The Real Reason to Keep Up Your MK Image

Julia Mundy, a top director in the Tarbet area, brought up a great point in her speech during retreat. While there are many reasons why we should always look our personal best and dress professionally, one stands above the others: Making others feel important!

What? Looking good makes other people feel important? Yep! When you look your best, your attention will be focused on other people, not what other people are thinking of YOU. Not “does my hair look ok”, not “oh man, I need to hit the gym”, etc. When you know you are fit, groomed, MK professional, with a current makeup look, NOW you can do what you do best with confidence: Make others feel important! 🙂

Here are my Baby Steps to updating your image

1. No compliments on your hair in quite a while? Change it! Ask a good friend how she would style your hair if she had her pick. If she doesn’t say she likes it how it is, then take that to mean she doesn’t like it as well just how it is. Even a slight change can increase your confidence level a lot.

2. Still using that lipstick that MK discontinued ages ago? Try ordering a few look cards from the company and try them out on a Sunday afternoon or a night you have trouble sleeping. You might try taking before and afters of yourself with a camera or phone, to see which one looks best. A new look will get you lots of compliments so you can say, “Thanks, it’s MK!”

3. Feeling out of shape? Start going for power walks each morning and increase your distance each week over the course of a month. Not new to working out? Try an aerobic class or jogging. I like to use workout time to blow off some steam or have quiet time, but you can always find a workout partner if that helps you stay on track.

4. Feeling tired? You might look it! Try drinking more water, getting some more exercise, and eating right. You will truly feel the difference and have more energy to work toward your goals.



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5 responses to “The Real Reason to Keep Up Your MK Image

  1. Just had a thought–another way image helps others feel important is the sheer fact that you made the effort to look smashing for her event (if she’s hosting a class for you or whatever). It shows your customer(s) that they’re worth the time it takes to “get pretty!” Another great post!

  2. I had a team member in a very small rural town who would dress nicely for her appointments, whether they were classes or facials. Her facial people would ask her why she was so dressed up, and she would reply, “I did it for you!” It made them feel special that she made an effort to look nice for people she saw nearly every day!

  3. Dara

    Romance – I was thinking along the same lines. A few years ago while in the process of purchasing our home, we were working with a real estate agent who was incredibly sloppy in her dress. She wore wrinkled, stained and ill fitting clothes, no makeup and had dirty, unkempt, stringy hair. I was incredibly insulted that we were not important enough for her to present a professional appearance. I told her so and she straightened up
    (she was very apologetic and embarassed) but I have always remembered this as I have engaged in my MK business.

    When we make the effort to look our best we show that we respect, honor and dignify others. It tells them that we feel that they are important enough to be presented with the best. That they matter enough for you to make an effort. That you are a person that cares for yourself and will care for them as well. It doesn’t take alot of money either- just prioritizing it and having an attention to detail.

  4. Also, sometimes we look great to others,but we know we could look better…be in better shape, or just a little update. If we take the time to take care of ourselves as we know we could, we will appear even better to our customers and potential customers because of our confidence!

  5. sunset

    Also ladies: with the summer over, make sure your foundation matches still! I know there are other ladies like myself who can go between several shades of foundation over the course of the year.
    Personally, I think the greatest update any of us can make is our attitude. One personality trait that attracts me to other women is how gracious they are. Anyone can put on nice clothes and put on a full face of makeup yet kindness, grace, a gentle spirit and sincereity shines more than baubles attached to our earlobes.

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