Pillow Gifts

This idea and story comes from my director who shall remain anonymous…

Can you picture this scenario? It’s Christmas Day, late at night. You are a mom who stayed up late on Christmas eve wrapping gifts, playing Santa, and even nibbling on the cookies (which you made!) that you left for “Santa”/yourself!!

Today, Christmas Day, you have cooked, cleaned, picked up toys, the kids were all hyped up on stocking candy…the list is endless. Holidays are so fun, but there is so much work involved at times, too. *Sigh*
You decide what you need is a nice hot shower or bath, so you head off to take one.

Little do you know, your hubby has gotten you one last little something special (from MK of course!) and left it on your pillow as a “Thank you” for all your hard work over the last few days! So as you go to flop down on the bed, exhausted from the flurry of activity, you see it. One nicely wrapped, very elegant thank-you present on your pillow with a note attached that reads:

“The holiday is over,
There was so much to do.
How would I have ever done it,
Without the help from you?

Thank you for all you do,
I love you.”

Can you picture the tears of joy? Can you feel the excitement that her husband noticed all her hard work? It is not the gift that counts in this situation, but the timing and the thoughtfulness of that gift.


Flash to the real world: Most men will NEVER, EVER think of this on their own! Who will come to the rescue of all the tired moms and hostesses? Why, we must do it! We need to share this idea with all the men in our lives in order to give some appreciation for those who prepare Christmas dinner, deal with the hustle and bustle, and simply try to give all they can of themselves to make the holidays brighter for everyone in their lives.

Pass this idea along to all the men that you know…and as my director put it, they might just get one big “Thank you” that night from their significant other, if you get the drift! 😉 And don’t you know a few men who need some help in the romance department? LOL!

Ideas for pillow gifts:

Keep them under $20. Here are a few good ideas:

–> The new perfume wands! (you can give a slight discount to sell lots at $20)
–> Satin Lips set with hershey’s kisses
–> Energizing Foot Lotion
–> An eye quad
–> A lip duo
–> A soothing eye gel
–> A Body Lotion. You could even move older Spa products this way!

Remember, this is supposed to be romantic, so make it look elegant versus cutesy. Try using black, silver, white, or red colors with sheer bag to make it look very nice. You can use the sparkly type of shred to dress it up and the sheer bag to show it off nicely. You could even hand write the poem on a medium tag for him so all he has to do is sign it! How great is that!

How many could you sell by December 25th? Selling 10 is $100 fast Christmas Cash! $$$$ Woo hoo!



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6 responses to “Pillow Gifts

  1. That is an awesome idea! I sold most of my spa sets at Christmastime to MEN! And paint exactly that scenario for the husbands/boyfriends–even SONS! Getting something like that from my hubby would be one thing, but if both he AND my son signed it–oh I’d be ecstatic! And even more so if he put my daughter’s scribble on it as well!

    And since romance is, ahem, my department, I think I may do the something similar this year–put together some massage sets, bath sets, etc. The thing is, I don’t have the husband/boyfriend/significant other’s contact info–I only have my customers’ info.

    Maybe if I send something to THEM and they could pass it on to their honey saying “I want THIS!”

  2. Romance: Perhaps you could send out a flier that reads “To the husband of _____________, for your eyes only” or something?

  3. I could, except I don’t know if my customers even have a partner, let alone if they’re married, living together, or that their partner is a male! Our forms don’t have that info like the Customer Profile cards do. 😦

  4. I once did a mailing to clients’ spouses and most of them just saw that it was from MK and handed it over without reading! Personal contact (via phone) is much better for something like this! smile kmh

  5. We used to offer 12 days of Christmas to spouses. It gives them a chance to be romantic – even if it’s not their own idea…. 😉
    He gives his wife one gift one day at a time until Christmas Day. Or we wrap it and create sort of like a Christmas tree with 12 wrapped gifts/boxes and gives the gift tree on Christmas morning.
    They love it!

  6. kahni

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!!

    Hey, I sell dozens of pillow gifts at nearly every gift-giving holiday and I use this line to men I come across in my day-to-day life during my usual chit chat:

    “So have you gotten this year’s pillow gift yet?” (And of course no man has EVER heard of this object, so I enlighten him to the REWARDS for him and his household and I’d estimate that at least 90% of them actually go for it. If not always with me, at least they leave a little handwritten note on her pillow with a flower. And I’d like to think there’s a happier woman out there because of me and my big mouth. 🙂

    But now that I’ve typed this all out, I think I’ll start mentioning this to my customers for their guys (and helpful teenage children), because everyone alive needs to hear how much they are needed, valued, loved and appreciated. Don’t you agree?

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