “Expect More!

  1. Dara

    WOW! You know I was just thinking about this because a friend is giving a home party for another Direct Sales Co. and they want her to invite at least 40 people! I ’bout choked on that number because I have felt trepidation about asking the Hostess to have 5 people there! These other companies EXPECT their Hostesses to invite more guests in order to have greater attendance and sales and have been successfully operating with this Hostess/Party Plan model for years.

    Yet I have been willing to buy into the Hostesses excuses that “she only knows 2 people and only 1 of them can attend her class”, lol. Thank you for this reminder

    P.S- I noticed that PYP sheet had spaces for 20 names! I love the verbiage you use and will adopt it because I’m planning on becoming a referral getting machine!

  2. Semi~Charmed

    MKRules has been a referral machine lately and I am so super stoked for her! You go girl!
    Expect more, get more. Expect more, get more! Yep! What a great concept. Simple, yet so true.

  3. I think it has a lot to do with an attitude as well. I mean, think about last time you asked for a favor and you thought the person would say no. Did you ask with a tone such as “Um, would you miiiiiind doing this for me??”. Once you put things that way, they don’t seem so appealing to the other person! They already start thinking they should say no! See how your attitude of expectation can affect results?

  4. Great post. I completely agree I would say 70% of this business in about expectations and attitude. If you pick up the phone to call a customer for a reorder and expect her to say she doesn’t need anything, chances are that’s what she will say. I always wait to make customer calls when I am in a cheerful mood and call with the highest expectations.

  5. This is great! I agree. I’ll give it a shot–more #’s on that referral sheet! 🙂

  6. Dara, to expand on your comment, I think that kind of expectation comes from building confidence. It’s kinda like a circle thing: as you get motivated, your confidence builds. As your confidence builds, you get more motivated, etc. In my genre, we’re coached to tell our hostesses to invite twice as many people as they want to show. If you want 10 there, invite 20. If you want 20 there, invite 40. Couples only count as one “person” because more than likely they will only put in one order. As a consultant, we have to spread our motivation to our hostesses!

    When setting goals with your hostess, it’s easy to motivate her to invite more people. Go through the catalog with her. What does she want for free? Use that to help her get people there: “OK, Dara, you would like to get X, Y, and Z for free. That comes to 50 bucks. With your 10% hostess credits, your party will need to reach 500. No problem. Together, we can do that! Your job is to get the people there, and my job is to get them to order. At these parties, the average individual order is usually between $50 to $75. We’ll go on the low end and figure at $50 per person, you will need at least 10 people there. Remember, only half usually show, so you’re gonna need to invite at least 20 people if you want 10, and of course, outside orders count to your party total, too! And I know we can find 20 people for you: 5 friends, 5 family members, 5 co-workers, and 5 people from church. (Usually she can come up with more than 5 in each category) Wow! There’s your 20 and then some! 🙂

    One thing I noticed from being in MK to being in my current company is that in MK (at least the way my director was training us) is that we have to book the facial, then “sneak” her into having a party. You know the old “It’s just as easy for me to do 6 faces as it is to do one…” I always felt odd doing that. Using that approach mentally set me up as though the hostess was doing ME a favor, not doing a party for HER because she wanted free stuff. So I began to automatically assume the party. When calling fishbowl prospects: “You’ve just won a makeover for yourself and five friends!” Using that approach, most of my fishbowl prospects (and I LIVED off of fishbowls then and now!) were parties, only a small few were facials only. When booking from a party: “And I know you wanna get stuff for free, so lets figure out how many people we’ll need there for you to earn what you want (see above paragraph).”

    And of course, coach her just in case her friends can’t come: “Of course, Dara, you know I’m there for you whether or not you have guests. But you know makeovers are a lot more fun when you can share your new look with friends, and go out together afterwards to show everyone how HOT you are!” 🙂

  7. Dara

    Romance you are so right about that “getting a booking through the back door” approach. I have an online “friend” who is in Lia Sophia, (The jewelry company) and she has really been taking me to task about what she calls my “needy booking” mentality. She always has bookings and requires the Hostess to do alot more work than I ever have and yet her business hasn’t suffered at all. LS gives away alot to the Hostess ( I think my Hostess Plan is pretty generous too) but she has really internalized and gets across the fact that having a party benefits the Hostess as much as it benefits her..They are NOT doing her a favor!
    They play all kinds of booking games and she just assumes that she is going to leave any party with at least 3 bookings and she says that she has almost never left with any less than 2.

  8. jennifer

    I tell my husband that our children will rise or fall to our expectations. We as adults do the same. So set your standards for yourself as high as you would for your children or hypothetical children. Would you be okay with your child getting a C when you know they can get an A? No. So don’t do that with your business or with yourself.

    Good post. You can apply that to every aspect of your life, not just MK.

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