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Stockings for Soldiers!

Ladies, last night I was reading Shades of Pink’s blog post about Veteran’s Day. Someone (The Myst?) mentioned you can adopt soldiers on So I went to check it out…

Soooo many of the soldiers in Iraq requested Christmas items and personal hygiene items such as shaving cream, suncreen, and lip balm, as well as some snack type items. I have a soft spot in my heart for the soldiers who do not recieve packages while on a tour of duty, not just at Christmas, but especially during that time. My husband was stationed there for a year and the only things he recieved were from me personally, a few letters from his grandma, and a lady who had adopted him. None of his other family members even sent a letter.

So I have a plan that I am already spreading the word about at my work: Stockings for Soldiers! Stuffed with MK shaving cream, suncreen, and lipbalm! Continue reading



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Website Makeover!!!

OMG! Check your email or Shades of pink to see the website makeover! I love the new look, very modern and cute! Everyone’s will be “made over” as of September 15, 2007. Thanks, MKC! You take such good care of us!


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How Connie Did 100 Faces in 30 Days!

My suggestions is to start a bit smaller by doing 100 faces in 100 days. When I did this, I had quite a bit of success. I made a portfolio with slots in the front for the days I had available to do the faces with time slots for them to sign up in. This way, I knew they were picking a time that was good for me. I kept hostess packets in there and took it with me everywhere. I would always try to turn it into a class by saying I could get my faces done so much faster that way. Here are Connie’s tips:

“Hey mkrules!

It was a long time ago, but basically, I cleared my schedule and took faces any way I could get them: Facial, Double Facial, or bonafide skin care class. But what I did do was to double book and when they were both going to hold, which, strangely enough, they usually did, I’d just do a change of venue and take them with me and give both contacts hostess credit despite only one guest present. And as an added touch, I seem to recall that I’d take a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the hostess who lent her home to my mission.

I facialled 100 faces and interviewed all of them, because I was in a contest and every one I interviewed received a discontinued lipstick (I called them Classic). If they didn’t recruit, I told them about my refer-a-future-consultant reward program and actually gave away quite a few $50 gift certificates that go-round.

I used facial fishbowls in restaurants (manned at lunch hour) and other local businesses, I warm chattered everyone I made eye contact with, I went to the local colleges and passed out beauty books with samples, I worked 40 hours a week prospecting, facialling and doing the prep and bookkeeping work. (As I am typing this, I am thinking about what Ryan Rogers said about women not being attacked) LOL

My stats were pretty low, mainly because I was facialling literally ANYONE and interviewed EVERYONE. So, a lot of the gals were low-income single mothers who didn’t have much of a prayer at that stage of life of either finding the drive to do it all the way, much less pre-order inventory.

Out of the 100, I got 15 new decent customers and 12 recruits to get the car. I put in $4000 and I had like four Diamond Stars, I think. In hindsite, I think I was on the right track, but I should have worked up to it. I should have done a Powerstart, then another one, and then jumped up to the 100 faces in a month. Because, by the end of the month, I was fried and lost my umph.”


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The First Weekly Night Owl’s Chat!

WOW! What a smashing success! Now granted, only 2 readers were in the chatroom with me, but what a powerful brainstorming session we had!

Continue reading


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Rena’s Retreat!

I am sooo lucky to be adopted into the Rena Tarbet area (my director is in go-give area). I have the opportunity to go again this year to Rena’s Retreat! It is a weekend at Sky Ranch with casual dress and plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. We sleep in cabins, have sunrise service by the lake each morning to start our days, feasts of food honestly (like the large brunch buffet on Sunday Morning!), awesome speakers, and so much girltime. It is THE event for me. I like it even more than Seminar I think! It is well worth the cost and so rejuventating.

This year the speakers include:
—>Rena Tarbet (of course)
—>Dacia Weigandt!!! (I’ve never seen her live and am DYING to!)
—>Valerie Bagnol
—>Darrell Overcash (President of U.S. Sales)

Yahoo! I am so excited, I can hardly wait til October gets here!!!!

Here is a slideshow of last years retreat…


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Let’s Chat!

Well, ladies, the chatroom is quite dusty and full of dismay. Am I the only one who goes in to find I am the only one there? 😦

Finally, a simple solution! No one likes that we don’t chat, yet no one is ever chatting. ???HUH?? So how about this: Continue reading


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Wow! Look at the Fabulous New Options!!


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