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The Real Reason to Keep Up Your MK Image

Julia Mundy, a top director in the Tarbet area, brought up a great point in her speech during retreat. While there are many reasons why we should always look our personal best and dress professionally, one stands above the others: Making others feel important! Continue reading



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Getting Out of a Rut

Are you in a rut (again)? I was feeling like that so I decided I needed a new workout routine, a new fishbowl, some booth events, and a new hobby! You know, staying at home is GREAT, but we work FROM home, not AT home. Staying at home all the time is really debilitating to our businesses. Does that mean no family time? Going out without the family? No….

Here are some ideas to get in a new routine, out of your rut, and meet some new faces in new places:

1. Get moving!

Exercise not only makes you feel more confident, it helps you maintain a high energy level. Stressed? Blow off some steam at a turbo kickboxing class and meet some new ladies while you are there! Insomnia will be a thing of the past…exercise helps you sleep better and wake up rarin’ to go again! Oh yeah, and not to mention how great you’ll look in that Seminar gown this year! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t have money for the gym? Try taking walks as a family, going to volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter with your kiddos, or get a new workout video you can do at home. Continue reading


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Stop Comparing!

This comes from Completely Comparing ourselves to NSDs is unrealistic, and comparing ourselves to other consultants or directors is counter-productive. Read this article and Stop Comparing!

Stop Comparing!
By Amanda Pressner

It’s no secret that on those days when we are unsure of ourselves, many of us turn to other women to make a comparison. We’re probably all guilty of making comparisons between ourselves and others. Spot a new mom who is thin and you might think, “Why can’t I lose my baby weight like she did?” Or you might glance at your best friend’s new designer jeans and wonder if your own pair looks outdated. You might even compare yourself to famous celebrities. It’s hard not to feel inferior after seeing the latest Catherine Zeta-Jones film.

Most of us consider ourselves to be confident, fun go-getters. So why can’t we stop comparing ourselves to friends, co-workers, movie stars and even total strangers? Continue reading


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Keeping It Positive: Improvements

Do you see some room to improve on how you book, sell, or recruit? Your image? Your go-give-ness? (Is that a word…?) ๐Ÿ™‚ If so, GREAT!

If you are unhappy in the results you are getting right now, and you see room for improvement, that means you can fix it! If you think you do everything just right, and see that you could add one more class per week to get more results, that might fix it!

Needing improvements, even in our own businesses or appearances, is not a bad thing. In fact, improving and teaching others to do the same is what MK is all about. There is no need to beat yourself up over every mistake. There is no need to constantly criticize yourself. But a little “business plan makeover” never hurt anyone! Continue reading


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“Correspond Like a Pro”

From Fashion for real, comes a really relative article about correspondence ettiquette. It is well worth the short read. It begins:

As the number of emails increase, it seems that the level of professional correspondence has decreased. Tacky notes, mis-spelled words, sentences that drone on and on — you’ve probably seen it all, as have I. But never forget that people judge you by whatever means you interact with them. That includes notes, phone messages, and yes, the ubiquitous email.

Click HERE to read the article in full.


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Still Think Image Doesn’t Affect Your Business?

Check out this blog post I found on a search. I think it’s important to see what potential customers think of us as a whole. Let’s make sure we are looking good, especially when people know we represent MK.

From Icyshard’s (Never) Boring Blog of Banalities

Scary Mary Kay Ladies
Last night, Ben and I went out to get some dinner at a Mexican restaurant. This restaurant happens to be near a Mary Kary office. I parked my car next to a huge white Cadillac with โ€œMary Kayโ€ written on the side. A blond woman was standing outside the car talking to a darker haired woman inside.

OH. MY. GOD. Continue reading


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Are You Pro-Mary Kay or Anti-Pink Truth?

Did you know there was a difference? There is! Being pro-MK means working ethically, seeing obstacles as something to overcome instead of a reason to quit, finding what works for you and sticking with it, and remembering why you first loved MK. Sometimes we can get in a rut of “I’m not making enough” or “No one wants to book with me”. That is when negative sites such as PT might start to seem appealing. Misery loves company, doesn’t it? Continue reading


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