Wow! Look at the Fabulous New Options!!



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10 responses to “Wow! Look at the Fabulous New Options!!

  1. I’m going to be painfully honest here, but I think the consultant options are better than the director options. I’m just not a fan of Saturn. I think if I were a director, I would take the G-6 or the cash. 🙂

  2. Oh, but I like the pink Caddie choices–my director’s senior has the SRX!

  3. Dara

    I agree with SOP , I like the Consultant’s choices better than the Director Saturn choices – unless of course we’re talking about the Cadillac!

  4. Linda

    Too bad the G6 isn’t the convertible version… that one looks GREAT!

    BUT… once October hits, all of these cars will be too small for me… so I will just have to take the cash option… at least, until I earn my caddie! By that time, all my kids should be old enough to sit without carseats!

    Where I go to meetings each week, there is a director who won the SRX that was given away at Leadership (the first pink SRX off the line)… man that thing is AWESOME!

  5. Linda

    I do like the Saturn Vue… but again… it’s going to be too small for now…

  6. I need a bigger car, too, Linda. I have a big chocolate lab who thinks he’s the driver! 😆 My husband wants me to get a mini-van. He said it will fit the dog and my MK stuff. Yes, but I’d rather have something sporty…or an SUV if we must go the truckish route. 🙂

  7. the Saturn Vue doesn’t look very good in that picture but it is a great little SUV, my friend has one and she loves it. I think more choices is always a plus.

  8. Linda

    shadesofpink- LOL! Your dog should come and meet my dogs! We have 2… a black lab mix and a chow/pit mix (he doesn’t look like either, but that is what the Humane Society said he was!) Right now they have to ride in the bed of the truck in their kennels (I currently have a F150 SuperCrew)… I have 2 small children with 1 on the way… so that SuperCrew is going to have to change into an Expedition or something similiar… and SOON! I need something I can fit 3 carseats in… or 2 and a booster… and hopefully a 3rd row can help to corral the dogs and keep them in the very back- without a kennel and in air conditioning (I always feel guilty about putting them into the kennels, especially when the temps are 110+)

    As for fitting my MK stuff in a vehicle, well, as long as I can fit it into my husband’s car- life is good! (Have to leave the family vehicle with him when I go to do my appts for obvious reasons!)

  9. You have got quite a crew, Linda! I would be content with something like a Toyota Highlander. Not huge, but bigger than my little Altima.
    My dog would probably love your dogs. He is about 18 mos. old. He weighs at least 105 lbs! So, when he dives into the front seat, he has this way of knocking the gear into neutral and scaring the crap out of me! lol He needs to be contained in the car!

  10. Linda

    Well, the Altima is bigger than what my hubby drives (he has a Mustang)… although you would laugh if you had to watch me get out of the car- me being 6 months preggy! I’m sure it’s funny! and it’s only gonna get even more funny!

    Your dog sounds like more of a moose than our Bamm Bamm (the chow/pit mix)! LOL I don’t know what he weighs, but he is still gangly since he just turned 1 YO. He’s bigger than our lab mix dog… and likes to try to get on the couch while my hubby is relaxing on it! It is really funny to watch! But all I have to say is bring the pup on down! We’ll have a doggy play-date at the dog park! (Although you may want to wait until the temps are below 100! LOL)

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