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Punch Card Program

I have a new punch card program to cut my costs. I must admit, the way I have been working was costing too much. I was offering $20 in products for a facial and $50 for a party with hostess + 3 new faces over age 18. Too many people were simply taking the freebies and their friends were not buying as much as I would like to offer the $50 free. I feel the probably told these friends, “Oh just come, you don’t have to buy anything”. Continue reading



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Keepin’ It Real: Don’t Get Personal

Throughout the course of my MK career, I have heard many reasons for why consultants should do things, and many times it gets personal. I see no reason for this. This is what is giving us a bad reputation of being ruthless and caring more about our rise to the top than our team member’s lives and feelings. Let’s keep it real, not personal!

Let’s start with the topic of inventory. Continue reading


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Playing the Slots!

Oh the fun of the slot machine! I loved it for about the first hour. Well, it was only nickel slots! The bells, the whistles, how when I “won” everyone cheered or looked at me with a big grin! What fun! But then, something happened…I realized that I had lost more than I “won”. Although the feeling was great, I wasn’t really winning. I was losing.

Don’t allow your MK experience to be like playing the slots. If you invest more than you think you should to reach a goal, we all applaud your “win”– never knowing how you got there. But continue to do this, and in the long run you will lose. Don’t let the glitz and glitter of the “win” keep you from being a wise business woman.

Does it hurt to not reach a goal? Yes. Will you sometimes do all you can without it being enough? Yes. But continuing forward with an attitude that you have learned from your mistakes and knowing it will be different next time will make you a true winner! Oh the joy you will feel knowing you did the right thing even when no one was watching! How you can soak up the praise without fear of being “found out”. This is your moment. Now you can shine.

Work with integrity. Then bask in the praise, the smiles, the applause. You deserve it!


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Are You Pro-Mary Kay or Anti-Pink Truth?

Did you know there was a difference? There is! Being pro-MK means working ethically, seeing obstacles as something to overcome instead of a reason to quit, finding what works for you and sticking with it, and remembering why you first loved MK. Sometimes we can get in a rut of “I’m not making enough” or “No one wants to book with me”. That is when negative sites such as PT might start to seem appealing. Misery loves company, doesn’t it? Continue reading


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Propay: Protect Yourself

Ladies, this came to me by email from my adopted director. Please read it and do follow the advice to avoid being taken advantage of by someone who orders from you by credit card.

Many thanks to SD Ann Marie Bierbaum for sharing the following information. PLEASE be diligent about completing as much information as you can when processing a credit card…especially if it is someone new to you whether it is in person or over the internet.

Hi Everyone,
I am writing this note to let you all know for your own information after having been burned for over $200.00. I while ago I received a call from someone who got my name from the web site. She ordered about $200 in products and gave me her credit card, address etc. Continue reading


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Doing Weekly Accomplishment Sheets

I am pleased to tell you I have begun doing WASs again. I got out of the habit and was not even knowing exactly how much I was making. This is such a helpful tool. I can track my average per face/class and see where improvements need to be made.

Doing my last 3 classes did not take long at all! Maybe 5 minutes… Thanks to “anonymus” for telling me how it is and giving me that kick in the rear to track my sales professionally! To all: Have you done a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet lately?


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Is it so wrong?

In MK Blogland, on the “dark side”, they more than hint that MK consultants, directors, and MKC are unethical or wrong to work their businesses in certain manners. Such unethical/wrong behaviors include:

1. MKC enticing consultants to place larger orders by offering prizes.
2. “Warm Stalking”/ “Warm Chatter”: Talking to strangers about MK
3. Discussing inventory
4. Recruiting
5. Using credit to start the business

Continue reading


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