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Tag, I’m It!

Ok, well here goes nothing…I think this is what the rules are. Pynk Myst tagged me, so now I am suppossed to list seven things about myself. Right? Continue reading



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November Challenge!

This month will be about booking!

Please share your booking goals as soon as possible:

1. How many you would like to hold each week?

2. How many will you will book to hold those?

Then results at the end of the month:

1. How many did you book for the month?

2. How many held?

3. Are you happy with the sales, future bookings, referrals, and interviews set up at these bookings?

4. What could you have improved upon in order to be extremely happy with your results?

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Look how happy this lady is! 🙂

Let’s show our work ethic this month and BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! Post those goals, chicas!


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Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Ladies, I attempted to get on to MK Rules last night and …what the heck?!?!? My account had been suspended! Was this a joke?!?!?!? Continue reading

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Building Momentum

Shades of Pink did a post on “working the numbers” and it really made me think about building momentum.

Here is a simple example of how working the numbers only creates results if you build momentum:

Let’s say you book 20 classes (just to keep the math simple). On average, 10 will hold.

Now you have 2 choices. You can book those 20 classes in one year and only hold 10 for the year, or you can book them for one month and hold 10 in a month. The choice is yours.

If you want DIQ, a car, or to live off your sales money…you must build momentum by booking close together and booking more than you want to hold. (And I am going to take my own advice on this!)

I know three things: 1) Average means my first 10 classes out of 20 may all cancel or postpone, 2) I cannot allow that to make me stop coaching and trying to hold the next 10, 3) I must take emotion out of it and know that it isn’t me, it’s the Law of Averages!

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Do You Need to or Want to?

This quote comes from Shades of Pink’s Awesome Positive Blog! If you haven’t checked it out in a while, you should! She is constantly adding new things that are a great reminder or a wonderful, quick, pick-me-up. Thanks, Shades of Pink, for your efforts. I love your blog!

This “Power Quote” as Shades calls it is by Ralph Marston.

“The more you see yourself as needing anything, the less you’re able to enjoy it. So let go of the need and allow the enjoyment to happen.

Do you need to go to work today, or do you enjoy the opportunity to create value and to make a difference? It all depends on how you look at it. See your effort strictly as a need and it takes on the qualities of a burden. See that effort as a choice, a pleasure, a privilege, and you raise it to a whole new level of effectiveness. Continue reading


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I Miss You Already…

Well, it was great having a car driving director run a positive blog, but it seems Pynk Myst is signing off. She has no time to update it very much, although everyone loved her site.

Pynk Myst, you will be missed. Your business savvy and positivity are a shining an example for all directors in MK! Thank you for all the advice you have given us. I wish you well and know you will achieve all your MK dreams!


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Where Did the Fun Go?

Did I miss something? In blogland, many of those even in MK take things so seriously! Isn’t part of the joy of being in MK the fun? Where did the fun go?

To be successful, you HAVE to frontload inventory to recruits? Silly me, I thought you could get more recruits at less per person and get the same results!

To be successful, you HAVE to lie? Silly me, I thought MK WAS a great opportunity and a great product to sell! Where do the lies come in again?

To be successful, you HAVE to buy your way to the top? Silly me, I thought you worked your way to the top!

It has been said, perspective is reality. If you percieve that MK is a fraud, a lie, or dislike doing it, that is your reality. If you percieve that you have to buy your way to the top, frontload, etc, then that is your reality. You won’t try to make it work because you won’t believe there is any other way to make it work.

Why not just have fun like you did when you first caught the MK dream? Why not let your genuine excitement catch on like a wildfire to everyone around you? Why not get out if you aren’t happy working and stop “having” to lie and whatever else you feel you are forced to do? Those things make us all look bad. Then the image of MK is tarnished.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be NSD. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a director. But I know one thing, I’ll give it my all and have FUN along the way! If not, what is the point??


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