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Jenn Semelsberger’s I-Story

jenns.jpgIf you have never seen her, Jennifer Semelsberger is a really down-to-earth and inspiring director in the Sapphire Seminar. I have found her I-story on Annabelle This one’s for you, “MK Lady”!

This is the I-Story of Senior Director: JENNIFER SEMELSBERGER

“You see, God blessed me very young with a baby boy. I was only 14 years old when I had my first child. I had to quit school and lie about my age and get a full-time job at the local K-mart to support him. I also worked part-time at Pizza Hut. Well, God decided to bless me again with baby #2 when I was 17. At this point, I knew working at K-mart and Pizza Hut wasn’t going to give my children the life they deserved, so I got my GED and went to a secretarial business school.

At 19, I went to the Big City of DC and started working at a Law Firm as a Legal Secretary. I got married at the age of 20 and God blessed me again with baby #3 at 24!!! I thought life was GREAT. I was married with 3 kids, moved up in my law firm career were I was making big money!!! Continue reading


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How Connie Did 100 Faces in 30 Days!

My suggestions is to start a bit smaller by doing 100 faces in 100 days. When I did this, I had quite a bit of success. I made a portfolio with slots in the front for the days I had available to do the faces with time slots for them to sign up in. This way, I knew they were picking a time that was good for me. I kept hostess packets in there and took it with me everywhere. I would always try to turn it into a class by saying I could get my faces done so much faster that way. Here are Connie’s tips:

“Hey mkrules!

It was a long time ago, but basically, I cleared my schedule and took faces any way I could get them: Facial, Double Facial, or bonafide skin care class. But what I did do was to double book and when they were both going to hold, which, strangely enough, they usually did, I’d just do a change of venue and take them with me and give both contacts hostess credit despite only one guest present. And as an added touch, I seem to recall that I’d take a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the hostess who lent her home to my mission.

I facialled 100 faces and interviewed all of them, because I was in a contest and every one I interviewed received a discontinued lipstick (I called them Classic). If they didn’t recruit, I told them about my refer-a-future-consultant reward program and actually gave away quite a few $50 gift certificates that go-round.

I used facial fishbowls in restaurants (manned at lunch hour) and other local businesses, I warm chattered everyone I made eye contact with, I went to the local colleges and passed out beauty books with samples, I worked 40 hours a week prospecting, facialling and doing the prep and bookkeeping work. (As I am typing this, I am thinking about what Ryan Rogers said about women not being attacked) LOL

My stats were pretty low, mainly because I was facialling literally ANYONE and interviewed EVERYONE. So, a lot of the gals were low-income single mothers who didn’t have much of a prayer at that stage of life of either finding the drive to do it all the way, much less pre-order inventory.

Out of the 100, I got 15 new decent customers and 12 recruits to get the car. I put in $4000 and I had like four Diamond Stars, I think. In hindsite, I think I was on the right track, but I should have worked up to it. I should have done a Powerstart, then another one, and then jumped up to the 100 faces in a month. Because, by the end of the month, I was fried and lost my umph.”


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More Great Advice on Self-Discipline

This article comes from “News you can use” and is a little long, but has tons of practical advice.

Working Your Business With Kids

UNDER 3-and 1 on the way due Christmas Eve 2004!!!”
By Kelly Hogan

Ok-yes, I am busy. Yes, I cannot believe I have three little ones so close in age. Yes, I am crazy! Yes, I love every minute of it, and YES, I thank God for all the blessings He has given to me like my very supportive husband, Martin, our oldest son, Thomas Merrick Hogan, age 3, our daughter, Tyler Carlan Hogan who is a very precocious 2, and our “not so little” Timothy Martin-8 months old (born 12 lbs. 9 oz. and already 28 lbs.-a linebacker in waiting) And yes, I LOVE BEING A DIRECTOR ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS!

A little background-when I decided to earn my career car, Tommy was 1 and Tyler was 3 months old-I was a Consultant. I earned it in 11 weeks working about 10 hours a week. I then went on to finish DIQ and debuted as a Sales Director with over $38,000 in production Sept 1, 2002. I then found out I was expecting our this shortly after that! Our THIRD surprise! I say this only to show that you can be productive, have a busy home life and have fun too! It’s a balancing act! Now that I am done breastfeeding, my husband and I have decided that I should step my business on up. Our unit will be in that Cadillac in a few short months! Continue reading


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Meet Your NSDs

Did you know you can get info on each and every NSD on MK Intouch? I didn’t! But today I found it. Go to MK Intouch, and click “Meet your NSDs” on the left under MKA’s picture. You can bring it up by state or seminar affliation. How inspiring and it is there 24/7 to motivate you!


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Your Story!

Please post your answers to the following questions here:

1. How long have you been in MK?
2. Where are you on the career path? Continue reading


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“Pursuit of Happyness”

This movie with Will Smith is so touching and is so relatable to MK. Guys, if he can do what he did in that movie, we can do MK. I am not saying everyone can be NSD. Over time they can, if they work hard long enough. But everyone can reach the small goals we set IF we set them and IF we work hard towards them. Continue reading

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Rena Rules!

Wow, the negativity never ceases to amaze me! How twisted can thinking get? Rena’s story is anything but a story of woe!! It is a story of hardship, overcoming disease and life obstacles, adapting to today’s business. Telling someone that inventory is valuable is NOT frontloading, it is stating an opinion. As always, in MK, we make the ultimate choice. Perhaps Rena recruits due to her dynamic personality, inspiring I-story, her sheer will power, and her perservering positivity! Who wouldn’t want to be around that?? Rena, you rule! Click here to read Rena’s INSPIRING story .


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