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ABC’s of Gratitude

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Let’s take a second to do the ABC’s of what we are thankful for!

A is for Amazing Hubby! He really is awesome…

The next person has B… 🙂



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ABCs of a Skin Care Class!

It’s ABC time again! Let’s do the ABCs of a Skin Care Class, from start to finish. I’ll start…

A is for Arrive early! MKC and my mentor, Rena Tarbet, always talk about “kitchen coaching”. This is where you arrive early and talk to the hostess about who’s coming, what they do, would they be good at MK, would the hostess be good at MK? Then you ask the hostess to watch you and see if she could learn to do what you do and that you can talk more about it after the class. This is why they call it Book (facial), Sell (at facial), Book (the SCC), Recruit (the hostess).

B is for Bookings! Get more bookings from this one by doing your individual closes and having a prize for your current hostess when she gets at least 2 or 3 bookings from her class. The guests will want to help her win!

C is for Closing! This is one of the most important aspects of a Skin Care Class. If you describe and have them try all the products, but never ask for the sale in by doing a table close (telling the prices of the sets) and then individual close, you will not sell half as much as you could have. Closing is key!

The next person has D… 🙂


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How to Make All Your Hostesses GREAT!

G is for Got her on the Datebook! According to every MK source known to man, a party is not a party and a facial is not a facial until they are on the books. Use the tentative booking technique to put them down if they are unsure about a date.

According to Rena Tarbet’s new consultant training, MKA had a “hostess contest” every week. Which ever one of her hostesses had the most sales, new bookings, etc would win a prize. She always had “the best” contest this week and next in order to get the hostess down on her books within 2 weeks. I would add that to be in the contest, you must hold the appointment on the original date or within the contest time period. Continue reading


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ABCs of a Successful Sales Director

Yes, it’s that time again! Let’s do the ABCs of a successful sales director in MK. Each letter should stand for an adjective or action of a successful director (not NSD names, etc). I will get us started with A, B, and C! 🙂


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ABCs of Business Basics

This one might be a challenge, but fun and informative for new consultants! Let’s do the ABCs of Business Basics. I will do a few to give you an example, then take over! 🙂


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Seminar, seminar, seminar! I know, it’s all you hear about these days! Well, it is so awesome- all the training, entertainment, fun with friends, idea swapping, goal setting…it’s no wonder everyone is trying so hard to get you to go!

Let’s do the ABCs of success at Seminar! I will do a few to get us started, then jump in there and finish up!


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It’s A-B-C time again!

These are just so fun and I love seeing your responses! Let’s do the A-B-C’s of current products. List the name and what is great about the product (technical stuff AND what the client will love)! I will do A-B-C as usual, then fire away ladies! 🙂


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