How To Open Your Banana by Terri Sjodin

Wow! This is JUST what I have been up on my soap box about lately! Just because some directors or consultants do something one way, does NOT mean it is the best way! Enjoy this humorous story from Better Life

The “How to Open Your Banana” story can be found on “Terri Sjodin Live – New Sales Speak: The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.” (DVD)

Terri Sjodin: And before we go any further, I just want to talk very briefly about, “that’s what everybody does.” I have a really good friend, his name is John Crudele and he was down in South America. He was working with some kids in a camp, and they had gone out into the fields one day and they were cutting down a bushel of bananas. And he goes to rip one of the bananas off the bushels. So he cracks open this banana and all the little kids that are around him start cracking up.

They’re like, “Hehehe, you opened your banana wrong!”

He’s going,”What are you talking about?”

Then another camp counselor comes over and he sits down next to him, and he said, “What’s wrong?”

And John said, “I don’t know. All the kids are laughing at me.”

And he goes, “Why?”

And John said, “Because the kids say I open my banana wrong.”

And the other counselor said, “Well son, you do.”

And he goes, “What are you talking about?”

And he said, “Nature shows us the path of least resistance.”

And the easiest way to open a banana is actually from the other end where the little flat tip is. All you have to do is pinch the end of that banana, and it will naturally part. And then as soon as you want it to, you just pull it back, and it takes all of the strings with it, and you don’t get the mushy-squishy thing going on if you struggle with the stem side.

So as soon as he tells me this, I’m like, I so wish I had a banana right now. And sure enough, I got home, and I tried it, and it works! And I always get emails later from people that go, “Oh my gosh, Terri, that banana thing works!” and I’m like, “I’m not lying! Why would I lie?” Of course it works!

And then I thought to myself, “Isn’t this weird?” Because I live in the United States of America, and we’re a pretty progressive country. How come people don’t know this? And all our lives, we’ve been brought up for the most part, most of us, to open our banana that way. And that’s what we do, but that’s not the best way. Just because that’s what everybody does, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to do things. There are different ways that are faster and more effective, and they can be just as simple. They’re just gonna feel different; they’re just gonna be different than what you’re currently doing.



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5 responses to “How To Open Your Banana by Terri Sjodin


    This business is actually an individual thing with the bonus of having help along the way. I think that each person should take a look at what they are doing and if it isn’t working than tweak it a bit. The more you tweak the better it will get. The only thing is to do everything they way that it should. Don’t take short cuts because if that happens then it will be harder to maintain once you have reached your goal. I was reading on another blog and I think that we need to be master sellers we need to have a great customer base and everything else will fall into place.

  2. I agree that we need to master selling. Much of that comes from knowing the products and just sheer excitement over them. Excitement sells!

    But– I don’t think you have to have a huge customer base before you build your team. I think you can do both at the same time. 🙂

  3. kahni

    Master selling is all-inclusive, actually, because, as women, we are already selling every moment we are awake (and probably even when we are sleeping). We sell our husbands on why we should buy that new pair of shoes and when we convince our two-year-old that eating veggies is the path to enlightenment and we sell our friends when we have a particulare movie we really want to see.

    What I mean by that is if we do our “job” properly, we will “sell” the opportunity WHILE potential customers are watching (and feeling) us sell them on the idea of taking the product home: That is the way of integrity (and the easiest way to “open the banana”).

    And pure integrity is all about balance. When we are out of balance (i.e. all selling or all recruiting), we lose integrity with ourselves AND with prospects. If we believe in the MK dream heartily enough, others will too. Just like “selling” others on why they should try the sushi at the “best kept secret in town”, the enthusiasm we exude should be contagious (path of least resistance) and others will be beating down the door to at least give the “bought” idea a test drive (new “best” way to open the banana)!

    GREAT share, mkrules!

  4. So who had to actually go get a banana and try it? *Romance raises her hand*

    Love the story, MK Rules!

    However, sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what works for us. Just like the banana, most of us just keep plugging away at a certain task in a certain way because that’s the way we were taught. Many of us have a hard time even THINKING that there is another way, a better way to do that same task.

    Just like the banana thing–I don’t think ANYONE would have even thought of trying another way to open a banana. Mostly because we still get the banana open eventually (sometimes with the help of kitchen shears!) and are able to enjoy the fruit of our labor. And then there are others who give up and end up flinging the mashed and twisted banana across the room in frustration, cursing all bananas to Banana Hades.

    I remember as a new consultant being overwhelmed by all the forms and ideas available from my director, from InTouch, and on UnitNet. When I mentioned this to my director, she said just to find one that works for me and to ignore the rest. Well, that SOUNDS like a good theory, but in order to find what works for me, I still have to wade through a slough of ideas, going through the frustration of many that DON’T work before finding the one that DOES.

    Hmm, I think I just got an idea to help make the job of finding what works for me easier (and I wish I had known this years ago): This morning while on break, I will do a SWOT analysis on myself! SWOT is a marketing/business analysis thing that businesses use to determine the best way to market themselves. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. I will make four columns on a sheet of paper and write down my own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats both personal and business-related.

    Hopefully, this will help me see what ideas may work best for me (from my Strengths and Opportunities lists) and also ways I can improve and grow myself (using my lists of Weaknesses and Threats).

    Why is it I only come up w/ ideas like this when I’m on this blog??? 🙂 MK Rules, you must have some major “good karma mojo!” 😀

  5. Just impressive .. and I really loved the 9 Mistakes edition … Thanks for the wonderful info

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