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Reorders Rule!

You know, even if you are taking a breather from holding parties, you can still get sales from reorders. There are a few key things to take note of to get more reorder business:

1. Deliver promptly if you don’t have inventory. Try to always deliver before the date you promised…over shoot the time you think you will need in order to surprise them and have it early, rather than being late.

2. Use the PCP Look Books and follow up! It is as easy as calling and asking, “Did you get your Look Book yet?” a few weeks after you order them. If not, they will be on the lookout, if so, ask “Did you see anything you can’t live without or do you need more cleanser yet?”, etc.

3. Even if you are dissatisfied with your current level of sales or other aspect of your business, don’t let it show to your customers. Let your outward attitude always be positive, attracting more people to you! Continue reading



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Pillow Gifts

This idea and story comes from my director who shall remain anonymous…

Can you picture this scenario? It’s Christmas Day, late at night. You are a mom who stayed up late on Christmas eve wrapping gifts, playing Santa, and even nibbling on the cookies (which you made!) that you left for “Santa”/yourself!!

Today, Christmas Day, you have cooked, cleaned, picked up toys, the kids were all hyped up on stocking candy…the list is endless. Holidays are so fun, but there is so much work involved at times, too. *Sigh*
You decide what you need is a nice hot shower or bath, so you head off to take one.

Little do you know, your hubby has gotten you one last little something special (from MK of course!) and left it on your pillow as a “Thank you” for all your hard work over the last few days! Continue reading


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Stockings for Soldiers!

Ladies, last night I was reading Shades of Pink’s blog post about Veteran’s Day. Someone (The Myst?) mentioned you can adopt soldiers on So I went to check it out…

Soooo many of the soldiers in Iraq requested Christmas items and personal hygiene items such as shaving cream, suncreen, and lip balm, as well as some snack type items. I have a soft spot in my heart for the soldiers who do not recieve packages while on a tour of duty, not just at Christmas, but especially during that time. My husband was stationed there for a year and the only things he recieved were from me personally, a few letters from his grandma, and a lady who had adopted him. None of his other family members even sent a letter.

So I have a plan that I am already spreading the word about at my work: Stockings for Soldiers! Stuffed with MK shaving cream, suncreen, and lipbalm! Continue reading


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Holiday Glamour Portfolio

Holidays got you down? Is everyone claiming they are “too busy” to book? Do you not celebrate Christmas and therefore feel like the world is stopping for no reason and your business is suffering? Do you celebrate Christmas, but still dislike the excuses?

Try starting a Holiday Portfolio of before and after pics!

This will allow you to still focus on getting faces and bookings. You could even offer a free holiday or winter themed frame with the after pic to those who hold the party on the original date and time, and who have a certain number of guests at the party (I would say 5 for the gift). Turn that frown upside down!

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Holiday Rollup Show and Tell

My director has always told me, “Unless you have a large customer base, DON’T waste time and money on an open house!” What does she suggest instead? She suggests making a holiday rollup bag with all the holiday sets inside. So one pocket could be a men’s set, one pocket fragrances, one pocket spa stuff, one pocket for “stocking stuffers”. You then take this everywhere you go to show the products and get some sales.

Another idea: Make a photo album type of book with examples of holiday sets wrapped up cute. Then you can pass this around at the office, to your friends, at church, or to your neighbors.

Some cute gift ideas:

–> Coffee and cream: A cheap coffee mug with some sampler of coffee or hot chocolate with a hand cream. Put tissue paper or stringy sparkles as accent. You can use a Christmas mug or just a cute mug they can use year round. Find the mugs cheap at the 99 cent store or on clearance. Makes a great gift for teachers, bosses, or assistants.

–> Coffee and cream for men: Same idea with a shave cream or after shave instead of a hand cream.

–> Holiday Kisses: Cute tin, bag, stocking, or mug with red, green, and silver hershey’s kisses. Top with Satin lips and a gloss! Great stocking stuffer or gift for teens.

Unless you have a huge inventory and client base, I would not spend lots of time making gift sets. Pictures are just as good for a portable open house!


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Holidays: A Help or Hinderance?

Do the holidays help or hurt your business? I think that depends on your point of view…

Holidays help our business if you work hard on a great open house, push the holiday items, hold “razzle dazzle” type product previews at client’s homes, or sell things such as the 12 days of Christmas basket. However, NOW is the time to start pushing these things. If you wait until December, people will be full of excuses or perhaps have already bought their gifts.

Holidays hinder our business by giving people an excuse not to book. Perhaps they really do get that freaked out that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, but to me, the only time I need is one day before. You go to the store and start basting that bird, baby! And it doesn’t take me two weeks to mentally prepare… 🙂

In my mind, anyone giving me these kind of excuses either:

1. Doesn’t know enough about our products to be excited about winning some for free

2. Is just a drama-queen who is always going to be “too busy”

3. Is not going to be an ideal hostess anyway (she is going to be too busy to get me the guest list, etc, etc, etc). Even if they did book, it would probably not hold or be a messy process.

4. Has been upset with her consultant in the past and uses this time of year to easily brush me off

5. Really does take 2 months to put up a tree (just kidding on that one!) 🙂

Do you find the holidays to be a help or a hinderance?


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Selling the Rollup Bag

Featured File: Check out the cute new rollup bag sheet from my director’s website in the file box! It is labeled “New rollup closing sheet”.

I love doing the rollup bag close because it gets me a lot of sales and helps people pick more easily. People love to be coached into what to get. They are often very unsure of what is best for them.

However, many people find that 4 sets to get the rollup bag free is too expensive, but they really want that beautiful bag. I have started offering the bag with just 2 sets, but do you think it would get me more sales if I also offered the basic set plus the bag for $70?

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