Booking Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you booking from your classes so you don’t have to get so many leads otherwise. Let’s work smart, not hard!

–> Book to Look Envelopes
Make a few envelopes with “Book to Look” on the outside. When they book their “check up from the neck up”, spa night, or customized makeover, they will recieve the gift inside the envelope. Write or type whatver you like on the inside.

–> Deal or No Deal
Similar to “Book to Look”, the envelopes say “Deal or No Deal” on them. If they say “Deal”, they get the freebie at their follow up appointment if they agree to the “Deal” of having 3 new faces at the booking. If they say “No Deal”, they don’t get an envelope or book.

–> Using the Punch Card system
After the Dash out the Door Party, I will pass out these fliers (“Pick Your Punch” flier in the file box). Once I have had the hostess read the instructions on the top, I will elaborate a bit on what a customized glamour makeover is, what a spa night is, and what a “check up from the neck up” consists of. I will be telling everyone that they get to try our microderm at the second appointment as well. I will not only give punches, but tickets for the night’s prize for checking items on the flier. 1 ticket for the number of punches that go with the item, so if they choose to have a spa night with friends, they get 2 punches and 2 tickets for the night’s prize as well.

–> Booking Box
“Once you get a class booked, then you need a Booking Box, which is
any kind of pretty box with a lid. Put ribbons, roses and glitz on the
lid, and inside you place;
1. An empty Custom Compact
2. A $15 Gift Certificate for product
3. A fun piece of jewelry (get it on sale at a department store)

When you arrive at the class and your hostess greets you with, “Can
I help you bring anything in?” You say, “Yes, I want you to take
this box and set it on the kitchen table and pick out a prize inside
that you would like to win!” You then set up your table as she peeks
inside the box. Other things you could put inside are:

1. Two movie passes
2. A manicure certificate
3. A $5 McDonalds food coupon book for kids

Ask her then what she would like to win. Then say this: “Your job
tonight is this: get two bookings dated and you win one prize choice,
three bookings dated and you get two prize choices, get four
bookings (one can be your re-book) and win all three prizes!”
Was there anyone that wanted to come but couldn’t attend? Want to
call them now and ask if they’d like their own facial and have two
friends share it with them?”

On one hand I like the booking box idea, but on the other hand, I don’t like to leave the job up to the hostess. On one hand, it kind of sets it up to interview the hostess and show her how easy she got bookings, but what if her friends don’t want to book? Will that be discouragaing?


Which of these ideas do you like? Have you used any of them in the past? Do you have any other good booking methods?



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7 responses to “Booking Ideas

  1. I did book to look before. They booked, but didn’t hold. I made the mistake of letting them have the prize before holding. My bad. 😳

  2. Same here with book to look…

  3. I tried the Book To Look, but got nothing. So I changed it up a bit. Here’s what I do now:

    I got one of those clear plastic trees—the kind where you can stick money on for graduations, or put candy on for Christmas or Easter. I take four Taste of Temptations packets (which really is just a bunch of samples and my card in a cute purple organza bag, so you guys can make a “Taste of MK” packet, too!) and four index cards. I found some cute purple ones at Office Max! On each index card, write a date you want to have a party. Surprisingly, I’m booked every weekend this month, except Thanksgiving weekend, so for example, for Saturday’s party, I made cards with “Thursday, November 15th,” “Saturday, November 24th,” “Sunday, November 25th,” and “Saturday, December 1.” Keep the dates close by—too far out and your hostess might lose interest.

    Then I staple a Taste of Temptations (or Taste of MK!) packet to each card and hang them on my tree. I place the tree someplace accessible—next to the snacks, in the middle of the table, etc.

    Then, after I tell my guests about all my hostess specials and present the hostess gift to my hostess, I tell my guests: “Now, this is my special Purple Date Tree! My datebook is filling up fast, and I have special dates available for parties, and if YOU want to be one of my special hostesses on one of my special dates, pick that special date off my special tree and you get to take home that special gift tonight! Here’s how it works. I have four Special Dates on here and if you would like to book a party on one of those dates, grab that card and we’ll book your party when you place your order. Not only do you get all the awesome stuff that Sandy gets tonight, like the 10% FREE, ½ off items, the cool gift she just got, et cetera, you get to take your Taste of Temptations special gift home TONIGHT, so you have something to play with while you’re waiting for the rest of your order, which should arrive within 10-14 days…” then I go on to talk about the ordering process and discretion and all that fun stuff.

    I refer to this tree throughout my presentation. When I sense that people are really interested in an item, I’ll say, “And you can get this FREE at your own party—just grab a purple bag off my tree to pick your date!” Or if someone asks a question about an item I’m passing around, I’ll answer her question and say something like “If you’re interested in it, write it down on your Wish List and pick a bag off my tree so we can figure out how you’ll get it FREE at your party!”

    Then, when we go to order in private, if there are still any bags left on my tree, I take the tree with me into “my office” and set it so it will be to the right of my customer—unless you have a room full of left-handed people, then put it to the left! lol . That way they still see it and get one more chance to book. Whether they’ve grabbed a baggie or not, I ALWAYS ask when (not IF or WOULD YOU LIKE), but WHEN would you like to have your party?

    Of course, if someone wants to book, but not on any of my “special dates”, I say “No problem, but I’ll tell you what, just for booking tonight, I’ll give you a TOT pack anyway!” And I hand them a pack with their hostess folder.

    Then (sorry for the long post), another TP consultant expanded on this idea. She added a “Book to Look” envelope. She wrote the dates on the back of the envelope and stuck a TOT pack to the outside. That way, when someone books on that date, they get that prize at their party, but still get the TOT pack to take home that night. It adds a little “mystery” to the game! I haven’t tried it yet, because so far my way has been working for me, and I’d really hate to mess that up!

  4. sabrina

    Awesome idea, Romance. I like how you incorporate it into your presentation, and also how you’re visually showing them when you’re holding appts. I’m not sure I know what clear plastic trees you’re talking about though. Do you have a link to a picture I can see. This is definitely something I want to try!

  5. sabrina

    That is too cute….thanks!

  6. I always spent my half an hour to read this web site’s content daily along with a mug of coffee.

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