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Reorders Rule!

You know, even if you are taking a breather from holding parties, you can still get sales from reorders. There are a few key things to take note of to get more reorder business:

1. Deliver promptly if you don’t have inventory. Try to always deliver before the date you promised…over shoot the time you think you will need in order to surprise them and have it early, rather than being late.

2. Use the PCP Look Books and follow up! It is as easy as calling and asking, “Did you get your Look Book yet?” a few weeks after you order them. If not, they will be on the lookout, if so, ask “Did you see anything you can’t live without or do you need more cleanser yet?”, etc.

3. Even if you are dissatisfied with your current level of sales or other aspect of your business, don’t let it show to your customers. Let your outward attitude always be positive, attracting more people to you! Continue reading



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Double Booking

Do you double book? I have to admit, I don’t, but I need to start. Tonight at meeting I asked my adopted director the “rules” on “dovetailing”. “Dovetailing” is when you and a fellow consultant double book and if two bookings (must be parties mind you) happen to hold on the same night and time, VIOLA! You call your partner and see if they can cover. I now have 3 of these partners, just in case because they do book their own parties and may have a booking themselves on the night in question. Continue reading


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Dash Out The Door Class

My adopted director taught this class to me, but it orginally comes from Dacia W. It is to be used as a first appointment.

Dash Out The Door Class

What is a Dash Out The Door Class?
This is a fast skin care class that teaches the guests how to look ready to “dash out the door” to run casual errands in a flash! They LOVE it and it goes much faster than using the color cards. Continue reading


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Keeping it Organized: The Portable Office

This comes from Tanya Lee-King’s Unitnet site. Thanks for the idea!

Portable Office

This is an easy way to keep organized. Purchase an expandable/portable file
(can be purchased at Target, Shopko or Walmart). I like it to be a plastic
exterior with a handle as it is more durable. Label each pocket as follows:

• Current- anything needing immediate attention
• Weekly Plan Sheets
• Weekly Accomplishment Sheets/Star Consultant Tracking
• Spiral Notebook – First ½ ongoing list of booking prospects, Second
½ ongoing list of team building prospects
• Scripts
• Hostess Packets
• Guest Lists
• Recruiting Packets
• Agreements
• Beauty/Look Books
• Expenses (put throughout month and then transfer into monthly
expense envelope)
• Sales Tickets (keep throughout month then transfer into a monthly
income envelope)
• Blank Sales Tickets
• Contests/Promotions
• Applause – keep current issue of Applause Magazine
• Newsletter – print and keep current copy of newsletter
• Product Knowledge Book

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Your Question Answered!: The Do Not Call List and Referrals

Be sure to read this post thoroughly and see these links for how to see if your referrals are on the Do Not Call Registry:

–> Info from the FCC– Click HERE
–>More Info the government (Q&A)–Click HERE
–>Direct access to the database–Click HERE

Note: There is no fee to check up to 5 area codes. You are required to check your contact list against the Do Not Call Registry at least every 31 days to check for newly registered numbers. However, anyone who has purchased from you within the last 18 months is exempt (even if they are on the list).

This comes from the site Evan

Q: How will the Do Not Call Registry here in the United States affect my ability to follow up on referrals for new business? Continue reading


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The First Weekly Night Owl’s Chat!

WOW! What a smashing success! Now granted, only 2 readers were in the chatroom with me, but what a powerful brainstorming session we had!

Continue reading


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“Correspond Like a Pro”

From Fashion for real, comes a really relative article about correspondence ettiquette. It is well worth the short read. It begins:

As the number of emails increase, it seems that the level of professional correspondence has decreased. Tacky notes, mis-spelled words, sentences that drone on and on — you’ve probably seen it all, as have I. But never forget that people judge you by whatever means you interact with them. That includes notes, phone messages, and yes, the ubiquitous email.

Click HERE to read the article in full.


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