Stockings for Soldiers!

Ladies, last night I was reading Shades of Pink’s blog post about Veteran’s Day. Someone (The Myst?) mentioned you can adopt soldiers on So I went to check it out…

Soooo many of the soldiers in Iraq requested Christmas items and personal hygiene items such as shaving cream, suncreen, and lip balm, as well as some snack type items. I have a soft spot in my heart for the soldiers who do not recieve packages while on a tour of duty, not just at Christmas, but especially during that time. My husband was stationed there for a year and the only things he recieved were from me personally, a few letters from his grandma, and a lady who had adopted him. None of his other family members even sent a letter.

So I have a plan that I am already spreading the word about at my work: Stockings for Soldiers! Stuffed with MK shaving cream, suncreen, and lipbalm!

Each customer will donate $10 for one soldier’s stocking. I will put one of the above MK items in each stocking (from dollar store) as well as some candy canes. I will be asking everyone who donates to also personally write a card for the soldier telling them Thank You and to have a nice holiday. I will be providing the cards.

My goal is to send stockings to at least 50 soldiers. I will not be taking profit from this, just ordering as many of the items as I can with the donated money. I will also be putting up a list of snack items that are commonly requested such as cans of tuna, beef jerky, and gummy candies. All are hard to come by over there and I will be putting a box out at my work and possibly my hair salon to take donations for these items as well.

If you want to finish up your star and help some guys and gals get a morale boost this season, consider adopting a soldier on You can even look at their pics and get some idea of who you will be helping to cheer up. Mail is a huge deal to them and the items will get used as well.

Note: You cannot just send an item to Iraq. You must send it to a PARTICULAR soldier, so this website allows you to have access to particular soldier’s addresses so they can distribute the goodies to those around them.



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21 responses to “Stockings for Soldiers!

  1. Oh yeah, I need to add that to ensure they get them by Christmas, you need to mail the boxes by Dec. 7th at latest, but shoot for Dec. 1st.

  2. That’s an awesome idea, MK Rules! And yes, The Myst posted the link on my site. Thank you, Myst! 😀

  3. colleen

    I have not done this one yet but there is a site (I dont remember the name of it) where I sent an e card and well wishes to the troops and I did that and they were grateful. Ill do more though.

  4. This is also a great way to get active or finish your Star or just move old inventory. It is a win-win!

  5. luvinmk

    My brother in law just got back from his 2 year stint. This will be great to move inventory and send our support. I know the packages and letters he received meant so much to him. Great idea MKR…I can’t wait to put this out to my customers!!

  6. Bella

    Maybe I’m doing my math wrong … but all the MK items you are donating will cost $31.50 retail or $15.75 wholesale. Won’t it be better to ask for $20 per soldier?

  7. Bella:

    I will be putting EITHER a sunscreen OR a lip balm OR a shaving cream…not all 3. So about $5- $6 will be for the product and the rest is to cover the cost of candy and the stocking itself. 🙂

  8. Another update: You can buy stockings in bulk at The Stocking Place for as cheap as 88 cents a piece and they ship within 24 hours.

    I think I am going to get the mesh cheapy ones because hubby says due to limited amount of space to bring belongings on the trip home, most of the soldiers will probably have to leave the stockings behind or trash them.

  9. Today’s stocking donations: $40! Woo hoo! That is 4 down and 41 to go (although several people have promised to get it to me in time…).

  10. kahni

    Way to go! You are doing a great thing and what a wonderful idea!! I’ve got to jump on your bandwagon and help out our soldiers too, because I truly appreciate what they are doing for our freedom… We are so blessed to have wonderful people to serve as they do. 🙂

  11. Ok, well I am thrilled to report that my mom has written me out of the blue in reply to my email saying she’d like to donate $300 to my campaign!!!

    This means I now have $400 towards my stockings and only need about 10 more people to donate. I will work on that tomorrow.

    Due to this, I will be placing a $300 ws this month even though all my parties have not held, PLUS helping 45 soldiers have a brighter holiday! 😀

  12. MKRules – YOU ARE SO AWESOME FOR TAKING THIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! What a wonderful idea!!! Hmmm… what would be the next holiday that would be great for this idea? (Sans stockings of course!!)

  13. Hmmm, how about Easter baskets?

    Or Valentine’s Day stuff? Like a “Love a Soldier” campaign or “We heart USA”? Similar to the NYC t-shirts and such?

    I dunno, this is just off the top of my head…

    P.S. My great aunt got my e-mail through one of my grandmas and wants to donate as well. I have 39 stockings donated so far now! And only 11 to go!

  14. It’s amazing how small things can make a huge difference! Great idea!

  15. OK, the countdown continues! I got 2 more donations today, only 9 more to go! 😀

  16. Great idea MKR, way to go, and yes, think of all the Holidays that we could all do something for our troops like this.
    angie, msmkpink

  17. I now have recieved donations for 45 stockings and only need 5 more to reach my goal! Woo hoo! I am thrilled to be able to send goodies to this unit and make their holiday special!

  18. mypinkhouse

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! Being a Troop and a Mary Kay Lady, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it! I’m deploying out in January, but I’m going to do what I can before I leave. One other thing to let you know. The facial cleansing cloths and hyrdating lotion are great for over there too! Especially with it starting to get cold.

  19. I did reach my goal and bought lots of good stuff for the stockings: flavored tuna, hershey miniatures, oreo packs of 6, trial size deodorants, and beef jerky, along with the MK stuff. I can’t wait to send them out next week!

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