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Keepin’ It Real: Don’t Get Personal

Throughout the course of my MK career, I have heard many reasons for why consultants should do things, and many times it gets personal. I see no reason for this. This is what is giving us a bad reputation of being ruthless and caring more about our rise to the top than our team member’s lives and feelings. Let’s keep it real, not personal!

Let’s start with the topic of inventory. Continue reading



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Since I sadly missed our chat due to being under the weather, I thought I’d start a discussion here about Income Producing Activities.

Although we may have Mary Kay on the brain a lot, not everything we do qualifies as “income producing”. For instance, me writing this article…nope, doesn’t count. 😦

Here is what does count:

–>1 Skin Care Class
–>2 Facials
–>3 On the go Appts
–>$100 in Sales
–>One interview
–>One CD/DVD listened to/watched by customer with questionaire/interview
–>One guest at meeting
–>5 new contacts (with name and number)
–>2 new appts booked
–>One new team member
–>One Debut for a new team member (with $100 in sales + 4 bookings)

What Activity Level are you at? Which Activity Level do you NEED to be at to reach your goal?

Part-time Consultant= 5 IPAs per week or 1 per day
Full-time Consultant=10 IPAs per week or 2 per day
Car Driving Consultant=12 IPAs per week or 2-3 per day
Director= 15 IPAs per week or 3-5 per day

I am doing Part time IPAs, while wanting to get Director results. This is just plain silly! When we do the activity needed, we move up. That is the beauty of Mary Kay! We can move up whenever we decide to. Are you expecting more results than the activity you are willing to do can give you? If so, take out that weekly plan sheet, like I did today, and plan your work. Then work that plan, MK Rulers! You can do it!

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Helping Raise Your Enthusiasm

This month, I decided to become a booking machine in order to get more sales. Why? I wanted to help my recruiter start DIQ strong. I only order if I sell, so I needed to sell! Continue reading


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Sad Day at the Warehouse

Today I had to go pick up my order at the warehouse. I went at a quite busy time so there were several others in front of me and I waited patiently to be helped. Typically, they get your consultant number and you sign a slip to take around to give to another person who then gives you the order “drive thru” style. Well, it was clear it was the first rodeo for this poor lady in front of me today. Continue reading


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The Break Down on Hostess Credit

One key to booking is offer great hostess credit. If you make it worth her while, your hostess will get almost anything accomplished. Let’s do a quick break down on how you can seem like you give away a ton, but not break the bank. Continue reading


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Being Your Own Hostess Rules!

If you are plum out of leads and want to get a kick start, why not be your own hostess? Invite some people over who you have never facialed and make it a fun, creative event. Here are some benefits to being your own hostess: Continue reading


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Opportunity is knocking!

While selling the “dream” can be very powerful in MK, we are in reality selling an opprotunity. I love that the company calls it that! That is exactly what it is! It is an opprotunity for a woman to:

1. Increase her self-esteem
2. Get tax benefits Continue reading


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