I Miss You Already…

Well, it was great having a car driving director run a positive blog, but it seems Pynk Myst is signing off. She has no time to update it very much, although everyone loved her site.

Pynk Myst, you will be missed. Your business savvy and positivity are a shining an example for all directors in MK! Thank you for all the advice you have given us. I wish you well and know you will achieve all your MK dreams!



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9 responses to “I Miss You Already…

  1. Maybe she’ll change her mind and stay…. ?

  2. kahni

    I selfishly hope so, for our sakes – I just added my own plea to the pile tonight…

    But, she’s obviously ultra busy bulding her business and perhaps her heart has moved on to her new passion…?? (Either way, we wish her outrageous blessings.)

  3. Pink Biz

    What gives? I saw an immediate quick posting of bidding pynkmyst goodbye on her blog and now this entry on your blog. Do you know something mkrules, that we don’t know? I have to comment that I was taken back and surprised on both accounts. I don’t understand I guess, but shocking nonetheless.

  4. Pink Biz

    For sake of my feeling the need to clarify a little further. Being that pynkmyst is a director and could bring forth that whole perspective from a director standpoint is what I feel made it an excellent blog. I’m disappointed that because I (and maybe others feel this way) didn’t post there regularly is why she is exiting from the blog world.

    I’m wondering that had more of us really been active on her blog….she would still be wanting to share the great information that only she can bring to the table because of her proven history in doing so. I feel much will be lost if she resigns completely.

  5. Pink Biz

    This is what I get for being in such a hurry this time of night. Sorry, I didn’t mean that MY not posting regularly is the reason for her exit. Rather what I meant was the next paragraph above….more of us might should have posted on a blog that really gave great business practicalities. Maybe more of us still should blog there. Just my sincere opinion.

  6. Colleen

    I personally think the Myst is busy building her team and doing her business. I wish she was still here too but I guess the next best thing is MK Rules and MKV I hope she leaves that blog up though because the ideas and articles are great!!

  7. Well it is moderated and that does make it hard to post because you have to wait quite a while at times to see the other comments. I have proposed a plan to Pynk Myst… so we’ll see.

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