Making a Goal Poster

So you wanna make this next seminar year your best one ever? Why not start off by making a fabulously motivating goal poster?

1. Write down your goals.
This might be the hardest part of the project for some, but if you don’t know what you want from the business, it sure is hard to get there! A good goal might be to make DIQ by Career Conference or even just to make $100 a week profit. Whatever your personal goal, write it down on a piece of notebook paper.

2. Break down the goal into bite sized pieces.
If, for example, you want to make $100 a week profit, consider that you need to sell $250 a week (this covers hostess gifts and everything else). How many appointments do you need to hold to sell $250 on average? This can vary per person. If you have been in a while, consider going over your Weekly Accomplishment Sheets or back over your sales slips to see what your sales were per face on average. While this may take some time, it is the most realistic way to see what you are working with.

Now, once you’ve got your average per face down, divide $250 by the average retail per face. This will give you the number of appointments you need to hold. Multiply that number by three! We all know that about 1/3 of all appointments hold, and if you are going to reach your goal, you need them to hold! So book 3 times more than you need to hold and you will be all set for success!

3. Now that you have a clear goal and a plan, it is time to start the fun of making the poster to keep you motivated toward achieving it!

a. Did you save all your old look books and applause magazines? Have any other old fashion magazines? Use empowering words such as “You can do it”, “Passion”, or “Dream Big” along side pictures of flowers, pink caddies, jewelry you want to earn, or NSDs you admire (Rena is on mine!!).

b. If you have a measurable goal (which should be all set by now), make a thermometer type picture that you can color in as you go to see you progress. Sort of like this:

Except yours can be of number of interviews, appointments, or sales! This can be a great visual to see if you need to pick up the pace or can give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

c. Maybe you could type out your affirmation and place it on the poster. This could be very motivating as well.

d. Paste your head on a director or NSD suit! It’s all about visualization! Cheesy but so fun!

4. Place this by your desk or work area.
Wherever you are when you go to make booking calls, follow up, or talk to your team/unit. I don’t see it necessary to have it all over the house, but keep it where you will see it often.

Have fun making your plans –and even more fun working that plan while tracking the progress! I hope this real life approach to motivation will help you make this your best year ever! Gotta go, I’m off to make my new poster!



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11 responses to “Making a Goal Poster

  1. My goal is to be a Star this quarter, so I need to sell $300 retail a week. To do this, I need to hold two classes and one facial per week. So I will be scheduling 6 appointments per week. It is pretty much on track with what I have been doing. Tomorrow night I am getting on the phone to book up…I will be calling referrals and old customers/leads to tell them about our model search. 🙂

  2. That’s a great plan! I have this magnetic dry erase board that makes for a perfect reusable goal poster! It’s still at my parents’. My husband won’t hang it on the wall since the house is for sale. I may bring it over and set it somewhere visible.

  3. [VERY LONG, sorry!] You can put it on the fridge, right beside your Weekly Planner, and when there is a “showing” you can slip it into a drawer until the people have gone. Having your family SEE your goal every time they go to the fridge will help keep you accountable. If you have children, they LOVE to fill in boxes with coloured (non-permanent!) marker, or stick stars on things. If your goal is Sapphire, buy a bunch of the stars teachers used to put on work (of whatever colour star you are aiming for), and let the kids (or hubby) place them beside each mini goal reached, and then have a BIG celebration each quarter for goals attained. For interviews held, I use smiley face stickers, and for each person who joins my team, I use heart stickers with their names printed above each face. You can get sheets of them at the Dollar Store. For classes and facials I use GREEN dollar signs — you can make them with markers, if you don’t have access to stickers. What is really great about this “visual” is it shows Booked (phone sticker) vs. Held ($), and Interviewed/Recruited, so you can very quickly SEE what more needs to be done to reach each weekly/monthly/quarterly goal. For instance, if your family is on vacation the last two weeks of July, those lines on your Weekly Planner are purposely left blank of MK stickers … you can fill them with beach scenes, or wherever you are planning to travel. Even if it is only your back yard, there may be day-trips planned, or a BarBQ or other family event, so they will KNOW you see them as totally important to your schedule. In the same way, if Friday night is your “date night” (even if you just stay home and watch videos), that part of your Agenda may contain a bouquet of flowers, or a Video box, or whatever. If sports are a big part of your family’s agenda, then your Weekly Planner will show those times blocked off with a soccer ball, or swim meet, or football, or baseball, or whatever. Again, the VISUAL tells you what kind of “balance” you are maintaining in your entrepreneurial lifestyle. Being able to choose WHICH hours you work, is the flexibility of this business; having no GREEN or FACES on your schedule doesn’t help you reach your goals. (And remember! if an appointment cancels that is STILL Mary Kay time … telephone booking, warm chatting, whatever for the 1-2 hours you had planned to make MONEY.) If you leave home every morning at 7:30 to go to work, come home between 5-5:30, make supper and clean up, do homework with the kids, etc. etc. etc. there will be VERY few Green Dollar signs on your schedule. So work smart! Maybe you do lunchtime hand/facials; maybe you do Saturday classes; for SURE you take as many guests as you can to your weekly Success Meeting. And remember, in the summer the “hold” part of this business often is not as good as the rest of the year. I hold HUGE outdoor pedicure classes at least once a week, to ensure I am seeing enough women. With the Model Makeover promotion, it is very easy to book them for a second appointment. Good luck, and have fun with your Goals for the coming year. kmh

  4. I tried the goal poster on the fridge…my husband threw it away. The one I have now is for hanging on the wall.

  5. BeePink

    My goal is also to be a star every quarter, I have never been one, my other immediate goal is to be consistent. Consistently book, see faces, interview and not stay motivated and stay away from the anti sites. I need to get some money in the bank to show my hubby that this can work so he is on board.

  6. Those are excellent goals, BeePink! I, too, am making it a goal to be a Star each quarter this year–I want to go to Seminar and I’d like to experience it from the Arena. I was in Hall A the last time I went, which wasn’t a big deal, except that I would have liked to see the entertainment parts in the Arena. I also have to show my husband the money. He has seen the money and still has doubts, but that is just him. My goal is to enter 100 people into the Model of Beauty Search. That should start me on a Power Start streak! 😀 I’m also working toward consistency and to follow up regularly with my customers.

  7. KMH: That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Shades: Mine is “hiding” from view of the public in my home a bit because lots of times I do facials here. I don’t want my customers seeing it really.

  8. Shades of Pink: If you have your own clothes closet, put your Poster up there on the back of the door. If not, do you have a Linen cupboard? He probably seldom goes in there 😉 Just find a convenient door, or if that doesn’t work, I just had a light bulb moment! Empty out a bureau drawer, and put it in there (top drawer, not bottom–ha!). Everytime you go to reach for whatever USED to live there, e.g. lingerie drawer, you will see your poster and it will remind you of your dreams and goals. Good luck!

  9. Zalea

    though my hubby is supportive, we live with his family for the time being, and they’re not always on the same page…. so I’m going to do it a bit different and make a goal binder that will be just for us, using one of those clear-view ones with the pocket on front, and put a picture of my main goal, the vibe, in it. then on each of the tabbed dividers will be another collage to go with that tab (booking, weekly classes, weekly sales, recruiting, and the fifth tab will be for affirmations and inspirational stories to keep me motivated) and each secion will have a tracking sheet devoted to that category….

    I’m hoping that if my goals are organized they’ll seem less scary and more attainable, and i’ll be better able to stay organized, focused, and moving forward with my business 🙂

  10. Those are all excellent ideas! I’ll figure some way to get my goals in front of me. I do have a binder that is filled w/ MK paperwork. Perhaps I’ll start there. 😀 Thanks!!!

  11. My goal is to buy myself a motorcycle for Christmas. I have a picture of the one I want hanging in my office and everything. I even have the mental picture in my head of going to the bike shop with cash in my hand and telling them I have no need to talk to the finance department, just give me my bike!

    My kids are already looking forward to getting rides on it. They ask me if they can have a ride on it every time they see the poster!

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