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Tangible Goals are Attainable Goals

MK Rules has graciously given me the opportunity to keep this blog alive by adding me on as a guest blogger. This post comes a little late, but as we are close to beginning a new month, I think it fits. Recently, I had an epiphany in my business. The results I want and the results I have been getting are two very different things. I think I’ve figured something out that is very important to goal setting. Goal setting was always difficult for me. I think it was because the way I’ve been told to set goals seemed intangible. My director would say, make a Retail Sales goal, a Wholesale Ordering goal, a New Faces goal, etc. Now, I could easly say I want to sell $1200 retail this month and as a result, I want to order $600 wholesale. The problem I was having was I didn’t know how to go about achieving this goal. What was I going to sell? Who would I sell it to? I just had a mental block that wasn’t connecting the dots. Well, the dots have been connected! 🙂 Continue reading



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Holiday Glamour Portfolio

Holidays got you down? Is everyone claiming they are “too busy” to book? Do you not celebrate Christmas and therefore feel like the world is stopping for no reason and your business is suffering? Do you celebrate Christmas, but still dislike the excuses?

Try starting a Holiday Portfolio of before and after pics!

This will allow you to still focus on getting faces and bookings. You could even offer a free holiday or winter themed frame with the after pic to those who hold the party on the original date and time, and who have a certain number of guests at the party (I would say 5 for the gift). Turn that frown upside down!

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Booking Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you booking from your classes so you don’t have to get so many leads otherwise. Let’s work smart, not hard!

–> Book to Look Envelopes
Make a few envelopes with “Book to Look” on the outside. When they book their “check up from the neck up”, spa night, or customized makeover, they will recieve the gift inside the envelope. Write or type whatver you like on the inside. Continue reading


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November Challenge!

This month will be about booking!

Please share your booking goals as soon as possible:

1. How many you would like to hold each week?

2. How many will you will book to hold those?

Then results at the end of the month:

1. How many did you book for the month?

2. How many held?

3. Are you happy with the sales, future bookings, referrals, and interviews set up at these bookings?

4. What could you have improved upon in order to be extremely happy with your results?

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Look how happy this lady is! 🙂

Let’s show our work ethic this month and BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! Post those goals, chicas!


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10 Things Dacia Did to Move Up

Think Dacia had a secret to her success? She did! GOOD OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK! 🙂

Here is her list of 10 Things She Did to Move Up: Continue reading


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MK Cliff Notes: Keep It Simple by Lisa Madson

There are two new files…Part one and two of my notes on the CD “Keep It Simple #1 by Lisa Madson”. Here is an excerpt from part two…

About booking: If you get a no, visualize a flight attendant with the cart in the airplane. Have you ever seen a passenger look at the flight attendant and say “No thanks”? Have you ever seen the flight attendant run to the back of the plane and plop down in the seat and start crying? NO. SHE DID NOT INVENT COKE AND THE OTHER PRODUCTS…WE DID NOT INVENT MK PRODUCTS! LOL Lisa says, “Hey I had nothing to do with inventing them”. Too funny! So if someone says no, it’s ok…don’t take it so personally!

Download the files from the file box on the right side to read the full version of my notes. This information is invaluable. I adore her real personality and her ability to tell us exactly how she made this business work for her. I hope this helps you move forward with your goals!


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Building Momentum

Shades of Pink did a post on “working the numbers” and it really made me think about building momentum.

Here is a simple example of how working the numbers only creates results if you build momentum:

Let’s say you book 20 classes (just to keep the math simple). On average, 10 will hold.

Now you have 2 choices. You can book those 20 classes in one year and only hold 10 for the year, or you can book them for one month and hold 10 in a month. The choice is yours.

If you want DIQ, a car, or to live off your sales money…you must build momentum by booking close together and booking more than you want to hold. (And I am going to take my own advice on this!)

I know three things: 1) Average means my first 10 classes out of 20 may all cancel or postpone, 2) I cannot allow that to make me stop coaching and trying to hold the next 10, 3) I must take emotion out of it and know that it isn’t me, it’s the Law of Averages!

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