Let’s Chat!

Well, ladies, the chatroom is quite dusty and full of dismay. Am I the only one who goes in to find I am the only one there? 😦

Finally, a simple solution! No one likes that we don’t chat, yet no one is ever chatting. ???HUH?? So how about this:

—>We can have one chat session Monday mornings at 9 am. All you “Early Birds” can meet me in the chat room.

—>The other group can meet in chat on Thursdays at 10pm. I’ll call us the “Night Owls”.

I will join in on both sessions!

If you are looking for a different time, perhaps just say when is good for you, and find a “chat buddy” to meet up with. Some of us do this already on yahoo messenger and it is a great online support system. We share our crows, daily businsses stuff, life happenings, etc. I really enjoy the positive attitudes and inspiration I am surrounded with through my online MK friends.

I will have a topic ready for us to discuss in chat (at a much faster pace than our normal, drama free MK Rules blog speed!). You know, there are many other, not-so-positive blogs where there are more comments, chatting, etc. That does not surprise me a bit! Where there is drama, people show up, if for nothing more than entertainment! I have even been known to join in from time to time!

I hope the MK Rules chat sessions will bring us closer together and really help us go places in our businesses. I would like to keep it gossip-free, focusing on crows, tips, helpful websites, real life questions, and positive responses. Just a happy place to support each other and grow. 🙂

So which chat will YOU be in? Early birds or Night Owls?



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15 responses to “Let’s Chat!

  1. Be sure to sign up for one of the times, k? 🙂 I wanna chat, for real!

  2. Colleen

    i guess I can do Monday morning……

  3. Well, there is no requirement to participate, but I would love for you to! I have such a weird work schedule that it is hard for me to have any other times, but like I said, if these times don’t work for you, say when does and ask for a chat buddy!


    I can do monday mornings but not tomorrow. Trying to go and look at foreclosed homes. I can do the other time too 10 on Thursday.

  5. Elona

    Can you post if this is eatern, centeral, mountain or pacific time? I’d hate to miss a good chat session!

  6. This is central time. 🙂

  7. Ok, let’s start the chat times this Thursday at 10 pm central…the time stamped on the blog here. See you there!

  8. colleen

    ok MK rules,,,

  9. Connie

    Thursday 10 Central…Roger that, mkrules! 🙂

  10. Yea! I will come up with a topic of discussion to start us out by then. 🙂

  11. Ok, ladies, tonight at 10 pm we chat! Please log in with your screen name that you use here. See you then!! 🙂


  12. Connie

    See you tonight, mkrules! 🙂

  13. Connie

    And everyone else… 🙂

  14. Can everyone log in ok?

  15. Connie

    I’m in…but no one else is.

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