10 Things Dacia Did to Move Up

Think Dacia had a secret to her success? She did! GOOD OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK! 🙂

Here is her list of 10 Things She Did to Move Up: (These are not direct quotes.)

1.Make a decision that you do not want to settle.

Decide that you want more for your life and go for it. Making a decision is FINAL, no going back!

2.Create a schedule and stick to it!

Weekly Plan Sheet anyone???? P.S. Dacia works out an hour and a half a day with her hubby. So we can’t be jealous of her position or her adorable figure until we have mastered what she does and worked for it!


Work from commitment and not from emotion. So you have a headache? SO WHAT! You need to work this like a real job to make it pay like one!

4.Be consistent and be a Star consultant.

If you are very part time with 2-4 hours a week to work your MK, do 1+1+1 ($100 in sales, one class, one personal interview).

If you have 6-8 hours a week, do your 2+2+2 ($200 in sales, two classes held, and two personal interviews).

If you have 10-15 hours a week, do your 3+3+3 ($300 in sales, three classes held, and three personal interviews). This is MKC’s recommendation for part time consultants as well. At this level, you will be a star every quarter! 🙂

If you are looking to go into DIQ or above, strive for 5+5+5 (you guessed it… $500 sales per week, 5 classes held, and 5 personal interviews).

5.Have a good attitude.

Maintaining this and protecting yourself from negativity is highly important to maintaining excitement and momentum in your business! Never share your negatives with: team members, family members, your recruiter, anyone who’s support you want! The only person to share negatives with is your director.

Going to meeting, listening to motivational CDs or tapes, or reading motivational books is highly recommended as well.

6.Never miss company events such as Career Conference or Seminar.

These are meant to be your recognition for a job well done, inspiration, seeing the big picture and re-charging for your positive attitude and are very important to your business.

7.Never pre-judge.

Interview everyone! Dacia does a “Dash out the door” party as her first appointment. (More on this later…) After the individual closes, when all sales are finalized, before the drawing for prizes, she does her 5 minute marketing and has everyone fill out a survey. She then attempts to book an interview with each person, or sends them home with a CD or hotline number and books a day to follow up.

8.This business is a numbers game!

Does this mean people are just numbers? NO! What she meant was “cream rises to the top”! She interviews as many as she can, signs as many as she can, motivating her unit by her example alone! Then the leaders emerge on their own from their own plans to move up. Dacia says a leader tells the director what she is going to do, she doesn’t wait on the director to ask her if she is interested in moving up. If someone is not willing to take the director’s advice and work, the director should not push her, but move on. The cream will rise to the top, and the leaders will make themselves known by their actions. Want more leaders on your team? Recruit more people, increase your unit size and more leaders will emerge.

9.Work with a sense of urgency.

Work like it ALL depends on YOU! Your team will not feel pressured, and you will be certain to accomplish your goals. Dacia said she worked everyday like it was the last day of the Seminar year, creating a race within herself. She had a goal at her first Seminar to be the queen of Sharing the following year, and by working with this pace, SHE DID IT!

10.Make God your partner.

Let Him work through you and it will show in all you do. Be humble when you talk to people. She gave this example about warm chattering. She is an NSD! But she does NOT approach people by saying with gusto, “HI! I’M DACIA WEIGANDT, YOUR MK NSD! HOW ARE YOU TODAY?” with hands on hips and huge, cheesy grin! No matter how cute she is, or how high up the career ladder she is, people will be turned off by that attitude. She says when you approach someone, be humble. Be thankful that she is giving you some of her time.

When she approaches people, she lowers her voice a bit and has a meeker stance, sometimes bending a bit if they are sitting, such as in a restaurant. She says something like, “Hi, ladies…I am so sorry to disturb your dinner, but I couldn’t help but notice how put together you all are! I would love to offer you my business card…do you all have a card I could have?” If not, she asks for their names and numbers so she can get together with them sometime to pamper them. I think it’s awesome that even at her level in this company, she still knows that we need to let the customer always be more important.



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14 responses to “10 Things Dacia Did to Move Up

  1. Zalea

    Awesome inspiration! these are things we can (and know we should) be doing!

  2. I agree! They are great reminders and reinforcers of doing it simply and not reinventing the wheel. 🙂

  3. Great information! I love every point and will see how I can incorporate everything into my own business–especially as I take steps toward DIQ! My NSD Kathy Helou also does not tell new people she is an NSD. (In reference to #10) She always introduces herself as a consultant. Telling people she is an NSD can 1. intimidate them or 2. backfire and have them wondering, why are you approaching me if you are so high up? I love that Kathy Helou still works her business like the rest of us. It shows she truly does enjoy this business and she sets a great example for all of us. 🙂 Dacia sounds amazing! I saw her at Seminar, but that was a few years ago and I didn’t get to have a class with her. I saw her give a speech at awards night. Inspiring!

  4. pink bren

    MK… thanks this is truly how we should be running our businesses. I am a little lazy when it comes to those weekly accomplishments sheets. I need to plan my week and work my plan. I will work on that this week. Thanks Mk for all that you put up it is GREAT inspiration for all of us.

  5. Pink Biz

    I love all 10. One thing I read about Dacia which exemplies exactly what I’ve always “preached” is that she saw NEW FACES consistently. She concentrated on skin care, not limited edition and certainly NO sales gimmicks which included fliers.

    Dacia is a woman who saw the potential in the management side of this business and she went for it. When you introduce the product to FACES, the sales will occur, star consultant will occur, cars will be earned, etc. Seeing numbers of faces, like a power start each month, will move us up the management path if we self-discipline and commit!!! Consistency!!! GREAT key pointers about Dacia, and a great role model for others!!!

  6. Pink Biz

    MKRules, this came across in an email today about GMB (I wish Dacia would have been interviewed too!). The clip was great to watch! I’ve been paying attention to the interviewer on GMA (Good Morning America) who supports home based business, and she has now incorporated her “Homework” component of interviewing successful independent women. Gloria Mayfield Banks has three great pointers to be a success.

    If the clip doesn’t come up immediately with this link, then look for the link in the article titled Mary Kay Magician. Enjoy!


  7. Pink Biz

    Fantabulous……the link I gave goes straight to the video with GMB! Yahoo!

  8. Thanks for posting that!!! 🙂

  9. colleen

    Whats even MORE phenomenal about this woman (and others like her) is that she STILL recruits!!
    I looked in her unitnet newsletter and when you see new recruits her name is there a lot sometimes!!! Its incredible I dont even know when she has the time. She looked a little tired I guess its because people are always asking her to speak and she must do tons of conference calls. Im so happy for her she is an example of what anyone can do if they put their mind to it.

  10. Well, she does have a son who is about a year old. So yeah, she probably is a bit tired…but I think she looks great. Very cute and fashionable, too.

  11. colleen

    Im sorry MK Rules I didnt mean Dacia I meant GMB looked a little tired……Dacia Im sure IS tired with her busy schedule and son. Gloria is older so I can forgive her..can you imagine Dacia by next year will probably be making close to what Gloria makes!!!!!!!

  12. quoting Colleen: “Whats even MORE phenomenal about this woman (and others like her) is that she STILL recruits!!”

    She has to. She will NEVER be done. She has to keep recruiting because right this very minute 1/3 of her area consultants are brand new and have not found their groove yet. One third are working their business and the other third are quitting because of life situations, changes of goals, or not making money.

  13. That’s an excellent point, Oney. We are always working consultants no matter how high on the ladder we are. That is reiterated all the time in my national area. I think a lot of consultants have the misconception that NSD’s or even SD’s don’t have to work as much or as hard, but that is just not true. I’m not a director (yet), but I realize it’s not an easy climb and it’s not an easy job to maintain; but we have to remember that if we are moving up, this is our JOB. Job’s require us to work. I’ve observed that there are times when a director may not have to do as much work if she has a selling unit, but she always has to work. I don’t think this fact is something be used as a scare tactic, but rather as a reality check.
    My NSD still works as a consultant. She holds skin care classes and facials regularly. She does career coffees for prospective team members. She still holds unit meetings for her personal unit like any director. She recruits new team members onto her personal team. She coaches consultants who want to be directors. It’s all part of the job.
    It’s just like being a doctor or a lawyer. They are making good money, but they have to work hard to maintain the lifestyle. They want to acquire new patients or clients all the time to make up for those that move away or don’t need their services anymore. Any profession requires work. The higher up you move in any field, the more work there is. It’s not easy at the top. It’s just the misconception those of us at the bottom have. 😉

  14. I am looking at implementing my own personal blog site.
    Would you give me a handful of ideas?

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