Propay: Protect Yourself

Ladies, this came to me by email from my adopted director. Please read it and do follow the advice to avoid being taken advantage of by someone who orders from you by credit card.

Many thanks to SD Ann Marie Bierbaum for sharing the following information. PLEASE be diligent about completing as much information as you can when processing a credit card…especially if it is someone new to you whether it is in person or over the internet.

Hi Everyone,
I am writing this note to let you all know for your own information after having been burned for over $200.00. I while ago I received a call from someone who got my name from the web site. She ordered about $200 in products and gave me her credit card, address etc.

I processed the card as I usually do WITHOUT the optional information on the right side of the card processing page, It says Optional cardholder information for AVS verification. The card processed and I shipped her the order.

Several months later, I got a call from the police and they wanted to know about this sale. The next day I got an email from Pro Pay that they were debiting my acct. the $227.00 that was charged – the order plus tax and shipping. They said that I could send the info I had and they would evaluate the situation, but I have just been in touch with ProPay and found that the card was a stolen card and that the name and address were not a match. Had I filled out the other side of the on line pro pay information – optional cardholder information for AVS verification – it would have told me that they didn’t match!!! I don’t usually fill out that portion that is “optional” other than my clients name! Guess I will fill it all out from now on!

Interestingly, the gentleman from ProPay said that the card would still process! This is because it might be that someone just moved and if it was a client that we knew it would be ok. However, in this case, since it was someone I didn’t know, it would have alerted me to the fact that something was wrong! When that happens we have to void the transaction before 3 pm of the same day. Cards processed after 3 pm have until 3 pm the following day and if you have any questions EVER about the validity of a card or need info as to how to void a transaction, call ProPay at 800 630 8115 and they will help you!!

I just learned a $227.00 lesson. And the lesson is this: Fill out the Optional cardholder information for AVS verification ALL the time!!!! That is your protection.

In addition he told me that because we are such a giving and trusting bunch of women and MK is such a large corporation, that we are targeted often. Learn from my lesson and if you don’t know the person who is placing an order on a charge card, do everything you can to protect yourself and call ProPay if you are the least bit uncertain.

Lesson learned – time to move on!

Love ya


PS Pass this info on to all your MK friends



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8 responses to “Propay: Protect Yourself

  1. This is slightly different than I had heard before. I assume this is when you go directly to Propay and use it there?? When I use the propay, I do it from InTouch through a customer sales ticket I created. It then tells me if I have a good match. So far though, I have only taken cards from people I know. Either way, this information is great to have.

  2. Very good info. I have not received large orders from people I don’t know. Whenever I do hear from someone new, I talk to them before I take any action with the payment. Most people who do not know me, (and even those who do) prefer to have me contact them for payment instead of paying online.

  3. foreverpink

    I never took the time to do this. Thanks for the info, I will do this from now on!

  4. Elona

    This SAME thing happened to me!! Propay was only able to debit a portion of the chargeback, due to my bank’s policy. I was out on maternity leave, and not working, only taking re-orders, so I didn’t have the extra funds to just cover it. Despite the fact that I made 2 more payments to get my pro-pay account back to a $0 balance (when they couldn’t debit it all, they left me with a negativce balance) when I got down to owing them $1 (miscalculation on my part, I thought I had paid it all back) they CLOSED my account!!! Now to process a credit card, I have to use PayPal. It was a nightmare, and there was no customer service to talk to. Everything had to be done through email, because their collections department doesn’t have a phone number where you can talk to them – not even a direct number! I had even emailed my customer to verify her order. I submitted all my email correspondance. They said that wasn’t good enough. It’s a huge liability for as consultants. Everyone should be careful of processing a credit cards.

  5. MK Rules, is it okay if I email this post to my TP team members? Many of us use Pro Pay to process our cards, too, and I think it would be helpful for them to know this security thing, too.

    I’ve been using Pro Pay for years (when in MK, and I paid for my own account when I went to TP) and have NEVER filled out the right hand side of the screen. And almost ALL of my TP customers use a credit/debit card. I think I can count on one hand how many people have paid me in cash. I think I will start doing that from now on!

  6. Yes, Romance, you can forward anything here that you find helpful in your business. 🙂

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  8. bersuit

    Propay is a piece of shit, this place treats you like what they are (shit) i got rip off with more than 2,000usd for using this usecure and worthless place, all of the transactions made from propay were chergedback one by one, its really stupid that they cannot warn you when a credit card its mismatching, I had to dig to find that information but it was to late, of course propay can do something to stop this frauds but they don’t want to because that’s were exactly they make their money (FROM FRAUDULENT PEOPLE) someone stills from you using propay and other credit card information propay refund the actual credit card owner and then they charge you and also they put in an extra $15 for the charge-back and if you don’t pay on time the amount grows, that is a good trick to make money using people, sooner or later you have to pay that money or they will take you to court and since you sign their terms and condition you are FU***. I guess propay should thank the people that commit frauds using their web-page because without them nobody would use their stupid bank, beware before using propay more like profraud.

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