Keeping it Organized: Binders

This comes from my director’s website. I will keep her anonymous in case she prefers to remain that way! Hate files? Try this binder system!


Your office can actually fit on a corner of your kitchen counter. Claim some sufficient space in
your home that you can keep your Mary Kay inventory, supplies, and eight binders of
information. It will work better for you and your family when your Mary Kay business is contained to one area and not spread out all over the home.

What to purchase:
1. 2 large 3-ring binders, with a 3”’ rib (for Tax Receipts and Reference Binders)
2. 4 large 3-ring binders with a 1-2” rib (for Closing, Recruiting, Contest and Applause Binders)
3. 2 5 x 9” binders with a 2” rib (for Profiles , Sales Tickets and Birthdays)
4. Adjustable 3 hole punch
5. One package of sheet protectors with 3 holes
6. 2 packs of 3-ring binder index tabs (for dividers in binders)
7. One pack 5×9” Jan to Dec 3 ring binder tabs ( for Birthdays)
8. One pack 5×9” A to Z 3-ring binder tabs (for Profiles and sales tickets)
9. 24 manila envelopes

–> Large Binder #1 3 inch: “Reference”
Write “Reference” on the rib of this binder. The tabs will be marked for all of your training materials. This is now your filing cabinet. Many handouts from your Director and the Company have headings at the top to make filing a breeze. Simply punch the pages and insert.

Here are a few of the headings that you will use:
Booking Goal Setting Recruiting Order Forms
Coaching Holiday Ideas Hostess Info Motivation
Color Cosmetics Money Mgmt. Tax Info Skin Care Info.
Time Mgmt. Newsletter Team Info

–> Large Binder #2 3 inch rib “Tax Receipts”
This should be labeled as “Tax Receipts.” This is your finance binder. Tabs should be marked
January to December. For each month you will place your monthly computer inventory printout from your order, your four weekly accomplishment sheets for the month, and two yellow manila envelopes (three hole punched). One envelope will be labeled with the month and Income. The second envelope will be labeled with the month and Expense. Ex. January Income ; January Expense. Place all sales receipts in the Income envelope and record your expenses for each month as you insert your receipts into the Expense envelope (use the tax form enclosed to record all receipts each month and place form inside Expense envelope with receipts).

–> Large Binder #4 1-2 inch rib “Recruiting”

Label this binder “Recruiting”. Every time you go to an interview you will take along this binder. It will contain everything you need to share the marketing with a potential recruit:
-Steps to Success (10 copies)
-Star consultant brochure Applause Agreements
-Living the dream brochure
-Choices CD’s Choices Questionnaire’s

–> Large Binder #5 1-2 inch rib “Closing”
Label this binder “Closing ”. This will hold everything you will need to take to a class. Keep 10 to 15 copies of each item in page protectors so that you are always ready to go at a moments notice.
-Set Closing sheet
-Hostess Letter
-Did You Know
-Full Circle Close
-Referral Sheets

–> Large Binder #6 1-2 inch rib “Contest”
Label this binder “Contest”. This will contain all of your tracking sheets and information about all
contests, challenges and prizes. Carry this binder with you to unit meetings.

–> Binder # 7 5×9” binder “Profiles”
Label this binder “Profiles” . You will need to insert A—Z tabs. This is where you should file the hard copy of your customer profiles and the consultant copy of each sales ticket. This way when Jane Doe calls and wants to order that eyeshadow that she bought six months ago, you have easy access to her records, you will immediately know what color and you can always use this for upselling. Ie..”Jane, it looks like your mascara is about 4 months old, are you ready for a new one?”

–> Binder # 8 5×9” binder “Birthdays”
Label this binder “ Birthdays”. You will need to insert the Jan– Dec tabs. This is where you will keep track of your customers birthdays. The top page of the profile card should be hole punched and placed behind the month of her birthday. This is an incredibly simple way to make sure that every one of your customers receives a birthday surprise from you. Remember that some times the only B-day card they get is the one you send.



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3 responses to “Keeping it Organized: Binders

  1. I totally love this idea!

  2. Connie's Feeling Inspired Today

    Thanks, mkrules!

    I love your shared low-tech tips in our high-tech overload world. (Electronic communication is so detached and impersonal.)

  3. Mandy

    I love this. thanks for all the help

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