How Connie Did 100 Faces in 30 Days!

My suggestions is to start a bit smaller by doing 100 faces in 100 days. When I did this, I had quite a bit of success. I made a portfolio with slots in the front for the days I had available to do the faces with time slots for them to sign up in. This way, I knew they were picking a time that was good for me. I kept hostess packets in there and took it with me everywhere. I would always try to turn it into a class by saying I could get my faces done so much faster that way. Here are Connie’s tips:

“Hey mkrules!

It was a long time ago, but basically, I cleared my schedule and took faces any way I could get them: Facial, Double Facial, or bonafide skin care class. But what I did do was to double book and when they were both going to hold, which, strangely enough, they usually did, I’d just do a change of venue and take them with me and give both contacts hostess credit despite only one guest present. And as an added touch, I seem to recall that I’d take a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the hostess who lent her home to my mission.

I facialled 100 faces and interviewed all of them, because I was in a contest and every one I interviewed received a discontinued lipstick (I called them Classic). If they didn’t recruit, I told them about my refer-a-future-consultant reward program and actually gave away quite a few $50 gift certificates that go-round.

I used facial fishbowls in restaurants (manned at lunch hour) and other local businesses, I warm chattered everyone I made eye contact with, I went to the local colleges and passed out beauty books with samples, I worked 40 hours a week prospecting, facialling and doing the prep and bookkeeping work. (As I am typing this, I am thinking about what Ryan Rogers said about women not being attacked) LOL

My stats were pretty low, mainly because I was facialling literally ANYONE and interviewed EVERYONE. So, a lot of the gals were low-income single mothers who didn’t have much of a prayer at that stage of life of either finding the drive to do it all the way, much less pre-order inventory.

Out of the 100, I got 15 new decent customers and 12 recruits to get the car. I put in $4000 and I had like four Diamond Stars, I think. In hindsite, I think I was on the right track, but I should have worked up to it. I should have done a Powerstart, then another one, and then jumped up to the 100 faces in a month. Because, by the end of the month, I was fried and lost my umph.”



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13 responses to “How Connie Did 100 Faces in 30 Days!

  1. Colleen

    What I find interesting about this story is that you
    DID it and Connie you realized what to do and what not to do. My hats go off to you for sharing this with honesty and integrity.

  2. Very impressive! I have yet to complete a Power Start. It seems I come up a face or two short. It is my goal as I would like to submit DIQ this year. I’ve officially started my portfolio which has helped as a booking tool. Thank you for sharing this story!

  3. Connie

    Thanks Colleen and shadesofpink. It was actually mkrules’ idea: Since we were the only two on early bird chat and I mentioned it in correlation to something else we were discussing, she asked me to share in an email how I did it.

    That month I was a young girl with something to prove and nothing could dissuade me from my 100 face mission. But now that I’m a thirty-something gal, a wife and a mom, I’ve learned a thing or two. So, my audacious September goal is to complete a PowerStart and a 2-in-1 month (On-Target Grand Achiever with two months’ production).

    Since I’ve been around so long and I’m a pack rat, I’ve got loads of ideas to share with everyone soon. Later this month I’ll be launching my own blog chocked full of holiday and other ideas!

  4. Connie

    And Shades, I officially double-dog dare you to complete a PowerStart before the end of September!! 😀

  5. Well…since you dog-dared me… 😀 I’m definitely working on it! Got 2 faces scheduled for Saturday and I’m working on turning that into a class! I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog, Connie!

  6. WTG Connie! Not only did you get customers and a team, you also learned from your experience! You know what worked for you, what didn’t, and what you’d like to try differently next time.

    The thing is, EACH ONE OF US is capable of 100 faces in 30 days (or in my case, I’d have to go for 100 new customers!) but I think each of us would have to find a groove to do this that works best for us. One of us may rely solely on fishbowls to get our leads and our faces. Another’s schedule may call for her to get tons of guests to her meetings and work face-to-face with people all day every Saturday (that’s how my former director earned her cars and got to directorship–even during directorship when her kids were young).

    Of course, many of us (me me me!!!) have absolutely no clue what our groove is, where it’s hiding, or how to find it. But rather than throw up our hands and say “I have nothing! I’ve tried every idea on every single handout on Unitnet! It’s too hard! I don’t have enough time anyway!” we should enthusiastically and actively look for that groove as a child would search for the prize at the end of a treasure hunt.

    With that mindset, I began realizing I have all sorts of time and all sorts of “people talent”. Rather than make my calls in the evening while I’m trying to make supper and my children and husband are vying for my attention, I make these calls during my lunch break or on my bluetooth as I’m driving home from work. I just signed up two people and got one booking last week on my way to pick up my kids (I found I have time for exactly one phone interview between leaving work and arriving at daycare)! I figured I’m stuck in traffic anyway so I might as well make use of my time. So I’ve found my phone groove.

    As far as getting leads–well, I’m still trying to find that groove! I guess I’m afraid to ask, really. I’m working on that. I know, I know…”No” is just a word and it won’t kill me and they’re saying “no” to what I’m offering, not me personally, but it’s still something I need to work on!

  7. Romance: Have you tried getting email leads? I have in the past sent an email to all my customer stating that I have 15 GCs to give out to their friends. If they would email me either their friends name and email or name and number, I would contact them on their behalf (like the pamper your pal program). This is a fast way to get some referrals. The best thing to do is to BCC everyone on the email and make it sound like you wrote it just to the one person to get better responses.

  8. I do ask for email referrals when I email out my customer newsletters every other month, but maybe my downfall there is that I ask them to tell their friends to call me, rather than asking for their friends’ info so I can call them.

    Maybe that’s what I should do…get on the phone & call past hostesses and offer them $20 in Love Loot or something that they will receive at their friends’ parties if they book–the more friends that they have holding parties, the more free stuff they can get. Maybe let them “save it up” too, if they’re trying to get something expensive–if 5 friends hold a qualifying party ($250 retail minimum), the Love Loot will add up to $100, and that can buy some pretty nice items!

    Wow, thinking of it (from the customer’s standpoint) that way, I’d be happy to give my friends’ numbers to get a $100 worth of free romance stuff! Heck, If I were one of my customers, I’d even be calling my friends myself saying “You have to book a party with Romance when she calls, ok? I’ll come to it if you do!” But then, that’s just me! I mean, even someone who “says” they only know 5-10 people would still be able to get excited about this.

    Then thinking about it from a consultant perspective, $100 retail is only $50 my cost, and for five $250 parties, my gross would come to $625. Doing the math (the $50 in Love Loot, hostess credits, catalogs, samples, prizes, etc), I will have a $450 profit after all that–and that’s only if each party is exactly $250. Most of my parties are definitely higher…I think I’m going to be calling my customer base on the way home tonight! 🙂

  9. Connie

    Thanks Shades! I really enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Dara

    Connie, You have inspired me my dear- Thank You so m,uch for sharing- Awesome!!!!! . I’d love to do 60 faces this month and have only done 1 so far
    (have had alot of postponements). Do y’all think I can pull this off? I know I can but was faltering in my belief and aggravated with myself because I wasn’t assertive enough in my coaching. But hey I have 18 days left and in MK that’s a lifetime

  11. Dara: I know you can do it! That is less than 8 faces a day on average and if you get on the phone, excited about your big goal, I know some people will help you out! Now you know where you went wrong and that is half the battle! I believe in you! 🙂

  12. Connie

    Dara: We all KNOW you can and WILL do what you’ve set your heart upon!! Take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come, because it’s never over until the last second of the last day…Now get back to work!! 😀

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