Jenn Semelsberger’s I-Story

jenns.jpgIf you have never seen her, Jennifer Semelsberger is a really down-to-earth and inspiring director in the Sapphire Seminar. I have found her I-story on Annabelle This one’s for you, “MK Lady”!

This is the I-Story of Senior Director: JENNIFER SEMELSBERGER

“You see, God blessed me very young with a baby boy. I was only 14 years old when I had my first child. I had to quit school and lie about my age and get a full-time job at the local K-mart to support him. I also worked part-time at Pizza Hut. Well, God decided to bless me again with baby #2 when I was 17. At this point, I knew working at K-mart and Pizza Hut wasn’t going to give my children the life they deserved, so I got my GED and went to a secretarial business school.

At 19, I went to the Big City of DC and started working at a Law Firm as a Legal Secretary. I got married at the age of 20 and God blessed me again with baby #3 at 24!!! I thought life was GREAT. I was married with 3 kids, moved up in my law firm career were I was making big money!!!

Well, all the sudden life happened and I found myself going through a divorce and became a single Mom. I felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel and was never going to get off. I was a single Mom working 60+ hours a week and never seeing my children.

That is when Mary Kay came into my life!!!!

My best friend, Dawn Coby, started selling it and I thought she was crazy!!! I went to her debut and fell in love with the products so I decided to start my MK business. That was in June of 2003, but I didn’t do anything with my starter kit–it sat in my closet for 6 months because I was way too busy to do Mary Kay (or so I thought). I decided to go back to school to be a Real Estate Appraiser I was going to school two nights during the week and on Saturdays. Well if you know anything about Real Estate &you need to be good with numbers.

Guess what? Me and numbers don’t mix so I decided to quit school. I will never forget that night. I was driving home crying and I called my best friend and said “I’ve failed in my marriage, I’ve quit school and all I do is work and never see my kids,” and she said, “you always have Mary Kay.”

That night I checked my mail and there was a postcard from my Sr. Sales Director, Sarah Miller, saying, “We miss you. Please come try New Consultant Orientation.” I know this was a sign from God so I decided to go to New Consultant training in December of 2003. From that day forward I’ve been Mary Kay!!!! January 1, 2004 I went on Target for my car, Febuary 1 went DIQ, March 1, finished car (production), and April 1st became a Brand New Sales Director all while working full-time (60+ hours a week).

I told my kids that when I become a Sales Director in Mary Kay I would quit my job. But I got scared and decided to go part-time instead. I remember the day I told my kids that I decided not to quit and that I was going to work part-time, my son Ryan said, “But Mommy you promised,” and I said, “it will be okay buddy.” Later that same day I got an e-mail from Ryan’s school teacher and she said “Is everything okay at home? Ryan has had his head down on the desk all day and he won’t tell me what is wrong.” I knew right then that this was another sign from God. I walked into my boss’ office and resigned. That was one year ago in June!!! My highest commission check has been over $13,200 for one month!!”

Ladies, please, please, please have faith and work your MK business. I promise if you attend your weekly sales meetings, hold 2 to 3 skin care classes per week (working them full-circle) &you will make it to the TOP!!!! Always remember that Fear and Faith can not live in the same house!!! I believe in YOU and know you can do it too!!!! I thank God everyday for putting Mary Kay in my life!!”


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  1. This woman is awesome. I’ve not met her. My director has become internet friends with her. She sent her I-Story around to us a few years ago. So amazing!

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