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“Dash Out The Door” Rollup Closing Sheet

Ladies, I am soooo excited to share my hard work with you! I love the new rollup bag sheet, but you should use that with a typical SCC. I do the “Dash out the door” class (originally from Dacia W.), so I need a “Dash out the door” closing sheet. One was sent to me by an adopted director who has GREAT sales ($300+ at most classes!) and is very consistent with it. However, it is a bit plain for my taste and has a survey on it that is similar to my “Pick Your Punch” Sheet.

Here is my plan:
–> Make laminated sheets with one side the “Pick your punch” sheets, and one side “Dash out the door” closing sheet.

Why laminate? If you laminate the sheets, you can simply hand each guest a dry erase marker and have them circle the sets they like, as well as make a mark by products they have questions about so they can remember to ask you in the individual consultation.

This saves money, time making copies, and time during the class with all the questions!

Be sure to look at the Dash Out the Door Closing sheet in the file box that I made, as well as the “Pick Your Punch” Sheets.


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Lead-Free Lipstick Promotion

Thanks again to our reader “Anonymous” for this awesome Lead-free Lipstick Promotion!

Seeing all the news about lead in kid’s toys and lipsticks on CNN, Anon. decided that it would be a good idea to let her customers know that MK’s lipstick does not contain lead and sell some inventory at the same time! She put together an email saying so, without naming the other companies who do contain lead. This is key! We don’t want to put down other companies to lift ours up.

Her promotion goes like this: Continue reading


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October “Ghost” Hostess

Want an extra treat this month? Have several outside hostesses to gain some extra income!

I have uploaded a file to the file box with a flier. (File borrowed from Mary Kay Tools Yahoo Group). You attach the flier to a large manilla envelope. Enclose a Look Book, some sales slips, your cards, and a pen. Instruct your hostess that what she will recieve for her “treat” and the stipulations (how many sales you require, how many days she has to return the orders, what info they customers need on the sales slips).

Pass out 3 or 4 of these before Halloween for great treats in your business by November!


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MK Cliff Notes: Keep It Simple by Lisa Madson

There are two new files…Part one and two of my notes on the CD “Keep It Simple #1 by Lisa Madson”. Here is an excerpt from part two…

About booking: If you get a no, visualize a flight attendant with the cart in the airplane. Have you ever seen a passenger look at the flight attendant and say “No thanks”? Have you ever seen the flight attendant run to the back of the plane and plop down in the seat and start crying? NO. SHE DID NOT INVENT COKE AND THE OTHER PRODUCTS…WE DID NOT INVENT MK PRODUCTS! LOL Lisa says, “Hey I had nothing to do with inventing them”. Too funny! So if someone says no, it’s ok…don’t take it so personally!

Download the files from the file box on the right side to read the full version of my notes. This information is invaluable. I adore her real personality and her ability to tell us exactly how she made this business work for her. I hope this helps you move forward with your goals!


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