Tangible Goals are Attainable Goals

MK Rules has graciously given me the opportunity to keep this blog alive by adding me on as a guest blogger. This post comes a little late, but as we are close to beginning a new month, I think it fits. Recently, I had an epiphany in my business. The results I want and the results I have been getting are two very different things. I think I’ve figured something out that is very important to goal setting. Goal setting was always difficult for me. I think it was because the way I’ve been told to set goals seemed intangible. My director would say, make a Retail Sales goal, a Wholesale Ordering goal, a New Faces goal, etc. Now, I could easly say I want to sell $1200 retail this month and as a result, I want to order $600 wholesale. The problem I was having was I didn’t know how to go about achieving this goal. What was I going to sell? Who would I sell it to? I just had a mental block that wasn’t connecting the dots. Well, the dots have been connected! 🙂

The best way to set goals and keep goals is to make them tangible. Just setting out to sell $1200 retail isn’t tangible to me. I can’t see what that looks like as far as products being sold. My new goal is specific products I want to sell. I read on Pynk Myst that it is advisable to have monthly retail sales in the $2000 range if DIQ is your goal. In order to achieve this, one could sell 20 Miracle Sets. For me, setting a goal to sell 20 Miracle Sets is easier than thinking about $2000.  I don’t feel so blind diving into the goal.

Now that the goal is visual, it’s time to break that down, too. This is a big goal to sell 20 Miracle Sets in one month. What’s the best way to sell Miracle Sets? Hold appointments! Now we must revisit the Faces goal. My goal is a Power Start. I’ve been in this awhile and still have not achieved my Power Start. How can I tell other people to do it, if I haven’t done it? This should be achieved before team building begins, in my opinion. Sure, you might encounter someone along the way who wants to sign up. That’s great! Just stay focused on the Power Start goal. It is a good goal to have.

Now that we have our retail goal broken down into an items to sell goal and a faces goal, we need to break down our faces goal to a bookings goal. How many appointments need to be booked to hit 30 faces? No less than 10. As a rule of thumb, I’ve been told to always have “7-Up,” meaning always have seven appointments on your datebook. This way, when cancelations or postponements happen, it’s not as worrisome. This goal needs to be broken down, too. In order to have 7 appointments on the books at any given time (and for me, I prefer 7 per two week period–this would allow for 3-4 appointments per week) we really need to call at least 14 people.

The first step to reaching our goal is getting on the phone! We want to call 14 people. We can call them all at once, or we can set small phone call goals, too. For me, small phone call goals works best. It is less intimidating to make five phone calls and call it a night than to call 14 people in a row. Figure out what you are most comfortable with. Ask a friend to do a phone-a-thon with you. I’ve done that. It was calming to have someone else there to provide some moral support.

That is my step-by-step approach to breaking down goals and making them tangible. Might we come up short of our goals? It’s always possible, but even if we come close, wasn’t it worth it to get somewhere rather than nowhere? 😀



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38 responses to “Tangible Goals are Attainable Goals

  1. sabrina

    Yay! Great to see some blogging on here again! Excellent post, as usual…
    I’ve always tried to make goals based on appointments, but I’d never tied it back to selling a particular number of *products*. It makes so much sense though! And I completely agree with the point you made about a power start…I think until you’ve mastered the booking and appointment holding part of the business, you won’t be able to handle the growth of a unit. Plus, you need a good customer base when all of your best customers start signing up on your team! =D

  2. Thanks, Sabrina! The whole concept hit me like a ton of bricks. My director has likened retail goals to numbers of lipsticks to sell, but I don’t sell much lipstick (*gasp*). My biggest seller is Time Wise. I always say I want to sell $1200 retail, but never had a visual. Twelve Miracle Sets is a pretty strong visual! Interlinking it to how it meshes with those other goals was the challenge. I’m happy you understand. 😀
    I agree with you on the team building, too. We need to master things ourselves before we train others to do it. Although, having a team member to run with is always fun, too. 😉

  3. Hey Shades! Thanks for the awesome guest article! I do hope you will keep it up. I always love your ideas, creativity, and positive nature. You rule!!!!! 🙂

  4. Thank you! *courtsies* 😀

  5. Shades! You would rather sell skin care anyway! Reorders are bigger, better and more often! 🙂 Something I do is really take advantage of samples and an upsell… if they are on the basic, “have you tried the day/night set?” or “have you tried microdermabrasion?” include those samples with the order… and of course you gotta follow-up. 🙂

    {{waves}} to MKRules!

  6. Thanks, Myst! I prefer to sell the skin care. That was the draw that led me to sign my agreement–I love Time Wise! 😀

  7. Kilara Phillips

    Thank you so much for all the information in here–I am already feeling better about getting into the Mary Kay business–Thank you all for these great info. May you all have a blessed day

  8. Hey Kilara! Glad you stopped by! Best wishes to you in your business. 🙂

  9. Really good post Shades. I ditto everything Myst says, upselling and samples with followup are key.
    Glad I clicked to check in over here and found it coming back to life.

    Have a great March!

  10. MKShay

    Glad to see you posting here!!

    Great post!!

  11. Hey Shay! Thanks!! 😀

    Angie–thank you. I’m trying to get it to come back alive over here. 😉

  12. You didn’t say if you were able to get enough bookings. Were you?

  13. Jolene

    I am so glad that someone is still going to be posting in this blog! I am just getting into MK (just ordered my showcase!) and am loving this blog. Thank you to the new posters for continuing to add to the guidance and support on this site. 🙂

  14. Great post on keeping it real. We should all set goals specific to what we want to achieve and no one else. Have you added additional income streams to your business also?

  15. colleen

    Nice post good to see people back again.

  16. I’m hoping to eventually keep this site alive by posting once or twice a month. Right now life’s crazy, but MK Rules will continue! 😀

  17. Just found this site and am very thankful to find some positive people. I’ve been selling for a year and love it!

  18. Dana Ann

    Hello, I am curious are you still running this site? I have a consultant friend who just discovered the PT site and is upset. I wanted to send her to some positive MK sites. One that I liked isn’t running anymore. I do have a comment about the PT site though I think they might be running that site to make money. The more hits you get and how many times people click the ads the more money they get. I heard of a Mom on a Morman blog making 40k/month because of the popularity. I think they are just out to make money on that PT site and PT is taking advantage of the 1% of disgruntled ex MK contractors. 99% of the Mary Kay Consultants love working for this great company.

  19. Pink Bren

    Dana Ann…rest assured that tracy is making money off that site. She doesn’t do anything for free. I believe in my heart of hearts that she is preying on women that have had a bad experience which I might add has been brought on by themselves. Most of what you hear over there is that they lied and cheated and did things this way and didn’t follow the plan that MKA laid out for all of us to use. So I don’t read that anymore because it truly makes me sick to my stomach and she doesn’t let anyone post that has a different opinion than hers. So that is my two cents. Have a good evening.

  20. Everyone who is looking for positive MK sites:

    You can read the past articles here…there are lots!

    You can go to http://www.pynkmyst.wordpress.com

    You can go to http://www.shadesofpinkblog.com

    You can click on lots of links from the Shades of Pink Blog.

  21. Jeni

    Ok all, I know you gals know your business, but for me, setting goals is troublesome, and silly when it comes to selling MK and AVON. I visit with my friends, I give them books, and let them do the rest.

    Goals are fine for my coin collecting ( the price you know ), and certain times budgets are a must. I like to dabble in MK and AVON, so that is what I do.

    Hope all of you have a great week-end ahead…

  22. Jeni:

    I disagree. Goals are a MUST for those who want to do MK or even AVON full time. For instance, you say you pass out books. Well, what is someone wasn’t even doing that? Shouldn’t they make a goal to pass them out? How many? I mean, goals are what drives you to do what you think you can’t.

    One problem is a goal of say…getting 5 team members. A better goal would be to do 30 interviews. This way, whether they say yes or no, you have met your goal. This will be helpful in your will to set more goals in the future. If you base your goal on whether you get yeses or nos, you will be disappoined. It is best to stick with:

    -How many people you will call…regardless of if they book or buy. Just call.

    -How many people you will ask to do an interview…this should be 3 times the amount you need to do. If you need 30 interviews (to get about 5 team members), you need to ask 90 people.

    -How many people you will ask to have a party…this should be 3 times the number of parties you would like to have.

    All these things are in your control…not based on the yeses or nos. Those are smart goals.

    I dabbled in MK, but I did set goals when I wanted to make a certain amount of profit or earn a prize. I found it very rewarding to set a goal and finish it. Even if the results did not always turn out perfectly, it was much better than when I just expected people to come to me. 🙂

    • donewithMK

      None of these ‘things’ are in your control. You could ask 100 people if they would like a free facial. If they all say no, it sounds to me like THEY are in control. You do not control how you advertise in MK. It is not your own businesses. I own my business, hence, I advertise when and where I want. I do not ask permission.

  23. I am fairly new to the blogging world but I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 5 years. I obtained directorship for a short time period but due to family issues things went down hill. I have just recently created a blog for my mary kay business. I want to use it to promote my business and get my name out there. Obviously, very few people know about it. Any advice or ideas on how to get my blog and name out there??


  24. Jeni

    oops, MK Rules, you are correct. I guess I do set goals, but passing out the booklets, and visiting the hoods afterwards is something that I know I have to do to let people know I am in business. I just call it advertising. I do set goals on how many books I must order to pass out, and set the days of walking and ringing doorbells.

    Sorry, you are correct. Now, since I do not know how to set goals for my MK and AVON business, could you help me out here? I visit the pt site quite a bit to get info. on when new products come out and when. Also, I have 1000 sheets printed for my Christmas in September Sale and those will go into books also. I love to sell MK, and Avon, but I don’t really want to recruit until I have a substantial amount of customers for each gig! I love my SSD but she lives so far away, and am too busy for mtgs anyway. All that walking , and talking and phone calls, then ordering, then bagging , and calling for delivery is really hectic. whew! LOL, makes me tired just thinking about it today….have a great week-end everyone…love Jeni

  25. Misty

    to Jeni-
    Hi this is my frst visit to this site that one of my mk buddies sent me to. I read your blog about not having enough time for management with all the income producing activitites, and I wanted to offer advice that could help you.
    First let me tell you a little bit about me. I started MK in March 0f ’04. I was selling adult novelties for a multi level company, when MK came into my life. I found very quickly that I could not be successful in either if I was being pulled in two different directions. When I learned more and more about how amazing the MK business was, it made the other product I was selling seem more and more like a waste of time for me. I have earned 1 diamond ring in MK at the ’07 Be a Star seminar for the court of sales. I earned my first free car July of ’07 and became a sales director Oct. 1st of ’07. But in order to finally acheive all of those things, I had to first figure out where all my time was going. Believe it or not you don’t have to do all the things you listed above. Please don’t take my tone as negitive, I really want to share with you what I’ve learned. First, I really think you need to choose one business or the other. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about making money any way that you can that is respectable. But the two businesses you are choosing to run, are in conflict with each other. All though I understand AVON sells things that Mary Kay doesn’t, it’s really not fair to yourself, your customers, or potential team members for you to work both. It confuses them. And they need for you to be focused.
    2nd- And this is the biggest thing I wanted to touch on with you, you do not need to go door to door. And lets just be honest, people really don’t like sales people at their door. Do you? The odds are already against you when you ring the doorbell. You can have an amazing product, but everyone is selling something these days, and everyone is afraid of being pressured into buying something. So even if you understand what I’m saying to be true, that would leave you with the question of “Well then, how do I find new customers?” This is what I’ve done to keep my business going past my friends and family. I use 3 techniques. The 1st and most effective being- Facial Boxes. I have at least 10-15 boxes out at all times. In hair salons, nail salons, coffee shops, deli’s (Anything independantly owned where women frequent- mom n pop type places). My boxes sit and collect names for me all day, every day, all week, every week. I drive around town at least every other week to check them. Then I sort through the leads, and call the women who have jobs, careers, or are stay at home moms. I double and quadruple book them to come to my home, with the choice of a few different time slots. If 2 cancel, no problem 1 or 2 are still coming and bringing friends. If they all show up, no problem. They get to make new friends, and I get to make lots of sales. The 2nd way I get leads/new potential customers- Ask ppl when I’m already out and about doing my regular shopping for groceries and things. I make it a point to keep something in my purse to give ppl. It could be a sample of a mascara, lipgloss, etc, or a $10 gift certificate redeemable with me at their free facial. And I ALWAYS get there contact info. I NEVER give someone a book that hasn’t had a facial with me. Because it’s proven that women will buy more when they experience it, than they will by just looking at it in a book. They value the product more after they’ve seen the difference it can make for their skin. (Plus those books cost you money, and your in business to make money, right? So be very choosy with who gets one from you.)
    And at their 1st appointment they get NO color. Except mascara, bronzer and some lip gloss. Then when they return for their computerized makeover, they get to do nothing but color. And I totally make a huge deal about the makeover and how they are going to learn how to apply their make-up the same way a professional make-up artist would teach them. (This tool is available to you on your intouch website under business tools- Creat a look online makeover) Which leads me to the 3rd way I find new leads. When they return for their makeover, they can bring back new girlfriends for facials, they just have their friends arrive 30- 45 minutes after she does. SO she can be made up when they arrive. Or I will have her girlfriends watch the MK recruiting video while their hostess gets her makeover,if they are all riding together. See if she brings at least 3 new girlfriends whom don’t have a consultant, then she will get her compact for free, and gets to fill it at 50% off for their attendance. But if there are $250 or more in sales she gets to fill it for free too! And then her friends are more likely to buy because they feel obligated to buy for their friend, not to help you. And she brought you new people that you would have ordinarily never have met.
    Sometimes you have to get creative in how to find your potential clients, but it should never take up all your time just finding people, because then you are left with little time to actually hold selling appointments. Which is really where your big sales are going to come from. If you’re smart in how you gather leads, then you’ll have more time to show women the products and the business opportunity. If you’re always running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, why would they want to do what you do? If you can partner up with someone who has a like schedule you can hold appointments at one of your houses on the same days and times and have two seperate tables where there are facials at one table, and makeovers at the other. You can take turns teaching one or the other. Or if your partner is strong in teaching one, and you’re stronger in the other, then you can stick to teaching the same thing. But that will allow you to be selling skin care and make-up in the same time slot, but without overwhelming the individual customers with everything all at once. And the people who are returning for their makeovers, can bring girlfriends for facials, whom, if they purchase can help her earn the things she loved at her facial, but couldn’t afford.
    You can bulid your business stronger and faster without all the busy work. I’m sure you would agree sometimes it feels like your working sooooo hard, but getting little results. Simplify your business to make the most money in the shortest amount of time, and not only will you have lots of customers, but you’ll have more women interested in recruiting because you’ve shown them how simple it would be for them to make some extra money as well! I hope this is helpful. IF you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email, and from there i will gladly give you my phone number! I would say “best of luck with your business”, but we all know luck has nothing to do with it. It’s another 4 letter word that will dictate your success, you guessed it “WORK”!!!! Much Love, Misty pinkmisty18@yahoo.com

  26. Jeni

    Misty; You have made some great points and I thank you for your thoughts.

    I do find that if I leave brochures on the door knobs of peoples homes, I receive lots of calls. It is amazing what working the hoods can do for you. When I do the same with MK, I do get calls , but not near as many as I do with Avon.

    Yes, it is difficult to serve two masters (meaning avon and mk ), but I find that both can work to my advantage if I plan it correctly.

    My problem is “Goals”. I don’t know how to set goals. Seems silly, I know. You see, I am retired from the work force as most people see it, and I really am not hurting for money. Yes, I am very fortunate in that area. I have some ladies at the bank purchase mk products from me, and some people in my neighborhood. Other than that, it is not doing me much good in MK. Avon , on the other hand, is doing great. I live in a small town, in a farming community, and well, some people are very poor here. Some are very frugal. I live in a small town in KY. I believe if I lived in California again, I would have NO PROBLEM with MK. ( acutally, I do miss CA. )

    Anyway, to get back to original task at hand. I would like to have a goal of 50 customers for MK. I would like to have about 600 for Avon. How do I go about that? I don’t do parties well at all. To much confusion. I suppose I must break down the 50 and the 600 into weekly statistics, wouldn’t you say?

    Misty, I already have 2 caddy’s, both white, but would love a pink trophy on wheels. I tried to purchase one , and the auto dealer said he could get one for me, but it would take some time and my step-daughter needed a car right away ( hers went belly up that day), so I purchased my step-daughter a car , and went ahead and purchased a new model caddy they had sitting on the lot , for me.

    Goals: Home is paid for, new cars, new motorcycle, decorating home, and already have money set aside for that. I guess my 2 other things that I would want is an underground pool, a houseboat, and a maid that comes in 3 times a week. (ok, 3 )…lol

    I have the money in investment company for the pool, and since I make about 5,000 dollars a month from stocks, bonds and munis, I will have the house boat by next summer.

    Misty, my situation is much different than most, as you can see. I love to go to bible study with the ladies in my neighborhood, and I love to help my step-daughter, and step grand child. They are wonderful! I guess you could say that I dabble.

    Oops, gotta go, more later….

  27. Colleen

    Great ideas you all Im glad this blog is still a!live

  28. Jeni

    ok everyone, I am back! Had a wonderful training meeting for Avon, and you know, these District Managers really know thier stuff. Nothing like my ex sales director from 2006/2007. My Avon DM was ready, had everything organized, and leads very well. I was amazed to say the least!

    Ok, now, how do you go about setting goals? No, I did not ask my DM, I just want to know for myself how to set goals. How do you start? What are the questions you ask yourself? Is it something like what do I want to make in the next year? How many reps do I want on my team? I actually do not want reps on my team, I don’t want to recruit. If customers or friends want to join , that is fine, but to recruit someone may take time away from thier family, and I am NOT willing to do that.

    So, anyone have a straight forward answer for me as how to start a goal sheet?

    Pretend I am poor, and in need of rent money. What do I do first? What do I ask myself first?

    btw, this is no joke , I really do not know how to set goals, honestly.

  29. I am sooo glad you are here. I am brand new to MK and had my first class on Saturday. What a rush! I love it! I just started my first Power Start and am nervous. Any pointers?

  30. Glenda

    Always be positive and keep it simple sweetie
    Good Luck you can do it!!!! I love it

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