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The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game

This website tells you when and at which store to use your newspaper coupons to save as much money as you can at the grocery store! I am collecting my coupons before I sign up. a friend recommended that I save coupons from the sunday paper for at least one month before signing up for the “list”. Please check out the website! It saves my friend a ton on her monthly grocery bills. It also saves time because you no longer have to figure out what store it is best to shop at to get the best deal, the “list” tells you where to go and you can even print out the grocery list online!



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MK and Sales Tax

Have a question about sales tax? Whether charging sales tax on retail is ok even if you discount? Google “sales tax + your state”. I did TEXAS and got this informative site. Try it for yourself! My advice to you: This is YOUR business. Do not trust anyone’s opinion. Go by your state laws and use MK Legal’s help if needed. YOU are liable for errors so make it your business to properly charge your clients.


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Seminar: Worth every penny

Seminar 2007 is already almost upon us! Registration is already open! Can you believe it? It seems like the year just flies by. Some of you may be new to MK or may never have been to Seminar. You might think that paying so much for “girl time” is just not in the cards for you. Well, I am here to tell you what you REALLY get for $175!

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Discounting: Are we creating a monster?

I recieved this article via email from “Dara”. It is very applicable to our business and could explain why people are hesitant to buy at full price, although department stores charge as much or more than we do in MK. Please read the article and answer this question: Have we created a monster by discounting our products too much over too long a period of time? Is a big sale no longer an incentive, but an every day thing? **Thanks, Dara! You rule! Continue reading


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The Break Down on Hostess Credit

One key to booking is offer great hostess credit. If you make it worth her while, your hostess will get almost anything accomplished. Let’s do a quick break down on how you can seem like you give away a ton, but not break the bank. Continue reading


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Growing Strong

With all the thoughts and talk to New Year’s resolutions, many think of becoming strong physically. How about in our businesses? Can we gain strength there as well?

I have often thought of working my MK as being like excercise. I sometimes hate doing the work, even dread it (SOMETIMES being the key word!!)…but I love the results. Just as running a mile or two gives me the runner’s high and makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, so does having a skin care class or having a great selling week. Once the work of booking, calling, pushing my promotion is done, I can reap the rewards.
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Expenses in Mary Kay

Some blogs post list of “expenses” in this business.  I find that so hard to do since everyone has different expenses.  For example, NOT every meeting charges a “cover”.  At ours, we have a raffle to help with the room rent, but it is not mandatory.  It is also a write-off if you do participate.  Inventory is not even always an expense.  The pro with inventory is you do not have to pay so much shipping if you live far from distribution, and it saves you time as you can just hand out products as they are ordered.  If you live near distribution, you do not have to pay shipping at all, as you can choose to pick up your orders.  However, this will take your time and gas.  The miles are written off though, at around 42 cents per mile.  Continue reading


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