The First Weekly Night Owl’s Chat!

WOW! What a smashing success! Now granted, only 2 readers were in the chatroom with me, but what a powerful brainstorming session we had!

First, we discussed the topic previously mentioned, “What makes a customer YOUR customer? And how do you keep them loyal to you?”

We had several things mentioned that we agreed makes a customer YOURS:
1. You have facialed her.
2. You have built a relationship with her through various things, such as great customer service, personal notes, and remembering things like the name of their dogs!!
3. If this relationship is shaky, she will not be loyal.
4. We decided that unless you make the customer WANT to be loyal to you, she is not YOURS. She may buy from whomever she chooses after all. And if we do not keep our names fresh in their minds and bring a smile to their face, they might just buy from whomever is around.

Also, discussed: The do-not-call list. We all agreed we need to know more about this and I will be doing a post on if making referral calls violates the do-not-call list and details this week.

Well, at this point we strayed off the topic and one of our chatters (Connie) had to go. But PINKBREN and I had a great discussion on how we could increase our sales and bookings.

Here are the highlights:
1. If you work in a salon, you can facial people there with MK!!!! This is huge! Why not boost the power and hand out cards offering a “free microdermabrasion treatment” with any haircut? PINKBREN owns a salon and is going to try this idea!

2. Are you a night owl like us? I have heard this idea before, but now I am going to put it into action! Try scheduling a “Midnight Snack and Smooth” Session at your local hospital for some nurses! They get a snack from you and a satin hands/lips treatment. They get tickets for a free satin hands set by 1)Setting up an appointment with you (facial or class) 2)Purchasing a satin hands set or lips set.

Not a night owl? Try the same approach but call it “Luxury Lunch”. This is an idea that was recently being passed around on unitnet and my adopted director has had luck with it. Not only hospitals would be prospects, also doctor’s offices or beauty schools.

3. Speaking of beauty schools, (what a great idea PINKBREN to call on them!) think of all the girls who might want to start a business in order to use and sell MK in the salon they will be working at in the future! Try setting up a “luxury lunch” or “after school snack” session to use the same satin hands/lips approach to set up interviews and/or parties!

Man! Y’all really missed an awesome time to motivation and idea swapping. A special “THANK YOU” to Connie and PINKBREN for joining me and motivating me for next week! You guys RULE!! I just KNOW we would have expanded on the ideas even more if you were there to throw in your 2 cents. I hope more night owls join us next week at 10 pm central. 🙂



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15 responses to “The First Weekly Night Owl’s Chat!

  1. No early birds club Monday due to holiday. How about we do it Tuesday at 9am central instead?


    MK last night was insightful and Connie thank you for the things that you suggested. I think that it is great that we can get together and pick each others brains and see what kind of ideas that we can come up with. Now we have to implement them. I am going to. MK and I made a little pak so if you want to get in on it come to the chat and let’s do this together. We are the only ones that can get our businesses out there and we are the only ones that can make this happen so let’s do it. You know that it is like making friends and having a makeup party or a faical party. Well I pray that everyone has a Blessed day in the Lord. And remember that We can do all things through Christ which gives us strength.

  3. mkta

    I am one of the lurkers and I post every now on then, but I have to tell you MkRules…you have such great ideas and articles on this site and I am so happy that you take the time to keep it up…it really helps me to stay motivated in this business and gives me great ideas! I would love to be on the next chat to share ideas..what time are they???
    Thanks and as everyone else has told you, you will make an INCREDIBLE director!!!!

  4. Pink and Connie: You both had such insightful things to say. It gave me lots of inspiration for ideas and confidence that I can motivate people with great individual ideas once I become a director! 🙂 You guys are so awesome.

    MTKA: Thank you for being so sweet and I’m so glad the site is helping you stay on track. Please join us next time, I’m sure you have lots of good things to add!

    We are going to have weekly chats at two times, one for Early Birds and one for Night Owls. The Early Birds chat is scheduled for 9am central time on every Monday, but Tuesday this time due to the holiday. Night owl’s chat will be each Thursday at 10pm central.

  5. I missed chat. Sounds like you ladies were very productive! I was on at 10 p.m. EDT. My bad! By 11 my time (10 central) I was in bed! 😳 Not much of a night owl lately! Maybe next Thursday. If work is slow Tuesday morning (yea, right) I’ll log on then! 😀
    FYI: I do think there is do not call info available somewhere on InTouch. It has been awhile since I checked that area out, but I believe it is somewhere on the Tax and Legal section. 😉

  6. Connie

    mkrules, you are already an awesome sales director – it is just a matter of time before you make it official! You ruled the chat like a pro!! Thanks again, mkrules…

    And pinkbren, you are such a GENUINE sweetie, I know that you will soar no matter what your goal this seminar year. 🙂

    The rest of y’all who missed it: Don’t do it again!! LOL 😀

    (It was REALLY thought provoking for me as I sat in the emergency room this morning with my little one-year-old who took a nasty tumble [with me] and suffered a little bit of head trauma…it gave me more productive things to think about to take my mind off of the fears as they were running tests on my little tike…)

  7. connie

    shadesofpink, you are right and one of us mentioned Intouch as a resource during chat.

    shades, even if you only jump on for a few minutes, mkrules and the rest of us would love to have you for however long you can be on. A little is better than none, I think.

  8. Thanks, Connie! I’ll jump on Tuesday morning, but may be quiet if the phones at work are busy. 🙂

  9. p.s.–I hope your little one is doing OK!

  10. connie

    Thanks shades. 🙂 He’s been super cranky and clingy, but they told me he would probably have a nasty headache for a few days and everything seemed to check out okay. Just a wait and see thing.

    I’ll jump on chat for 10-15 minutes on Tuesday, but I’ve got to leave to get my kindergartener to class by 10 Central and it is a 30-minute drive. But mkrules leads a great chat…so I’d like to at least see a few minutes of it…

  11. See you for chat tomorrow morning at 9 am Central! The topic will be “Working the numbers”.

  12. Dara

    I’m in the Eastern time zone. Would that be 10am my time?


    I won’t be here this morning I have my JOB and I so. I hope that ya’ll have fun MK tell us what you talk about. Want to know everyones take on working the numbers. So have fun and I will be here on thrusday the girls have a volleyball game out of town however we should be back by then. Have a BLESSED DAY.

  14. Ok well Connie and I are in the chat…I will be on there until 10 am central.

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