Mystery Hostess!

Thanks to Anonymous for this awesome idea on how to get moving in your business! You can even use this idea to get started on your Power Start!

Here’s what she does…

The Mystery Hostess

Have a Mystery Hostess party in your home! Invite all your clients and friends to come over for a fun day of skin care and one lucky lady will be your Mystery Hostess! This means one of them will win hostess credit on the days sales and bookings. This will help you do a few things:

1. Get some sales!
2. Get some bookings!
3. Show your guests how a party goes!

So if you feel stuck and no one wants to book, why not try this idea? Surely lots of guests will come if they know someone will be getting hostess credit that day. It might be them! MK Ash herself is said to have had Hostess Contests each month to aid in getting bookings. Let’s take it from her and keep our business FUN!



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6 responses to “Mystery Hostess!

  1. I am taking my own advice and have scheduled one of these parties on Oct 1st! All guests will count for my 30 faces and I will get some bookings to cover the rest! 🙂

  2. P.S. I will have some other criteria for the FREE order, like we as a whole at this party must reach $200 sales and 2 bookings (just like I do at all parties now) so they can see how easy it is to reach those quotas.

  3. anonymous


    Thanks for posting my idea. Here’s what I did:

    I used the MKC recommended 10%, 15%, 20% hostess credit meaning that if there were zero bookings, my Mystery Hostess got 10% of the total sales in additional free product, 1 booking = 15% of total sales in additional free product, 2+ bookings = 20% in additional free product.

    Because it was a gathering for some of my best clients, each guest received a free gift for coming. I used those cute terrycloth headbands we received for free last month with a $400 ws order and some product samples and some candy, so my cost was the candy because I had gotten the product samples free with an order too. Then anyone who booked a party received another gift which was a pink MK wallet, which I somehow have 3 of, but don’t know how. Again, I received them for free.

    Everyone had fun and I got 1 definite booking and I sold almost $300 with just 3 guests.

  4. Anon: That is awesome! I plan to lure them there with getting their order free that night when we reach the minimums. This is similar to my regular hostess program ($50 free with 3 guests, $200 sales, and 2 bookings). I really need a jump start and want as many people there as possible. 🙂 Thank you so much for the idea…I think it will help a lot of people.

  5. Something to consider–I know of some ladies who did the mystery hostess and for ever 3 guests, there would be one chosen as a hostess by way of a drawing. So, if you had 6 people show up, 2 of them could be hostesses with credit. This practice was popular in our national area because we do Pacesetters and receive points for classes held and and class is 3 people with at least $100 in sales (I think–form’s not in front of me). So, to up the Pacesetters points, this would constitute a double class.

  6. Ok, I have one for sure guest for Monday’s MH party and tomorrow am off work and will be calling all the guests to get their yes or no. 🙂

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