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MK Cliff Notes: Keep It Simple by Lisa Madson

There are two new files…Part one and two of my notes on the CD “Keep It Simple #1 by Lisa Madson”. Here is an excerpt from part two…

About booking: If you get a no, visualize a flight attendant with the cart in the airplane. Have you ever seen a passenger look at the flight attendant and say “No thanks”? Have you ever seen the flight attendant run to the back of the plane and plop down in the seat and start crying? NO. SHE DID NOT INVENT COKE AND THE OTHER PRODUCTS…WE DID NOT INVENT MK PRODUCTS! LOL Lisa says, “Hey I had nothing to do with inventing them”. Too funny! So if someone says no, it’s ok…don’t take it so personally!

Download the files from the file box on the right side to read the full version of my notes. This information is invaluable. I adore her real personality and her ability to tell us exactly how she made this business work for her. I hope this helps you move forward with your goals!



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Individual Consultations: From “Keep it Simple #1”

Ok, I painstakingly have been taking detailed notes from Lisa Madson’s CD “Keep it Simple #1”. I only have gotten about halfway so far…it is power packed with awesome information on how to get better results and keep your business simple. Here are my notes on the first 3 tracks, about the individual consultations and getting bookings from your bookings. It includes scripts that worked for her, how she did 102 classes (just from booking from bookings) in her FIRST YEAR as a consultant, and lots of examples. Enjoy learning…so simple, yet it’s like I was hearing it for the first time! More to come from this CD later in the week!

Notes on Lisa Madson’s CD: “Keep It Simple #1”

“Show me someone with a dream to get better, and I’ll show you a winner.” -Gloria Mayfield Banks

Goals of the CD:
-You Dream Bigger
-Keep the Business Simple

Simple facts: We book, sell, and recruit.
-Do bookings always hold? No.
The solution: overbook.

-Do guests always buy product? No.
The solution: Keep seeing more faces, more classes to work the numbers.
“People will disappoint you, but numbers never lie.” Continue reading


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MK Cliff Notes!

I would like to start a collection of MK Media Tapes Cliff Notes. They will be filed under the category “Cliff Notes”. If you have a favorite CD, would you kindly type out an outline of what it is, who is on the CD, and what is talked about on it? It would be great if you could go into some detail so those who don’t have the CD can learn from you! E-mail me your favorite CD notes ASAP and I will post them as they come in!

Can’t wait to learn from the best of your CD collection!

Thanks in advance for your help on this!


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