Selling the Rollup Bag

Featured File: Check out the cute new rollup bag sheet from my director’s website in the file box! It is labeled “New rollup closing sheet”.

I love doing the rollup bag close because it gets me a lot of sales and helps people pick more easily. People love to be coached into what to get. They are often very unsure of what is best for them.

However, many people find that 4 sets to get the rollup bag free is too expensive, but they really want that beautiful bag. I have started offering the bag with just 2 sets, but do you think it would get me more sales if I also offered the basic set plus the bag for $70?

I think that those who are unwilling to spend the $100 on 2 sets will love the deal and get hooked on the basic skin care. Or it might cause them to say, “Well, for $30 more, I still get the bag and another set”. Either way, I am gonna try this method at my next appointments and see how it goes.

What do you do to close your sales? Do you use the rollup bag close? If so, how does it work for you?



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14 responses to “Selling the Rollup Bag

  1. The roll-up sheet is sooooo cute!! You know, I started just offering a roll-up with the things I considered “basic” instead of all the options. People have choice fatigue and really want our recommendations, I think they get overwhelmed with all the choices. Something to think about anyway. I could be right… I could be wrong. LOL I could be right for my market and wrong for yours. You just never know. 😀

  2. Yes I am going to possibly use this as a closing tool to up my sales, BUT I am getting an adopted director to email me another closing sheet for dash out the door parties. Or Maybe I’ll make my own that is a combo of both. I really love the layout on the roll up bag sheet with the “store” look. Too cute! More on that to come later this week…


  3. I’ve never sold a roll up at a class. I’ve had individual customers just order $300 of products from me and I just give them a roll up. It seems right to me. I can’t bring myself to say at a class, and for $299, you get the roll up FREE! They always want to know how much to just buy the bag. I don’t want to do that at all and I don’t want to sound greedy telling them they can only get it if they spend $299+. Suggestions…anyone? 🙂

  4. Pink Biz

    MKRules, my first post on Selling the Rollup Bag didn’t post, and I had only saved the first two paragraphs. Soooo, I pasted it and then added some different wording in the last paragraph as I couldn’t recall exactly what I had typed to begin with.

    If both come through, just delete the first one….sorry to be a bother! Wanted you to know just in case you might be holding the comments for approval. Thanks.

  5. Pink Biz

    Let me try this again, seeing as how my comment to you mkrules made it through. Here was the post I typed last:

    Closing sheet is too cute, but only because I love MK and I love cute designs. Complete brain overload for even me when it comes to these type of closing sheets. Having been a consumer at a scc once upon a time myself, I couldn’t deal with the many choices even back then…BECAUSE it takes me time to think about the choices I want to make. See, I just feel it’s way too much for a close at an scc for MANY women. Time consuming really.

    Now, I also don’t feel it’s a good idea to discount the basic and give the bag at the same time. I’m a real stickler about discounting product at all. I would much rather see something free with purchase. Why if women were to buy the RUB out on the open market, they would pay a hefty price. Neimans’ brought one out after ours with a uncanny resemblance in design and charged in excess of over $100.

    When they want to know how much for just the bag (many do), I just let them know that it is available with a RUB purchase or for hostess gift giving. I believe that we have to maintain these items for business gifting in addition to product gifting. If women are not willing to work to earn it, then I just move on. When I respect my business in every sense, they come to respect it too. Only when we become a consultant, do we fully appreciate and understand that it matters.

  6. Dara- 5 IPA's

    I agree with you PinkBiz – I’m no longer willing to give discounts or give too much away. I’ve decided that I will only give GWP’s and give them one appropriate to the amount that they’ve purchased. The purpose of these gift are also to increase BOOKINGS as well as sales , so I’m gonna go back to encouraging hostesses to work for them.

    My adopted NSD just offers 4 – 5 sets initially to combat “choice fatigue” (love that term! 🙂 ) and they only get the RUB when they purchase the largest set.

  7. Pink Biz

    Dara, ok, 4-5 sets offered initially. What exactly is the largest set? Is that the only set in order to receive the RUB? Cost for largest set? Thanks.

  8. I agree, I love the look but too many choices! I am working on a dash out the door closing sheet with this look to it…stay tuned! And thanks to everyone for the great advice and comments!

  9. OH! I have a question about RUB’s. I’ve heard directors say at Career Conference that they have a filled RUB underneath each person’s chair at the SCC. I tried this once, but never actually went through with it because:

    1. I didn’t always know for sure how many would be there and carrying 5 and only needing 2 just seemed like a hassle.

    2. I had no idea if what I put into the bags were going to be what these women wanted.

    3. I like to be very minimalistic in what I take to a class. One thing that really appealed to me about MK was how little is needed to tote around to each appointment. If I want to talk to someone about the opportunity, I don’t want to be bogged down with stuff.

    4. I was working pretty part time up until recently. Buying an excess of RUB’s wasn’t in my budget. As a matter of fact, I’ve sold so few, that I don’t even have the current style in stock. I have the version that was available when I signed in 2003, but the one with the top zipper so stuff doesn’t spill out. Should I even bother giving those away if they’re not what’s in the current book?

  10. Pink Biz

    I’ve also heard of a RUB on the table in front of each seat. It was idealistic, but not always realistic to be able to provide per each seat. Inventory on hand has much to do with this. I think having one ready for sale is good, two is better. I’ve further heard to have one with TW and the other with Velocity…or…one with TW N/D and the other with C/O. I believe in pre-profiling if at all possible to know what’s best to have on hand at the scc.

    About the RUB, I would not have a problem giving what I have on hand. I would simply show and tell. ANY of the bags are great! If asked, I would reply that’s what I have on hand. Simple, I don’t stress.

  11. Auri Hatheway said on a training call that she does the RUBs for each guest with a pink ribbon on the N/Ds and a purple ribbon on the C/Os. If someone does not get the whole rollup, she takes out the stuff they don’t want in front of them…and says often that they say STOP and want it all.

  12. Thanks for your input, ladies! Pink Biz, I didn’t used to preprofile and now I do that. I was thinking more along the lines of color products. Like, if we do the classic look cards, I would put those looks into premade custom compacts; however, they usually want some different variation of color. I think your advice is great, though! I think I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing as far as promoting (or not promoting) the RUB. I do tend to take one already made up. I have never sold an RUB at an appointment. One of these days, it will happen! 🙂

  13. Pink Biz

    Yes, yes!! The pink and purple ribbons!! Thanks so much for this reminder mkrules, sometimes I easily forget this!! Such a simple thing to remember too, I must have a mental block. lol!! It does make our work look so easy when we can put our hands on the product (bag) quickly.

    Color products – what I found worked best was placing the empty custom compact in the RUB, and taking all my colors with me. Like you, I tried the premade compacts and decided it wasn’t working for me. I do enjoy trying suggested ways, but then have to streamline it according to how it can (and does) work best for me. Oh, and shades- it WILL happen for you!! Just keep showing and talking. Cool beans, hats off to you when the sale happens!!!

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