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I am a consultant who is honest and has integrity. I am not alone!

The Back Burner

Well…I have taken a much needed break from blogging and from MK. I have been working 2 fine dining jobs and the holidays were hectic (of course). I have decided to put MK on the back burner for a bit. With budgeting, I no longer need the extra money that I used to need from my business. Hubby will return to Iraq in May for 18 months, and until then, I will concentrate on strengthening our relationship. After that, I may do something with my business, but until then, I will be focusing on improving my life and my home life.

I would love to contine this blog, but I really don’t feel right doing so since I am not going to be working my business. I would love if some of the regular posters would volunteer to post an article a week or so to keep up the blog…perhaps Shades, Anon, or Kahni…and any others who are regulars here and interested.

In other news, I have decided to begin another blog, totally non-MK related. It is called “The 3H Blog: Becoming Happy, Healthy, and Holy”. You can find it here . It will be a support group type blog for our individual goals for 2008. Check it out! My screen name there is “Miss 3H”.

I certainly continue to support each and every one of you in your MK goals and life goals. I will check in here and other MK blogs sometimes to catch up with you. Anyone interested in being an author here please comment here or email me at



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Merry Christmas!

I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, full of joys, gifts, smiles, family, and friends. Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey if you travel. 🙂


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Enriching Women’s Lives

Here is my take on how MK does indeed “enrich women’s lives”…

From a customer’s point of view:

1. She not only gets great products, she can earn free ones!
2. We show application techniques BEFORE you purchase anything, and still offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee.
3. We give her personal service with a smile. 🙂
4. We may be the only ones to take so much time to help her understand how she can look her best. Continue reading


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Inventory: Are you getting fast food or cooking at home?

Having no inventory is like having no groceries at home. So when hubby and the kiddos get hungry, you run to McDonald’s for fast food. A great fix for now, but too costly in the long run. Continue reading


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Beauty Sites on Winter Looks

Here are some sites about cosmetics and beauty as a whole. I think it is important to keep up with trends overall, as well as those MKC suggests. Knowing what looks are currently popular will help you sell our looks or create your own for your customers.

The Sites


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Reorders Rule!

You know, even if you are taking a breather from holding parties, you can still get sales from reorders. There are a few key things to take note of to get more reorder business:

1. Deliver promptly if you don’t have inventory. Try to always deliver before the date you promised…over shoot the time you think you will need in order to surprise them and have it early, rather than being late.

2. Use the PCP Look Books and follow up! It is as easy as calling and asking, “Did you get your Look Book yet?” a few weeks after you order them. If not, they will be on the lookout, if so, ask “Did you see anything you can’t live without or do you need more cleanser yet?”, etc.

3. Even if you are dissatisfied with your current level of sales or other aspect of your business, don’t let it show to your customers. Let your outward attitude always be positive, attracting more people to you! Continue reading


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Tag, I’m It!

Ok, well here goes nothing…I think this is what the rules are. Pynk Myst tagged me, so now I am suppossed to list seven things about myself. Right? Continue reading


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