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More on Lead In Lipsticks

Even More Info for You on This Issue

From MKC:

“Q: Does Mary Kay use lead in lipsticks?

A: No. Mary Kay does not use lead in lipstick. The ingredients that Mary Kay uses meet or exceed all requirements for cosmetic ingredients. All colorants used in cosmetics and personal care products marketed in the United States must meet stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. Further, Mary Kay performs thorough, ongoing reviews of its products and ingredients and works closely with its suppliers to ensure the safety of all ingredients. Mary Kay steadfastly stands behind the quality and safety of its entire product line and has been a recognized leader in the area of product and ingredient safety for many years.”

According to the FDA website , lead is not even a prohibited ingredient or restricted ingredient in the cosmetics industry, and each company is required to do it’s own testing to ensure it is safe for consumers. If the product is not adequately tested for safety, it must bear the label “Warning–The safety of this product has not been determined”. They do, however, inspect the manufacturing plants to ensure safe products. They do not test products themselves for fear it will cause a conflict of interest.

More from the FDA on the history of cosmetics regulation can be found here. Continue reading



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Website Makeover!!!

OMG! Check your email or Shades of pink to see the website makeover! I love the new look, very modern and cute! Everyone’s will be “made over” as of September 15, 2007. Thanks, MKC! You take such good care of us!


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You’re In Control

You know, no company is perfect. This includes MKC. However, I believe that the imperfections that are associated with MKC as very miniscule in comparison to working for someone else. In MK, you don’t have to worry that you will be let go for some random reason. You don’t have to constanly look over your shoulder in paranoia. Nope, you can continue to work things as you see fit, within business ethics, and look only forward. Continue reading


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Color Compact Video

I saw on Me’s blog that the Seminar video is now available on Intouch. If you missed Seminar, you HAVE to watch it! It will calm all your fears about the switch. I watched it again tonight and got all excited again!

Get to it by logging in to Intouch, click on “Products” up top—>go down to “Special Product Offers”—>go over to “Sneak Peek: Color”. Watch the video through the link on the bottom. Wait til it loads and watch it with the music. It is much more exciting with the music for some reason! 🙂

I can’t wait til these products launch. It is just so thrilling to be able to offer such modern, convenient, and beautiful products.


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Color Changes Coming Soon

So maybe you heard through the negative MK grapevine that MKC did not inform us about the upcoming color changes at Seminar. Number one, why are you still reading it? 🙂 I love you and I love a good bit of drama myself at times, but if we are gonna keep growing in our MK businesses, we have to stay away from people who do not realize all the good that can come from this business. Number two, this is incorrect information. I WENT to seminar and they did indeed share vital information that not only helps us see the future of MK color, but helps us manage our inventory efficiently as well.

Here are the upcoming changes in detail: Continue reading


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Update: Eye Revitalizer

This from MKC:

Great news – TimeWise® Targeted-Action™ Eye Revitalizer will be available for sale starting July 16!

Although we postponed the original June 16 launch of this product, we have successfully found a packaging option that meets the high standards we set forward in our Product Promise. Therefore, we can now offer this product to you with confidence.

This news will be shared with Independent Beauty Consultants on July 16. Combined with the Eye-Deal Miracle Set Offer available from July 15 to Aug. 15, it can give everyone’s Seminar 2008 an eye-opening start! Continue reading


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Did you see??

Everyone here knows I love a good design change once in a while! Did you read that intouch will be re-vamped and ready starting July 16th? Check out this article from MKC:
Click here to read the article


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