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Intouch Spotlight: Computer Training

Did you know you could get FREE computer training on Intouch? Do you ever get tired of searching online for the perfect flier on unitnet? You can even get training on how to insert clipart!

Just log on to intouch, click on Education, then Computer Support, then Computer Skill Lessons. The lessons available include:

–> Using Microsoft Outlook
–> Using Adobe Acrobat Reader
–> Downloadable Forms
–> Microsoft Outlook Features
–> Organizing your computer files
–> Creating labels using Microsoft Word
–> Saving a downloadable Word document
–> Using Clipart in Microsoft Word (NOTE: This is how I create my fliers!)
–> Using Microsoft Word Features
–> Creating a Flier using Microsoft Publisher (a little trickier than word)
–> Creating a Flier using Publisher Wizard (probably less tricky)
–> Using clip art in Microsoft Publisher

Wow! What a great online school…I learned this stuff in college, and trust me ladies, it was not cheap!! MKC provides us with awesome training if only we would use it! 🙂

I hope you get some good lessons from this Intouch training. It is always good to have the option of creating something yourself, rather than depending on fliers online. Who knows? You might be the most creative one of all of us, and we might be searching for YOUR flier next!


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Color Compact Video

I saw on Me’s blog that the Seminar video is now available on Intouch. If you missed Seminar, you HAVE to watch it! It will calm all your fears about the switch. I watched it again tonight and got all excited again!

Get to it by logging in to Intouch, click on “Products” up top—>go down to “Special Product Offers”—>go over to “Sneak Peek: Color”. Watch the video through the link on the bottom. Wait til it loads and watch it with the music. It is much more exciting with the music for some reason! 🙂

I can’t wait til these products launch. It is just so thrilling to be able to offer such modern, convenient, and beautiful products.


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Did you see??

Everyone here knows I love a good design change once in a while! Did you read that intouch will be re-vamped and ready starting July 16th? Check out this article from MKC:
Click here to read the article


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Intouch Spotlight: Decoding Product Codes

I know some of us are not great about searching for info on intouch. No fear, MK Rules is here! I will be doing an “Intouch Spotlight” (not news from MKC) each week! This week I found a secret decoder ring on Intouch. And to think I thought those only came in Cracker Jacks! Continue reading


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