Enriching Women’s Lives

Here is my take on how MK does indeed “enrich women’s lives”…

From a customer’s point of view:

1. She not only gets great products, she can earn free ones!
2. We show application techniques BEFORE you purchase anything, and still offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee.
3. We give her personal service with a smile. 🙂
4. We may be the only ones to take so much time to help her understand how she can look her best.
5. We may be the only “alone time” or “fun time” that she has had in a while!
6. She feels great and her confidence shines with the help of our products.
7. Her significant other, friends, kids, and relatives will all notice her new look and compliment her. Compliments will enrich anyone’s life!
8. We give her an opportunity to pass it on by becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant.

From a consultant’s point of view

1. We earn anything from extra money to big money by selling the products at twice what we purchase it for.
2. We have the opportunity to earn a little or a ton of commission if we build a team.
3. We can earn the use of a company career car, trips, and prizes (large and small).
4. We have a chance to make a difference in the lives of others by offering them tips and taking time with them. This enriches both our lives!
5. We have the opportunity to meet so many other women who can become running buddies or friends.
6. We can get recognition for so many things! This is so needed in so many women.
7. Most of the people in our company are so positive and friendly… and if they aren’t, aren’t we glad we are independent? We work with whomever we choose and run with whomever we choose. There is no rule that you have to be best buds with your team or director…but how nice when you become friends as well as collegues.
8. We get inspiration everywhere: events (large and small), NSDs, a new consultant who is super excited, our director (or other directors), unitnet, sales books, the list goes on and on. It can’t make you work, but these things can inspire you to have the drive to succeed.
9. We can earn a 50% discount on gifts and things for personal use. This sure enriches my life!
10. We can use our business to do good for others, such as with my Stockings for Soldiers campaign.
11. The MKACF…enough said!
12. Everyone at MKC is in our corner. When we succeed, they succeed.
13. Having a goal gives purpose to our lives. Some people desperate need that in order to grow as a person and test their own limits.
14. We learn the best ways to interact with our team and customers to get results, but in a way that is helpful and kind.
15. MK gives us fun in our lives! That is if you allow it to be fun. Yes, it is a business. But when you make the business fun, it will be much more profitable than if you don’t. People love to have fun and are attracted to fun people.

What else about MK enriches your life?



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4 responses to “Enriching Women’s Lives

  1. Pink Bren

    Good post MKR….I think that everything you said is right on the money. Thank you for all of your uplifting post. You ROCK.

    I know that you have already mentioned the independent thing howver where else can you chose when you work and when you don’t. You know when you have kids I don’t think most bosses are happy say you child gets sick or your child has a ballgame and you want to go you can’t just go in and say I am not working today. In this business it allows you to really put the important things in you life first and that ENRICHES THE WHOLE FAMILY.

    Well, Have a GREAT DAY

  2. Great points, MKR and Pink Bren! Most bosses aren’t very understanding about any time off–for kids, spouse, or even your own health. At my job they always say take care of yourself first, but then they get annoyed if I have a doctor appointment. It’s a double edged sword! I LOVE that I can do absolutely nothing with my business if I need to back off and NO ONE can reprimand me or fire me.

  3. colleen

    The fact that you can pick it up and put it down when you want, you have goal, when you want,
    you choose who and when you want to work, and you enrich lives by helping them choose how they want to look.

  4. Great post! so many true things to be thankful for.
    Peace, kmh

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