Are You Pro-Mary Kay or Anti-Pink Truth?

Did you know there was a difference? There is! Being pro-MK means working ethically, seeing obstacles as something to overcome instead of a reason to quit, finding what works for you and sticking with it, and remembering why you first loved MK. Sometimes we can get in a rut of “I’m not making enough” or “No one wants to book with me”. That is when negative sites such as PT might start to seem appealing. Misery loves company, doesn’t it?

Being anti-PT means putting effort into finding fault with them instead of finding good with us. Anti-PT is wasting energy on what they do wrong instead of what we do right. It gives them power and builds their egos up when we give them attention, even negative attention. Even when we are happy with MK, but turn our efforts to being anti-PT, we are being counter productive. The only way to counter hate is with love. We must not use their tactics, but instead we need to be so the opposite of what PTers claim we are that should someone go to the site, they will think to themselves, “Oh yeah right” and move right along. But if there is any unethical behavior, this will add instant power to their message.

Here are some of the claims they make about us. Make sure you are avoiding these behaviors:

We all try to “frontload” (get recruits to buy as much inventory as humanly possible). Be sure you are listening to your recruits and make sure as your personal recruit they know all the options, including the lowest. I would make sure they know it is a trade off. With less inventory, it is more work to obtain your products and deliver. With more, it is less of that but more investment. Also, make sure they know not to order tons of color as they are about to change over. This will avoid another frustration later on.

We all have to warm chatter. Make sure your recruit knows that the main way we book is through friends and family first by having practice faces. Then we book from bookings and get referrals at bookings to keep the cycle of business flowing. If you run out of leads or want more, you can always try a fishbowl before warm chattering. Warm chatter is supposed to be for when we run into someone that we just strike up a regular conversation with and then just mention we are in MK and give her our card. You might try to get hers as well or her name and number so you can give her a makeover or facial. But this should be natural. Like Rena Tarbet has said, don’t be a MK telemarketer. If it is not naturally worked into a conversation, even if you get her name and number, she is not gonna respond to your call. If you feel the need to warm chatter, “attract, not attack” is the key. What are some easy ways to attract? Look good! When you get a compliment on your lipstick, respond, “Thanks, it’s MK! Do you have our latest catalog?”. Have some on you to hand out if they don’t and give your card. Another way to attract, be smiley and friendly. When you frequent a restaurant or coffee shop, be the happiest one in the place. Over time, when you have a relationship there, you can begin talking to the staff about what you do. They may even ask you since you always seem so happy with your life. If we do not look our best, who is gonna want to look like us? If we do not act our best, who is gonna want an appointment and share more time with us? NO ONE. That is a fact, not the pink truth. So let’s all work on this!

You have to buy your way to the top. This is absolutely not true. In fact, it’s a really bad idea. If you start by placing a few small orders for your team members with their permission (number one that is against the DIQ agreement), it is sooo easy to take that road again. It can quickly become a habit and soon you have bought your goal and a huge debt. Now how exciting is it to be a director knowing that you are starting deep in a hole and MUST be successful to pull yourself out? It does happen, but what most fail to realize is the pride that would come from doing things properly would far outweigh how fast you did it. You never want to have to feel guilty that you acheived a goal! So why do it? You think it will be worth it later? Actually, if you begin buying your way to success, three things will happen: 1. You might become dependent on doing that instead of making another way 2. Your team will not feel the need to work hard with you because they think you will do the “work” for them and 3. You will enter the hamster wheel because you will constantly have people falling off your team that you have to replace. Now about number three: We all know this happens, but plan for this instead of trying to “buy” more time with that recruit. Spend your time coaching those who want to move up and leave the rest to go to MK heaven. You cannot make them work or order. That is why I feel sometimes it is best to wait til you have more than 8 or you have someone working on a goal on your team before you submit DIQ. Ladies, please don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap. The only one who can police you on this is YOU.

There are so many more things “they” say about us, but who cares? Just do what you know is right. If you have to ask someone if they think it is ethical, it probably isn’t. In your heart, you know what is right or wrong. You don’t have to do it fast, but you can. Lots of the NSDs that did like Dacia and Allison LaMarr did so because they admit to working 40+ hours a week of MK while trying to reach their goals. If you want to be as fast as they were, you have to put in the same hours. Don’t want to? That is ok, just know that you will be a little slower, but it is your choice.

We have so many choices in life. I, for one, am going to choose to be Pro-MK and not Anti-PT. It has been said that perception is 9/10 of reality. While PTers have their own perceptions of MK, I have my own. I do not have time or energy to put into “hating” them anymore. I hope you will join me in focusing on what we want, and not what we don’t want. Let’s focus on the good stuff: bookings, selling products, team building, making a difference in someone’s life, being go-give, adjusting our activity level to meet our goals, and being realistic with ourselves. Let’s try to improve ourselves, since we are the only ones we can control. When we begin to do that, the haters will fade into the background in the shadow of our success!

Have a productive day, ladies!



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45 responses to “Are You Pro-Mary Kay or Anti-Pink Truth?

  1. This is a fabulous post! I can’t point out any one great point because they all are! I do believe in the old addage that your haters are most likely your biggest and best fans.

    And, while I do agree with all of this, I do still believe that the Anti-PT sites are needed. If for no other reason, for new consultants that find PT. Maybe if they were a little less “bashing” they would have more effect.

    If we could just get mkrules on the top of the google search engine food chain (come on ladies, help us out here by visiting frequently and referring others to mkrules) we could make it so new consultants find this great place first!

  2. SkinCareMom

    Excellent advice and article MKRules! I am excited about having a positive place to send my unit members!

  3. Thanks so much!! Coming from a director, that really means a lot. Thank you ladies for rallying support. I just think this is a positive way to “win” the blog war.

  4. Amen, sister! Pink hugs, kmh

  5. inmkbutsmart

    You go girl!

  6. Dara

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent post!

  7. Such an excellent post, MKR! Hating them does fuel the fire. The opposite of hate isn’t necessarily love. By definition, yes, they are opposites; however, both are extreme emotions. The best way to put the fire out is indifference. Indifference is powerful. If you don’t react to something, it typically gets old. I heard a saying somewhere that the worst punishment you can inflict upon another human being is indifference. Why? Because people crave attention. Just my thought. 😉


    MK this is really good. You know the WORD says that a kind word turns away rath. Easier said than done. Anyway I know that I want to defend however MKC has been in business for a long time and I think that these women must have gotten burned or did not do it right and that is fine. They are just trying to use their turmoil to make others hate something like you said they never gave a chance. I know that if we do things with integrity and test eveything that we do and see if it lines up with the Lord then we are on the right path. You know I post everyone morning on my directors unitnet site and I post the word of wisdom and today it is “INTEGRITY”, “We live today in a difficult time of eroding morals and values. It is my sincere prayer that our morals and values will never change…that we can look in any mirror and be proud of what we have become.” MKA. So if we live this way then we will have nothing to worry about. You know the saying one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch however we don’t have to be in that bunch.

    Oh one more thing if we response with a kind answer it is like leaping coals of fire onto them. I hope that everyone has a BLESSED DAY.

  9. anonymous

    MKRules, When the heck are YOU going to become a director????? YOU could have given one of those top 3 director or even NSD speeches at Seminar! Do you know how great YOU are? If you don’t want to be a director, that’s fine and I would never want to push you into something you didn’t want to do, but if you have even the slightest inkling you’d like it for yourself, get out and do it! YOU have what it takes to go all the way to the top of MK!

  10. sabrina

    I hadn’t quite realized how widespread this “blog war” was and to what extent people at different levels were aware of it, but during Emerald seminar Kathy Helou mentioned it in her speech (very briefly and discreetly). We need to STAY AWAY from those negative blogs!! It is so true, and this post says it all.
    As a side note, I had never heard Kathy Helou speak before and I think she is just amazing!!!

  11. Anon: I dunno about director. This semester I am only going to take one class and I might go for it. Then I could quit my other job by the holidays. I think I could do it, but I dunno if I want to not ever use my degree or how easy it would be to get a “real” job if I ever decided to stop being a director. For me, probably not too hard! I could always do sales and MK gives us sales experience. What do you think?

  12. mkrules, I think you would make a great MK director! Best advice I can offer is, just make sure it is something YOU want. Don’t just do it because we all told you that you would be awesome and gave you a big head. 😉

  13. No, when I originally started MK, I was fast on the way and have had 8 consultants on my team in the past, but not all active. Then I slowed down after getting it in my head that I would have to buy my way up, which I know now is not true. I think I would like it, I am just worried about having to depend upon others for my pay. Although, if I kept working steadily, I wouldn’t have to worry much at all. I could even keep my job a few days a week at first if needed.

  14. Lark

    I have been just a dabbling consultant for 6 years. I don’t care much for my J.O.B. and have always kept thinking of MK as my back up plan. I’m a terrible procrastinator so I’ve never gotten off the ground with my business. I was trying to motivate myself to get rolling this summer but then I stumbled on that PinkTruth and frankly it really scared me. Not because I believe in what they say but I thought how horrible to have that out there if you’re trying to get this business off the ground. I just think it would be so hard to get any new recruits or have people respect MK if they see that site out there, which is so easy to find. I had a hard time finding blogs like this out there that are positive MK but I’m so happy I found this and I do feel more encouraged by what I’ve read here. At this time I’ve sold a lot of my products at cost just because I haven’t done much and I don’t want it getting old on my shelves. I plan to hold off now and maybe consider getting into it again later when the new stuff comes out. I really hope and pray that pinktruth goes away. It’s hard for me to get going and it doesn’t help that I don’t have a computer either (I use the computer at work when I’m at break or after work). I’m going to keep checking this blog out so I can keep a more positive. Thanks for the positive attitudes.

  15. I really, really think some give PT too much credit. At seminar, there were no PT cards, hats, shirt, etc. Not one! I think if you show you are not like what is decribed on PT, you have no worries!

  16. Dara

    AW semi-charmed,I don’t think our sweet MKRules could ever get a big head. MKRules have you seen the handout that answers the question of whether or not a Director has to rely on her Unit? It shows with cold hard numbers and facts what happens when a Director does her personal business and has a Unit that does nothing! If you’ve never seen it, I’d be happy to send it to you. Better yet, I’ll upload it the the Yahoo group so that others can see that all it takes for a Director to earn a solid income and have a stress free Unit is to work her personal business!

  17. mccgirl80

    Thanks so much for this post MKRules! I had stumbled onto the PT site by accident and while I am not a new consultant, I have been in the company a few years and have had my run-ins with Directors and NSD’s with money signs in there eyes. I am totally committed to this company because I believe in it and its product. You can’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch! I have met far more great women in this company that bad ones. Luckily, I also found your site shortly after stumbling onto the PT site. While I was tempted to post a comment, I decided not to. The women who post comments on the PT site have a grudge on their shoulder and they are just venting to anyone who will listen. I would also like to mention that of all the posts I read, they all had one thing in common. Every single person who had something negative to say claimed that you would go broke becoming a director and staying in MK. This is true… if you do nothing but push your recruits to buy as much product as they can and never master your selling appointments! This business CAN work, if you work. I always tell my new recruits, you must master your selling before you can really become successful in this business. As MAry Kay said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”If you don’t master your skin care classes, how can you teach others to do so! Talk about the blind leading the blind! Anyway, thanks for the pick-me-up, I really needed it after today!

  18. Dara: Thanks for the file, I had not seen it! It really helped me to make a decision today…more about that soon!

    Mccgirl80: I am glad you found us! It seems as though you will be a great addition to our little “group”. I really love that in MK we don’t see each other as competition so much like realtors do or what not, but we see each other as a whole..moving forward together. That is one thing that makes our company unique.

  19. Actually, out in the “real world”, PT is nothing more than a bag with the bottom torn out–it holds no weight! Most people out there don’t know PT from Adam (or Eve!) and really don’t care.

    One of our top consultants was featured in an article at (feel free to remove the link if you want to, MK Rules, I’ll understand!) and a few of the PT people posted comments on it–how MLM’s were awful and such, and were pretty much told by the other commenters to “go lay by your dish” but, thankfully, in much nicer terms!

  20. Pink Biz

    Which yahoo group was it posted to? I would love to see the file. If anyone is signed up on, then perhaps it could be posted there. Thanks, can’t wait to see this. I think it is just what I need to read.

  21. I was joking about the big head thing. I think this lack of sleep (insomnia) is catching up with me. I didn’t mean to offend, I was trying to be funny, which sometimes doesn’t reflect when typed in black and white. I love me some mkrules and would truly think she would never get a big head.

  22. I have been known to be “over confident”…lol. But enough about that! I knew you were joking, night owl!

    Pink Biz: It is in my mkrules yahoo group. You can join by clicking the link on the “links” page.

  23. mkmomof3

    Yeah MK Rules! As I watched my director lose her cadillac and have to downsize to a grand prix, I realized that situation was a result of inactivity and nothing else. The speed of the leader IS the speed of the gang. When she stopped booking, selling, and recruiting-her personal business fell apart and it all trickled down to the unit. Bottom line is that it is NOT the unit’s responsibility to keep a director in her position–it is hers! I think the “disgruntled” on PT fell into a very common trap-“once I’m a director, I’m no longer a consultant”-and that is just NOT true. A NSD once told me, you are a director 25% of the time and a consultant 75% of the time until you reach NSD status! With that philosophy, directorship should be a consistent income. Mary Kay also designed this company with the belief that you should only spend your money from sales and keep your commission checks to run your unit and to save for you and your family. This truly is a no fail system as long as we do it the way that MK designed it to be!

  24. MKRules: I think you should do what you want to do. If being a director in MK is what you want to do, GO FOR IT! Don’t worry about whether or not you are using your degree. A degree doesn’t even guarantee a job. I have a degree and I’m doing a job (that I now hate) that a high school graduate could do. My husband has a degree in graphic design and works construction. It helps to have a degree for leverage and pay scale, but working in my field I am not…although, I do talk to enough crazies on the phone it could be a psych career. 😉
    You may find a job in your field and be able to work that and your MK career. You may find a job in your career and decide it’s not for you. There are so many different possibilities and scenarios, don’t sell yourself short on your potential in other areas to save a degree. This is what college is for (at least, as I’ve experienced): college will make you well-rounded and you will learn more worldly things than if you hadn’t gone at all. A degree shows you did coursework related to a certain field. Having a college education will give you insight and introduce you to critical thinking and if you are capable of critical thinking (I know you are; but the fact is not everyone develops this level of thinking), it will be a great asset to you no matter what you do. In MK or outside of MK.
    Sorry if I sound like the devil’s advocate for college, but I had a career goal to which college was a detriment. Had I not gone to college, I could have pursued dance at the level I’d wanted to. I value my college education, but I didn’t need to do it right then. So, I guess I’m a little bitter there. 🙂 But I just wanted to get the point across that “using a degree” especially a bachelor’s degree is rare (unless they are in education or health sciences. Then they most likely work in the field). Most people with bachelor’s degrees only do not work in their designated fields. If you go to graduate school, it’s a little bit different because you have to know what you want going into it. Hope my ramblings make sense. 😛 I just wouldn’t want you to sell yourself short in an area you excel at just because it isn’t related to your degree. That’s all. 🙂

  25. Sabrina: I didn’t know Kathy Helou was onto the blog war. lol That is amusing. I think she is an amazing woman as well. She is my NSD and I have met her a few times. Such a nice lady! 🙂

  26. I agree with you, Shades! I have a B.A. in BS (that’s a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication!) with a public relations emphasis and a business minor. My full time job is working with statistics and gathering data, doing technical writing, as well as grant writing here and there. And, because I was a speech major, I never even took a statistics class! The closest thing to math I ever took was 2 semesters of accounting for my business minor–and those classes kicked my butt!

    But I don’t regret going to college at all. I think my major and minor are very flexible, and, unlike you, I DID need to go right then! I went to one school right after high school and hated every minute of it. Took a few years off (got married, realized I didn’t want to work as a wash-girl at a tractor dealership my whole life) and went back to a different school and loved it. I think taking those two years off helped me realize what I wanted to do. When I started college my second time around, I knew I wanted to go into public relations, and I wanted to eventually go to work for a non-profit. Well, I got the non-profit part down! Just not PR, although some of what I do (writing news releases) does fall into that category!

  27. Sounds like you did things your way, Romance. 🙂 By “right then” I meant straight outta high school. I don’t regret my college education at all; just would have timed it differently if I had it to do over. 😉 Now I’m working on my MBA. I have a little more direction in life. 😀 And accounting kicks my butt, too–I’m giving it another try this fall.

  28. Shades of Pink: Be careful! My husband hated stats and ended up teaching it! I didn’t love accounting, and ended up doing bookkeeping for a while. So just get through it as fast as possible, with as little negative attitude as possible, and ask the prof. on day ONE what s/he wants/expects you to get from this course, then follow their lead. If you are NOT interested in becoming a CPA, just get the B and save the A’s for your favourite subjects. My sister once said to me, “An employer only want to know you got the piece of paper, NOT where you were in the class standings.” Good advice when I got a 78 on a course when everything else on my transcript was A or A+ smile Now I don’t even USE any of those A’s in my daily J.O.B. 🙂

  29. Pink Biz

    shadesofpink, I think all active NSD’s are aware of the negative anti-MK blogs, certainly one in particular. For that matter, numerous directors are aware as well. Yea for Kathy Helou to take a stand in whatever manner she did!! So cool! I agree we should all stay away!

  30. Pink Biz

    Thanks sabrina for making that known!

  31. jmath

    Whats fishbowling????

  32. foreverpink

    fishbowling is when you take a small or medium sized fishbowl that you can get from walmart or a pet supply store and dress it up with a few bows or ribbons to make it look attractive. You would attach or place next to it an ad for your business for free facials or for some sort of give away that you are willing to have with the hopes of having people place their names in the “fishbowl” for you to contact later. You would also place next to the bowl a stack of entry forms or info cards for folks to fill out and drop into the bowl. It is basically a way to get leads for your business.
    You place the fishbowl in local businesses that women frequent, with permission from the business owner of course. As with fishing, sometimes you get a bite, sometimes you dont. Sometimes the names you get turn into customers, sometimes they dont. It can be an effort finding the right fit because some business owners will let you do it and some wont, but it is an easy way to get leads.

  33. Betsy

    Do you make any money doing mary kay? Everyone says they do and then they show me a sheet from 3 or 4 months ago. I’d like to see real numbers!!! Thanks!

  34. AmberBlaze


    That’s because comissions are paid three months out. If you look at the Applause magazine, all the numbers in there are from 3 months ago, too! The numbers are the real comission numbers before expenses.

    Some people make a lot of money. A lot of people make a little money. Most people aren’t interested in doing the work that it takes to make the money.

  35. Angelique

    I have the worst situation. I moved into my home in July, 1995 and then a Mary Kay Sales Director moved in next door at the end of September, 1995. This Mary Sales Director is the most manipulative neighbor, that I have ever had. She brings her team over and blocks traffic. She warm chattered me like a psycho, but did not care about me as a person at all. Her husband spreads gossip about me and my family, because we are not into the Mary Kay business or use the products. The husband parks the Mary Kay vehicle in front of our house, because he knows we are the most decent people on the block. If they park else where, it might get vandalized. The man is a user. First it was the Gran Am, then the Cadillac now it is the Gran Prix. The husband does not have a steady job and she is the main breadwinner. After living next to the Mary Kay lifestyle, I am going to write a book on suburbia and put a whole chapter on my neighbor (her name changed to protect the insane). In December 2006, she caused a horrible situation between neighbors in the neighborhood and I should have sued her. I would have won. Hurray, in 2007 my prayers were answered and the pink Cadillac was gone, but she still has the Gran Prix . I would rather take my money to Walgreens, CVS , Victoria’s Secret and Macys. Mary Kay sales people in the neighborhood cause problems. She is pure evil mercenary trouble. She also hangs around with the low lives and degenerates of the neighborhood. Have a great day.

  36. Joy

    Painting with a broad brush is always a dangerous thing to do. There are jerks in every profession. I know several Mary Kay consultants, including my mother who are generous, sweet people who treat you well whether you buy their products or not.

    I hope your situation improves. There is a proverb that I just love: “Overlook an offense and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and -goodbye, friend!”

    Good luck!

  37. Has anyone seen the new way to make money with youtube? They make 200 videos for you, and guarentee you at least 20,000 views for your business. Check it out:

  38. BackInPink

    Wow! What a breath of fresh air to come to this site. I admit I spent some time on “that” site, and it’s just dismal. Glad to see the positivity here. I stopped working my business for awhile and I’ve missed it. The pro-MK sites have encouraged me to try again.

  39. Kimmybear

    Okay, briefly, this needs to be brought up.

    The more we talk about stupid sights like PT the more people are going to go looking for them. All it does is throw up their ratings. Right now Pink Truth doesnt even show up when you type in Mary Kay, or when you type in Rena Tarbet. It does for a few of the other well known directors, but you know why?? Its Mary Kay people, mary Kay CONSULTANTS who are going on these websites, maybe once, twice but guess what there are over 2 million of us now so if we keep going on them even “just to see the lies they are telling about us” they are going to keep popping up. SO leave em alone. Just stop playing this stupid back and forth game and go work. If you find yourself on those websites and thinking those things I’m gonna tell you right now you are probably one of 3 people.

    A red jacket whos been in red for more than 4 months.
    A consultant who has gone through DIQ and not finished.
    Or a Director who has stepped down.

    The reason for each of these things is because YOU are not holding classes. That is YOUR fault, its not your directors fault “she didnt train me properly” or “my director doesnt hold classes either” or “my recruiter does.. ” blah blah blah. Go work.
    Wanna know how to hold 10 classes in the next month?

    Go on your MKOC or intouch whatever, order 10 drawboxes and get them out at the following locations.

    1 Tanning Salons in your area
    2 Restaruants – Moxies, TGI Fridays, Swiss Chalet, Joeys, Earls all great places
    3 Nail salons, really good ones are the little chinese/asian ones that are right next to heavly populated areas.
    4 Wherever you go to the gym/yoga whatever somehwere where people know you.
    5 Bridal stores.

    On your draw box DO NOT put your business card in the top. Gives em no want to enter.

    Make business card sized print outs that say
    DRAW 50.00 FREE mary kay product. put your name and phone number on the bottom right corner (still on the little card) and get them out.

    Check them every week, and if there are no names move em . If you have 10 and I MEAN 10 no less, you have constant new names.
    But in all honesty, if you’ve read your training book, (yeah that career essentials that came in your STARTER CASE, not anything you had to purchase seperate) then you know everything you need to.
    Then CALL the names, book a “class” in your home, which means call the names and invite them to a facial in your home. ALL AT THE SAME TIME so that if they don’t show, NO BIG DEAL.
    Turn the class into more classes by repeating “at your second facial” over and over again during your presentation. When you use your 3-in-1 remember this is just the formula that you filled out on your profile, we will re-evaluate at your second facial wether or not this is the formula you need to continue with.
    This foundation is the one we quickly color coded for you, at your second facial we will make sure that it is still the right one.. ect

    for every product they put on their face.
    Mary Kay said ” we need to say second facial so many times that they think their face is gonna fall off if they don’t have that second facial with you”

    Long story short, train YOURSELF, practice YOURSELF and get 10 classes on your books for the next 4 weeks. You will NEVER be an unhappy consultant.

    And trust me, this is from someone whos been through all the ups and downs of this business. It only takes 3 classes a week, every week to make yourself have all the financial freedom that all the Top Directors and Nationals promise. If you would just get off your butt and work. You can have it all.

  40. Thank you for the motivating message. Stumbled onto it while looking at goal posters. I will get to work

  41. MJ

    Great post

    You can’t fight hate with hate

  42. Ginni

    Aren’t you the least bit concerned about all the chemicals in their products? Some of which are linked to cancer? How ironic that consultants sell the items that may make their clients ill, yet they raise money for cancer research through sales & skin care classes.

  43. roni

    I am Pro Mary Kay. I order mostly for myself because I really love the results I get. I am an artist and I love all the new goodies they come up with for my personal palette. No one ever hounded me to sell more. I already have a business. These pink truthers sound like sour grape women.

  44. roni

    Oh what I would like to know is how the PT gets MK upcoming information on new products. It sure would be nice if MK people got that info too ahead of time.

  45. Ange

    Thanks for the post and keeping this site up!!! I am a new MK consultant, and I had to say I did read PT, I was scared at the results, but I knew I wanted my own home base business. I think what’s so unique about MK is that selling is key, but also specializing in that skill, and using other talents like bridal makeup etc, giving MKers the best of both worlds. I just read a word of wisdom, because I was getting to the point where I needed to sign up people fast…but she wrote on the post be a master at booking and selling, so that you can teach it to those on your team 🙂

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