Punch Card Program

I have a new punch card program to cut my costs. I must admit, the way I have been working was costing too much. I was offering $20 in products for a facial and $50 for a party with hostess + 3 new faces over age 18. Too many people were simply taking the freebies and their friends were not buying as much as I would like to offer the $50 free. I feel the probably told these friends, “Oh just come, you don’t have to buy anything”.

So I have always used the punch cards to get referrals, and it has worked great! However, I think if I use it for more than referrals, I can really work each client full circle. This in conjuntion with offering $75 for $25 (still $50 free) for getting together with me and 3 friends should start to show me even more results.

I used to print out my punch cards, but now I have had them professionally printed by Vista Print for free. I got 250 for free and only had to pay shipping. They read:

Your Mary Kay Punch Card

When this card is full, you will
recieve a $20 Gift Certificate!

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

Here is how they can get punches:

1 punch when friend from their referral list gets together with me one on one.
2 punches when a referral has 3 friends with her.
1 punch for attending an open house, meeting, or luncheon, etc.
1 punch for listening to a recruiting CD and answering a few questions about it.
2 punches for doing a practice interview with my director.
1 punch for each $50 in product she purchases.
1 punch for doing her follow up facial with friends (if the first one was alone).

I will keep the cards on file in a recipe box and make sure I keep up with their punches. This will also give me an opportunity to contact them. Let’s say they only need 2 more punches, would they like to help me do a practice interview? This will end up getting me more results and costing me less money. It works pretty well for the referral program, and I have every reason to believe it will work for other things, too.

What do y’all think of this program?



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18 responses to “Punch Card Program

  1. I think this is an awesome program! I may have to try it myself. I love that it makes things happen for your business. Are these cards laminated or can you write on them? Do you write their names on the cards and store them alphabetically? Sorry if these are dumb questions. ­čś│ I’m intrigued and inspired to give it a shot!

  2. They are not laminated, they are like business cards with a line for them to write their names on and then I file them at home alphabetically.

  3. Cool. I kinda thought so, but thought I’d ask anyway. ­čÖé I’m definitely going to give this hostess program a try.

  4. sabrina

    Out of curiosity, which background did you use? And do they match the other cards you’ve gotten on VistaPrint?
    I love the idea…I’m going to sit back and see how I can get it working with what I currently offer my customers!

  5. sabrina

    By the way, the last time you mentioned making GC’s on VistaPrint I got them made too….and everyone loves them! I had been using VistaPrint for other things, but it had never occured to me to use them for GC’s. (So thanks! lol)

  6. Dara- 1 IPA

    Ideas , Ideas, Ideas – This might work for you, but I have tried these kinds of programs twice, I found that they greatly overcomplicated my business and bookeeping and the response I got wasn’t worth the effort I put in to set it up, promote it or follow up. I’m really now working to be all about the simple.

    I sometimes wonder if it IS really the amount of the Gift Certificate/Hostess Gift that people respond to? When I think about why I’ve held home parties in the past (I’ve held at least 6 or 7), it wasn’t because of the Hostess gift. I did it for either girlfriend time, to help out the friend that was selling or the friend that was hostessing it. In fact, even knowing that my Hostess gifts were usually based on the amount purchased at my parties- I still told my guests not to worry about purchasing anything. Even when I was interviewed, the SD came to my house and I never got one bloomin’ thing ­čśŽ for the time I spent with her. But I was interested in the opp ( maybe that’s the key) and it never occurred to me that I should get something.

    Women drive to the mall and go to the Clinique
    (it could be any mid or high end cosmetic counter) for example, with no promise of any gift beforehand and are usually EXPECTED to buy.

    I’ve been doing alot of reading on creating value , creating an experience for my clients and I’m realizing that there are many ways to do this that are simple, simple, simple to implement and don’t involve the expenditure of alot of money.

    Hopefully this plan will work for you far better than it has worked for me

  7. Dara:

    I have already had huge success getting referrals using the punch card system. I think it is very simple to understand: fill it up, get a $20 GC. Easy. I decided to go with this plan to help me work full circle. So in the individual close I can let them write their name on the punch card, and give the the flier on how to earn punches. I plan to make it seem very easy to fill up the card. Then at the time of individual close, I can go ahead and try to book them (2 punches), have them listen to a recruiting CD (one punch), or set them up for a practice or regular interview (2 punches), etc. This should help me close full circle without being pushy. I like it for that reason. I don’t plan to constantly change my plan, I am just trying to find ONE that works for me (like my hostess plan and referral program) then stick with it. I’ll keep you posted on my results and I hope it works, too!

    They do not match my GCs. The GCs are the free ones that are purple with flowers in the bottom right corner. The punch cards are the free white ones with brown floral pattern that looks similar to the pattern on Affection perfume. I didn’t want to chance getting them mixed up.

  8. Dara- 1 IPA

    Just curious- Are you still using the Pamper Your Pal referral plan (You gave them $5.00 for every referral of theirs that scheduled an appt). or will it now be combined to use in conjunction with the punch cards?

  9. I had since changed it to a punch card that when the referral holds a facial with me they get one punch or two for a party. This has worked just as well and costs me very little. I am now just expanding on that idea and gonna see how it goes. I got the cards free anyway and I really think it will give me more confidence in the individual close to work full circle.

  10. I have added a “Get a Punch, Earn a Bunch” flier that I plan to hand out towards the end of my classes, after I get referrals but before individual consultations. I really believe it will open me up to 1)doing the ind. consultations! 2) working full circle ­čÖé

  11. Dara- 1 IPA

    MKRules I do have a few questions for you about Vista if you don’t mind

    Have you been pleased with the overall quality of the printing you have had done?

    What kind of printing have they done for you.?

    If so have you ever used the glossy card stock paper or did you select the matte finish? I’m wondering if it will make a difference in the look and feel.

    Thanks for your help with this and if you don’t mind, I may have a couple more questions for you

  12. I am pleased so far. I have gotten only the free business cards with matte finish. They look very professional but they do have the vista print logo on back. That doesn’t bother me, I mean, I did get them free!

    I also got some matching return address labels for really cheap…$4 I believe.

    This will only be my second order, but I wanted to get the printed because it looks more professional to do a punch card program if they are printed and not just at home by me.

  13. sabrina

    I’ve also been pretty pleased with my VistaPrint orders. Most of the time you can get the “Premium Business Cards” for $3.99 (every once in a while they have them for free). I like these because they don’t have that logo on the back, you can edit the fonts and layout, and they have more background options. If you sign up for their emails you can get a lot more stuff for free (but you will also get a lot of emails).

  14. I love Vista Print!
    I’ve gotten the free matte cards from them (many times), I’ve gotten Thank You postcards printed from them, I’ve gotten a T-shirt printed by them, and I’ve gotten a self-inking stamp from them.
    They’ve been great.

    The T-shirt I had made just has our logo on the front, with “I do THOSE parties” printed above the logo, and “Romance Enrichment Consultant” printed below the logo. Vista Print was able to get the additional lettering to EXACTLY match our logo, so it looks really nice.

  15. I have been using Vista Print for the past 3 yrs with my MK business and I love them!! have ordered the matte finish and the glossy and PERFECT everytime, I rec lots of great comments on my business cards. can’t beat the cost, quantity or quality

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