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Enriching Women’s Lives

Here is my take on how MK does indeed “enrich women’s lives”…

From a customer’s point of view:

1. She not only gets great products, she can earn free ones!
2. We show application techniques BEFORE you purchase anything, and still offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee.
3. We give her personal service with a smile. 🙂
4. We may be the only ones to take so much time to help her understand how she can look her best. Continue reading



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Inventory: Are you getting fast food or cooking at home?

Having no inventory is like having no groceries at home. So when hubby and the kiddos get hungry, you run to McDonald’s for fast food. A great fix for now, but too costly in the long run. Continue reading


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Booking Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you booking from your classes so you don’t have to get so many leads otherwise. Let’s work smart, not hard!

–> Book to Look Envelopes
Make a few envelopes with “Book to Look” on the outside. When they book their “check up from the neck up”, spa night, or customized makeover, they will recieve the gift inside the envelope. Write or type whatver you like on the inside. Continue reading


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Double Booking

Do you double book? I have to admit, I don’t, but I need to start. Tonight at meeting I asked my adopted director the “rules” on “dovetailing”. “Dovetailing” is when you and a fellow consultant double book and if two bookings (must be parties mind you) happen to hold on the same night and time, VIOLA! You call your partner and see if they can cover. I now have 3 of these partners, just in case because they do book their own parties and may have a booking themselves on the night in question. Continue reading


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More on Lead In Lipsticks

Even More Info for You on This Issue

From MKC:

“Q: Does Mary Kay use lead in lipsticks?

A: No. Mary Kay does not use lead in lipstick. The ingredients that Mary Kay uses meet or exceed all requirements for cosmetic ingredients. All colorants used in cosmetics and personal care products marketed in the United States must meet stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. Further, Mary Kay performs thorough, ongoing reviews of its products and ingredients and works closely with its suppliers to ensure the safety of all ingredients. Mary Kay steadfastly stands behind the quality and safety of its entire product line and has been a recognized leader in the area of product and ingredient safety for many years.”

According to the FDA website , lead is not even a prohibited ingredient or restricted ingredient in the cosmetics industry, and each company is required to do it’s own testing to ensure it is safe for consumers. If the product is not adequately tested for safety, it must bear the label “Warning–The safety of this product has not been determined”. They do, however, inspect the manufacturing plants to ensure safe products. They do not test products themselves for fear it will cause a conflict of interest.

More from the FDA on the history of cosmetics regulation can be found here. Continue reading


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The Real Reason to Keep Up Your MK Image

Julia Mundy, a top director in the Tarbet area, brought up a great point in her speech during retreat. While there are many reasons why we should always look our personal best and dress professionally, one stands above the others: Making others feel important! Continue reading


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10 Things Dacia Did to Move Up

Think Dacia had a secret to her success? She did! GOOD OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK! 🙂

Here is her list of 10 Things She Did to Move Up: Continue reading


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