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Stockings for Soldiers!

Ladies, last night I was reading Shades of Pink’s blog post about Veteran’s Day. Someone (The Myst?) mentioned you can adopt soldiers on So I went to check it out…

Soooo many of the soldiers in Iraq requested Christmas items and personal hygiene items such as shaving cream, suncreen, and lip balm, as well as some snack type items. I have a soft spot in my heart for the soldiers who do not recieve packages while on a tour of duty, not just at Christmas, but especially during that time. My husband was stationed there for a year and the only things he recieved were from me personally, a few letters from his grandma, and a lady who had adopted him. None of his other family members even sent a letter.

So I have a plan that I am already spreading the word about at my work: Stockings for Soldiers! Stuffed with MK shaving cream, suncreen, and lipbalm! Continue reading



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November Challenge!

This month will be about booking!

Please share your booking goals as soon as possible:

1. How many you would like to hold each week?

2. How many will you will book to hold those?

Then results at the end of the month:

1. How many did you book for the month?

2. How many held?

3. Are you happy with the sales, future bookings, referrals, and interviews set up at these bookings?

4. What could you have improved upon in order to be extremely happy with your results?

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Look how happy this lady is! 🙂

Let’s show our work ethic this month and BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! Post those goals, chicas!


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