Reorders Rule!

You know, even if you are taking a breather from holding parties, you can still get sales from reorders. There are a few key things to take note of to get more reorder business:

1. Deliver promptly if you don’t have inventory. Try to always deliver before the date you promised…over shoot the time you think you will need in order to surprise them and have it early, rather than being late.

2. Use the PCP Look Books and follow up! It is as easy as calling and asking, “Did you get your Look Book yet?” a few weeks after you order them. If not, they will be on the lookout, if so, ask “Did you see anything you can’t live without or do you need more cleanser yet?”, etc.

3. Even if you are dissatisfied with your current level of sales or other aspect of your business, don’t let it show to your customers. Let your outward attitude always be positive, attracting more people to you!

4. Even if you are taking a break from parties, you can still pass out books, or your cards now and then to let people know you still do MK. Even this will get you some sales.

Do you ladies have any other tips on getting reorders?



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7 responses to “Reorders Rule!

  1. Don’t forget about Phone-A-Thons! (AKA: $1,000 Days). It’s a great way to encourage your customers to reorder, get gifts for the holidays, and is an “excuse” to call ALL your customers this month!

  2. I send emails out here and there. I have a lot of out of state customers. I just posted my most recent email sale promo on my blog. You can use it and edit it as you wish. 🙂

  3. I love the phone-A -Thons!
    I started keeping a record of how many I had to call in a 2 hour period with averages of so many n/a, so many v/m, how many yes’s and no’s. Helps to know how many I need to actually call to reach goal.

    P.C.P. and follow up is good too. In fact, could use with phone a thons.

  4. Rebecca

    Re-orders very definately RULE! Great topic, MKRules!

    60% or more of my sales come from my re-orders.

    My tip: A TAD a day! What’s a TAD you ask?

    Ten A Day. Dial ten phone numbers a day. Doesn’t matter if anyone answers. Just make the calls. And only make them on the days that you have yourself scheduled to work your MK business. Don’t do a TAD on your “Family Day”, etc. Only on your “Mary Kay Days”.

  5. colleen

    Wow!!! The first blog to make reorders a topic!
    I have to say newbies would not believe the number of reorders that directors and consultants get who have been in a year or more and who are consistent. I would venture to say that some of the numbers thrown out there are false but I DO KNOW that its not abmormal for a good consultant or director to have reorders had up to
    10,000 a year or more (retail)

  6. Email your clients and offer them a referral bonus! $5 or $10 in free product for every friend they refer to your website who places an order. Heck, offer the friend $5 or $10 off their first web order! Everyone loves a discount!

  7. Great comments! Love the email referral website bonus myst! Easy offer to established customers. Word of mouth advertising is so important!

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