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Holiday Glamour Portfolio

Holidays got you down? Is everyone claiming they are “too busy” to book? Do you not celebrate Christmas and therefore feel like the world is stopping for no reason and your business is suffering? Do you celebrate Christmas, but still dislike the excuses?

Try starting a Holiday Portfolio of before and after pics!

This will allow you to still focus on getting faces and bookings. You could even offer a free holiday or winter themed frame with the after pic to those who hold the party on the original date and time, and who have a certain number of guests at the party (I would say 5 for the gift). Turn that frown upside down!

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Don’t Let “It” Creep In

What is “it”? “It” is the little voice that tells you that this might not work. “No one wants to book with you right now, ” it whispers, “No one has any money to buy what you have to offer.” This voice steals your joy, makes you doubt yourself, and turns every bad day into “I can’t do this”.

Don’t let it creep it! How can we keep it out? Continue reading


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Holidays: A Help or Hinderance?

Do the holidays help or hurt your business? I think that depends on your point of view…

Holidays help our business if you work hard on a great open house, push the holiday items, hold “razzle dazzle” type product previews at client’s homes, or sell things such as the 12 days of Christmas basket. However, NOW is the time to start pushing these things. If you wait until December, people will be full of excuses or perhaps have already bought their gifts.

Holidays hinder our business by giving people an excuse not to book. Perhaps they really do get that freaked out that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, but to me, the only time I need is one day before. You go to the store and start basting that bird, baby! And it doesn’t take me two weeks to mentally prepare… 🙂

In my mind, anyone giving me these kind of excuses either:

1. Doesn’t know enough about our products to be excited about winning some for free

2. Is just a drama-queen who is always going to be “too busy”

3. Is not going to be an ideal hostess anyway (she is going to be too busy to get me the guest list, etc, etc, etc). Even if they did book, it would probably not hold or be a messy process.

4. Has been upset with her consultant in the past and uses this time of year to easily brush me off

5. Really does take 2 months to put up a tree (just kidding on that one!) 🙂

Do you find the holidays to be a help or a hinderance?


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“Dash Out The Door” Rollup Closing Sheet

Ladies, I am soooo excited to share my hard work with you! I love the new rollup bag sheet, but you should use that with a typical SCC. I do the “Dash out the door” class (originally from Dacia W.), so I need a “Dash out the door” closing sheet. One was sent to me by an adopted director who has GREAT sales ($300+ at most classes!) and is very consistent with it. However, it is a bit plain for my taste and has a survey on it that is similar to my “Pick Your Punch” Sheet.

Here is my plan:
–> Make laminated sheets with one side the “Pick your punch” sheets, and one side “Dash out the door” closing sheet.

Why laminate? If you laminate the sheets, you can simply hand each guest a dry erase marker and have them circle the sets they like, as well as make a mark by products they have questions about so they can remember to ask you in the individual consultation.

This saves money, time making copies, and time during the class with all the questions!

Be sure to look at the Dash Out the Door Closing sheet in the file box that I made, as well as the “Pick Your Punch” Sheets.

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Booking Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you booking from your classes so you don’t have to get so many leads otherwise. Let’s work smart, not hard!

–> Book to Look Envelopes
Make a few envelopes with “Book to Look” on the outside. When they book their “check up from the neck up”, spa night, or customized makeover, they will recieve the gift inside the envelope. Write or type whatver you like on the inside. Continue reading


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November Challenge!

This month will be about booking!

Please share your booking goals as soon as possible:

1. How many you would like to hold each week?

2. How many will you will book to hold those?

Then results at the end of the month:

1. How many did you book for the month?

2. How many held?

3. Are you happy with the sales, future bookings, referrals, and interviews set up at these bookings?

4. What could you have improved upon in order to be extremely happy with your results?

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Look how happy this lady is! 🙂

Let’s show our work ethic this month and BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! Post those goals, chicas!


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Coming Soon: The New Hostess Gift!


Check this out!
Next quarter’s hostess gift! If you are inactive, be sure to order some of these with your $200 WS order and use them as a way to book or to coach. I use the hostess gifts as a way to up my sales, bookings, and guest count at the booking. If they meet the minimums, they get this cute watch with reversible band! She can wear it with the black or bronze band! How cool is that!

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