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Double Booking

Do you double book? I have to admit, I don’t, but I need to start. Tonight at meeting I asked my adopted director the “rules” on “dovetailing”. “Dovetailing” is when you and a fellow consultant double book and if two bookings (must be parties mind you) happen to hold on the same night and time, VIOLA! You call your partner and see if they can cover. I now have 3 of these partners, just in case because they do book their own parties and may have a booking themselves on the night in question. Continue reading



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Power Start (or Re-start) Your Business!

It seems so easy! Well…ok, perhaps easy is the wrong word. It is challenging, but it’s easier than you think! However, I have never done a power start. I have tried on several occaisions, but seem to get maybe 15 or 20 faces for the month, not the full 30.

Well, tonight at meeting (and in our night owl’s chat) we talked about doing…. guess what? A power start! (For those who don’t know, a power start is putting MK on 30 faces in 30 days). I really wasn’t too excited to talk about it (again), but I’m glad we did. I saw that I have been over complicating things… AGAIN!

Getting 5 hostesses to have 5 guests = 30 faces!

The Plan: Book 10 to hold 5 or more (just in case there are not 5 guests at each class.) Plus life happens. Over booking is the key to success. Not to mention that some will postpone past the 30 days.

The Results: Miracles happen when you complete a power start! Think about it, if you interviewed even half of those ladies, you would have 3 new team members (or more!). When you do the power start + 10 inteviews in 30 days, this is your PERFECT START. Working full circle and offering the opportunity to all the ladies would mean you would have 6 new team members and probably be well on your way to being a car driver or director.

Note: I am talking to myself as much as I am to you! Knowing what we need to do doesn’t get the job done. Knowledge is great, but action is where it’s at. When we put our knowledge into actually doing a power start, the results will be well worth it. Not to mention how much fun we will have, sales we will make, and the people we will meet along the way.

This is the true MK way. No matter what you have done in the past, a new 30 days can start TOMORROW! You have a clean MK slate to start doing things the right way, and get the right results. I am so thankful that we don’t have quotas, just goals. I know I sure am glad to get a do-over now and then!

I am off to find a good power start script and tracking sheet. Look for those in the files soon!

So I’m going for it! Who’s gonna do a power start with me?


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Allison’s Awesome Warm Chatter Tips

Wow! NSD Allison LaMarr does it again! This is the best real life training I have ever seen on warm chattering. Thank you!!!

Conversational Booking (Warm Chatter) Training by NSD Allison LaMarr

Why do it?
· Work the numbers
· You get to decide who to talk to

Who do you talk to?
· Sharp
· Put together
· Not retail workers – hours are usually too crazy
· Pleasant women who respond to small talk
· Try to get women between 25-55 years old

How many women?
· 35 per week or 5 a day (fill purse with 35 cards)
· Tip: 3 per store

How should you look?
· Cute & put together
· Fashionable but approachable
· Confident & Calm

Strategy:You must understand how this fits into your bigger strategy, which means you must have a bigger strategy. Continue reading


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Love Mail!

Check out the new page! You ladies RULE!!


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Keepin’ It Real!

I guess we aren’t the only ones who like to keep it real! Look at the cute shirts…

Click here to see them


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Short Term Sacrifice

Short term sacrifice is a term used in MK to mean “do what you have to today to get where you want to be tomorrow”. I am living this as we speak. Continue reading


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“Market Saturation” versus “Stiff Competition”

Market Saturation means:

-NO ONE can sell the product because EVERYONE (not most) has already tried it and is buying it from someone else or not interested.

-No matter what you try, you will not get a sale due to too many others doing the same thing as you.

-Is used as an excuse when we do not try as hard as we can or do not feel like finding new ways to gather new leads. Continue reading


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